The Miracle Scroll (奇迹卷轴, Qíjī juànzhóu) is a mysterious artifact located in the Windvale tribe in the Republic of Wasteland.

History Edit

After Nidhogg's revolt in Royal City, Nikki, with the assistance of her friends, helped Royce open the casket that allowed him to remotely control the royal forces. After the city had restored order, words began to appear on the casket, which Ace read out for them: "The crisis of Miraland has just begun. The Miracle Scroll of the Windvale Tribe is waiting for the Chosen One."[1]

They interpreted the Chosen One to be referring to Nikki, and, seeking answers to their questions, decided to seek the Miracle Scroll by travelling to the Republic of Wasteland.[1]

Nikki and her friends reached the Whisper tribe, which protected the Windvale forest. The archpriest of the tribe, Imm, explained to them that they were one of two groups attempting to seek the Miracle Scroll.[2] Nikki beat her in a styling battle and she brought them to the forest. However, at the last minute they received news from Amphithea News that Cloud City was under attack by Nidhogg, and decided to leave in order to save Lunar, dropping their pursuit of the Miracle Scroll for the time being.[3]

References Edit

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