Miracle Concert

Season 1 Poster

  • Season 1 ran from May 11th to May 18th, 2018.
  • Season 2 ran from December 24th to December 30th, 2018.

Head to the venue and draw in the event pavilion to collect Glow Sticks Glow Stick. You will have a free draw every day and additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond each. Each draw will return Stamina, Gold, or Diamond. Collecting a certain amount of Glow Stick will allow you to obtain one of the 5 event suits and an avatar pendant (Glow Stick Glow Stick) that lasts for a certain amount of hours.

Tornado Rhapsody will drop by the third milestone, and Demon Lament will drop by the fifth milestone.

Note: This event will come back with higher milestones. Your current progress will be saved.
If you have already reached a node in the previous season, reaching it again will not give any rewards.

See also: Minor Subplots/Miracle Concert.


Season 1Edit

15, 40, 90, 150, and 235

Season 2Edit

20, 45, 95, 160, and 245

Suits Edit

Demon LamentEdit

Demon Lament

Demon Lament

Suit Completion Reward: Demonic Wind, Demon Lament, All the Best, Super Stage, Heart of Rock

Tornado RhapsodyEdit

Tornado Rhapsody

Tornado Rhapsody

Suit Completion Reward: Tornado Rhapsody

Power ReinforceEdit

Power Reinforce

Power Reinforce

Thunder BeatEdit

Thunder Beat

Thunder Beat

Virtual MelodyEdit

Virtual Melody

Virtual Melody

Suit Completion Reward: Virtual Movement, Samsara Keylight, Dream's Border


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