Ming Shuiyuan is the head of the Ming Family, or Deep Sea, one of the Great Four families of Cloud.



Ming Shuiyuan, the master of the Deep Ocean, is soft spoken. She is fond of simple clothing, always wearing an aquamarine dress. This dress is cut to accentuate the curves of its wearer. It is graceful yet dignified and generous. Its color is fresh and elegant.

Dancing in the warm breeze is such a beautiful scene to see.

— Ming Shuiyuan's description in the Time Diary

Ming Shuiyuan has a mature appearance, with even, neat black hair separated into two twin tails and a beautiful dress with shades of blue.


Despite the hardships she has been through, Ming Shuiyuan is brave and level-headed. She is described as being antisocial and taciturn.


Art of War - Still MountainEdit

After Ming Shuiyuan was stabbed by Zhu Yuxian, she was saved by Xiao Zong, who talked with her for a long time to make sure she was okay. He left her room after it got late.

In the coming days, it was hard for her to accept that she had actually been stabbed except for when she was actually cleaning her wounds.

On New Year's Eve, Ming Shuiyuan wakes up with a start, drenched in cold sweat. She had been having a nightmare that she was being stabbed by Zhu Yuxian. She assembles her serpent mecha, called the Black Tortoise.

She heads to where Yue Qianshuang is wrapped in chains, unconscious and dying. Using her mecha, which is strong but silent, she releases Yue Qianshuang from the chains and puts her on the ground, leaving her without a word.


Yue QianshuangEdit

The two are close friends and it is evident that Ming Shuiyuan greatly cares for her. She rescued her on New Year's Eve while she was dying by using her Black Tortoise mecha to cut the chains off of Qianshuang. Without a word, she let Yue Qianshuang down to the ground gently and left with the Black Tortoise, letting her soldiers tend to her.

Zhu YuxianEdit

Zhu Yuxian was said to once love Ming Shuiyuan, and she reciprocated his feelings, reminiscing on how he smiled at her once in the Flower Field. It is implied that he learned to erase his feelings, removing his love for her, and stabbed her, which caused her to have nightmares about him and wake up drenched in cold sweat.


  • "Ingenious design and unpredictable people."



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