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Ming Shuiyuan is a character in Love Nikki. She is the head of the Ming Clan, one of the Four Clans of Cloud.



Ming Shuiyuan, the master of the Deep Ocean, is soft spoken. She is fond of simple clothing, always wearing an aquamarine dress. This dress is cut to accentuate the curves of its wearer. It is graceful yet dignified and generous. Its color is fresh and elegant.

Dancing in the warm breeze is such a beautiful scene to see.

— Ming Shuiyuan's description in the Time Diary

Ming Shuiyuan has a mature appearance, with even, neat black hair separated into two twin tails, and light blue eyes. She wears a beautiful dress with shades of blue, a blue bracelet in her left wrist, and blue shoes. According to Zhu Yuxian, Ming Shuiyuan is extremely beautiful and her profound beauty outshines goddesses.[25][26]


Despite the hardships she has been through, Ming Shuiyuan is brave and level-headed. However, she is also antisocial, soft spoken and taciturn, and she has always preferred solitude over spending time with others. She is also selfless and caring towards those whom she cared for, as she released Yue Qianshuang from the chains during the battle in Brocade City. She is honest with her heart, which is why, despite what happens she chooses not to forget about Zhu Yuxian and the time they spent together. Ming Shuiyuan has an undying loyalty to her country and the people in Cloud, and she would do anything to protect Cloud Empire.


Ming Shuiyuan designed the following:


Early Life[]

Even as a child, Ming Shuiyuan was a skilled inventor, and was recognized by her family for her talent in creating mechanisms. However, to Ming Shuiyuan, mechanisms were simple compared to understanding humans. She created a mechanical tortoise, which she considered her first friend. Even the tortoise got lonely, though, due to her habit of getting caught up in inventing, so she made it a mechanical turtle as a playmate.[12]

Year 671[]

The head of the Ming clan requested that Ming Shuiyuan go to Southern Cloud to create a vault for the Phoenix clan, another of the four houses. She was confronted with a world totally unlike her home in the workshop of Northern Cloud, and had to socialize with the new head of the Phoenix clan, Zhu Yuxian. She found him, like most people, very confusing: sometimes he joked around a lot, while sometimes he would simply sit quietly and play the guqin. However, because he was so confusing to her, she couldn't resist the urge to see him.[12]

While she was there, Zhu Yuxian offered her a kite, and Ming Shuiyuan noticed he had injured his finger. She realized he had made it himself, and quickly accepted the gift. Though it couldn't fly even when the wind was good, she kept it in a corner of her room.[13] She also created a sword for him, which he kept hidden in his flute.[14]

Ming Shuiyuan's vault for the Phoenix clan, Mansion Voyage Moon, was accepted, and she was chosen to become the next head of the Ming clan. The night before she returned to Northern Cloud, she simply sat together with Zhu Yuxian as he played his guqin, and they didn't exchange a word. Even though she returned to Northern Cloud, he had changed her perspective on life, and she began to also learn to design clothing.[12]

Year 676[]

Ming Shuiyuan did not see Zhu Yuxian for five more years, until the ceremony of the Ming clan head, and when she did they simply greeted each other in their roles of clan heads. However, after the ceremony, a maid brought over a box holding a compass that Zhu Yuxian had left. Ming Shuiyuan took it and put it in the depths of her drawer, next to the tortoise she'd made.[12]

Year 680[]

Another clan, called the Zhan clan, rose to power quickly in Northern Cloud, which threatened the success of Ming's own clan.[7] They sent her an invitation to attend the inauguration of their new master, along with everybody else who held power in Cloud Empire. Though Ming Shuiyuan believed it was a trap, she felt that if she attended, she could find out what was going on with the Zhan clan.[15]

When she attended the inauguration, she found out that the new clan leader, Zhan Qiuming, held a number of similarities with Zhu Yuxian, which she remembered from their time spent together. Zhan Qiuming played familiar guqin music and he had the same scar on his finger that Ming Shuiyuan remembered from when he had made her a kite.[8][13] She attempted to speak to Zhan Qiuming multiple times to discern the truth, though he insisted on dancing with her instead of having a conversation.[13] Frustrated, she finally managed to get him alone, and after he admitted he was Zhu Yuxian, he offered to meet up with her later that night so that they could speak privately.[16]

She brought her mechanical Xuanwu with her and kept it partially hidden in the forest, though it did not go unnoticed by Zhu Yuxian.[17] He offered her the same type of tea he had noticed she disliked nine years before; this time, when he noticed she disliked it, he told her it was too late to change it.[18] When Ming Shuiyuan asked why he was sabotaging her clan by joining the Zhan clan, he told her that he disagreed with the way Cloud Empire was headed and wanted to take it over. He went on to suggest that she should join him, with the caveat that if she didn't, and the Cloud Empire fell, then her clan would fall as well.[17]

Ming Shuiyuan's mecha Xuanwu

Completely shocked at what she was hearing, Ming Shuiyuan told him that he wasn't the Zhu Yuxian she knew.[17] She went on to state that she would not oppose the Cloud Empire or accept help from him. She got up to leave, and Zhu Yuxian sent a torrent of needles her way, which her mecha Xuanwu blocked for her. When the siege stopped and her Xuanwu retreated, he took out his flute, which had a sword hidden within it - the sword Ming Shuiyuan made for him years ago. He stabbed her with it, and she fell to the ground with a cry.[14] Unable to move and bleeding out, she told him that her clan and the Yue and Bai clans would fight till the last man, and Zhu Yuxian said it was a pity she would not see that day. Intending to kill her, he raised his sword again, but hesitated.[19]

In that moment of hesitation, Xiao Zong appeared, brandishing his sword and drinking. He told Zhu Yuxian that the reason he couldn't kill her was because he still had doubts. He then declared that "the game" would be more interesting with Ming Shuiyuan alive, taking her unconscious body away and leaving Zhu Yuxian in the forest.[19]

Xiao Zong talked with her for a long time after that. In the coming days, it was hard for her to accept that she had actually been stabbed except for when she was actually cleaning her wounds.[11]

At some point after that, Ming Shuiyuan used a mech army to capture the thirteen rebelling cities in South Cloud which had caused the Phoenix clan's downfall.[20]

Art of War[]

Ming Shuiyuan rescuing Yue Qianshuang in the Art of War Event

One night around New Year's, Ming Shuiyuan woke up with a start, drenched in cold sweat, after having a nightmare that she was being stabbed by Zhu Yuxian. She assembled the Xuanwu, and headed to Snowfall Hills in Brocade City, where Yue Qianshuang was wrapped in chains, unconscious and dying. Using her mecha, she released Yue Qianshuang from the chains and put her on the ground, leaving her without a word.[11]

Night Prelude[]

Following the establishment of a trade zone between North Cloud and the North Kingdom by Clan Zhan (under the direction of Zhu Yuxian), people began to go missing. The rumors spread through Cloud, but Bai Yongxi warned Ming Shuiyuan to stay out of the situation. He had already investigated it and found nothing, though Ming Shuiyuan felt that she had more eyes in the area and would be able to discover what was going on, even though she was currently successfully managing the thirteen cities of Southern Cloud.[21]

Two days later, Ming Shuiyuan and her counsellor discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that Clan Zhan was trying to seize power. Wanting to protect the Ming clan's legacy and the people of Cloud who were going missing, Ming Shuiyuan decided to confront the Shadow Guards of Clan Zhan who had been spotted nearby.[21]

Ming Shuiyuan and her contraptions helped her and her people climb Mount Seven Stars, which is located on the boundary between Cloud and North. She deduced that Clan Zhan's base was on the other side of the border, in North Kingdom, and that they were smuggling crops as a cover for kidnapping people. Even though it was illegal to cross the border, Ming Shuiyuan felt it would be worth it since doing so could expose Clan Zhan's nefarious deeds. Besides, she believed that the Cloud Empress would be understanding of the situation, especially if it paid off.[21]

Ming Shuiyuan crossed the border and found a warehouse with a lot of incriminating evidence. However, North soldiers quickly discovered their presence, and Ming Shuiyuan and her people only had a moment to hide on the steel beams of the warehouse using one of her contraptions before they entered. Zhu Yuxian (in disguise as Zhan Qiuming, the Zhan clan leader) was watching the situation, and his people encouraged him to let her get captured so that he could take full control of North Cloud. However, he still wanted to join forces with Clan Ming instead despite Ming Shuiyuan's stubbornness.[21]

Ming Shuiyuan and Zhan Qiuming (Zhu Yuxian) outside the warehouse

Ming Shuiyuan and her people barely managed to escape the warehouse, and struggled to escape the North soldiers who had surrounded them. It looked like things were over for her when suddenly, Zhan Qiuming appeared and ordered a stop to all the fighting. He pretended that he was also there to investigate the smuggling and the warehouse, and chided her for entering too rashly and scaring away the criminals. He implied that Ming Shuiyuan would be in trouble with Cloud's leadership for her actions. She was left wondering if she had done the right thing after all, but shook this off, knowing that she could not regret the actions which followed her conscience and her heart.[21]


Yue Qianshuang[]

Ming Shuiyuan and Yue Qianshuang are good friends and have some sisterly like relationship. It is evident that Ming Shuiyuan greatly cares for Yue Qianshuang. She rescued her on New Year's Eve while she was dying by using her Xuanwu mecha to cut the chains off of Qianshuang.

Yue Qianshuang didn't doubt Ming Shuiyuan's loyalty to Cloud Empire unlike the rest of the houses in Cloud when Ming Shuiyuan led her mech army and conquered South Cloud. She believed that she must have some reason for it. Yue Qianshuang and Zhu Ruosheng agreed to investigate the situation involving the Zhan Clan's rise to power.

Zhu Yuxian[]

The two share a deep but complicated relationship. Zhu Yuxian transformed Ming Shuiyuan's perspective on life, and was the first person she truly became close to. They both had feelings for each other. However, when she refused to join him in taking over Cloud, he betrayed her trust and stabbed her,[14] and due to this she had nightmares about him.

However, even though many things happened, Ming Shuiyuan continues to hold vivid memories of their time together. Using those memories, she traveled deep into the ruins of Mansion Voyage Moon to search for the warmth that Zhu Yuxian once kept deep in his heart.[22]

On the other hand, Zhu Yuxian wanted her to join his side in taking over Cloud. Even though she refused, he still wished she would join him, and feels that despite her stubbornness, there's still an opportunity to persuade her.[21]

Most of Cloud Empire was aware of the rumors regarding Zhu Yuxian's one-sided feelings for Ming Shuiyuan. However, unbeknownst to them, both Zhu Yuxian and Ming Shuiyuan secretly kept in contact with one another by sending letters through a blue bird prior to his betrayal[Bird Network]. Among of the letters Ming Shuiyuan receives from Zhu Yuxian, there was a letter attached two red beans inside. This likely a way that Zhu Yuxian uses to tell Ming Shuiyuan about his feelings for her since in Cloud Empire, red beans were considered as the love seed.[24]

Bai Yongxi[]

The two shares an equal yet respectful relationship as one of the head of Four Clans of Cloud Empire. Bai Yongxi refers to Ming Shuiyuan as a swordwoman who's protecting North Cloud when telling stories for Cloud Empress and Ming Shuiyuan refers to him as "King Xi" and appreciate his worries as well the warnings when she returns to the North Cloud to investigate the smuggling. Both shared the same ideals and purpose of their clan in protecting Cloud.[28]

The two of them share the same view towards the situations of Cloud Empire. They are also two of the few people who know the true identity of Zhan Qiuming as Zhu Yuxian in disguise, and they are both aware of his conspiracies and motive towards Cloud. Thus, they view him as one of the biggest threats inside Cloud Empire.[27]

However, despite their respect towards one another. Ming Shuiyuan believed that Bai Yongxi was not trustworthy. She felt that he could have interfered to stop the rebellion in the South, but didn't because he had made a trade or deal with somebody.[11]

Appearances and Mentions[]

Main Story[]

This character does not appear in any Journey stages.

Around the World[]

This character does not appear in any Around the World stages.

Dream Weaver[]




Item Caption Icon
Ocean Scale The sophisticated machine of wood assumes the shape of Xuan Wu; Snake is its sword and the turtle is its armor. Ocean Scale
Fog Barrier Covered by the fog, the mech army captured the thirteen rebellious cities in a blink. Fog Barrier
Trinket Lock The Clan holds the principle of defense over offense, but Ming Shuiyuan still goes to quell the southern rebellion. Trinket Lock
Jade Flute When Ming Shuiyuan walks out of the Mansion Voyage Moon, it's deep night, but she is stopped by a sad flute. Jade Flute


  • "The most complicated contraption cannot fathom a human heart. I only have to be true to my heart."
    — Ming Shuiyuan in Blade of Thorns

  • "Hello."
  • "Your style skill is impressive."
  • "You've come."
  • "The snow on Ocean Pavilion is beautiful."
  • "Are you interested in machines, too?"
    • "Zhu Yuxian was lost long ago."
    • "A zither? Was it in my dreams?"
    • "Hmm... Nothing."
    • "Mansion Voyage Moon... It's just bygones."
    • "Spring in the southern Cloud... is so warm."
    • "I won't help you, but... feel free to ask if you have any questions."
    • "Ability is the key, and only the capable is meant to rule."
    • "Any questions?"
    • "You did very well."
    • "Mmm, you may rest now."
    • "I have no idea what you're talking about."
    • "Do not believe the rumors."
    • "The contraption of Clan Ming ranges from siege machine to small gadgets."
    • "You could have used the time to improve your skill."
    • "Bird kite? Sure, I'll show you how."
    • "One moment."
    • "I prefer quietness and solitude."
    • "... What is it?"
    • "Sorry, but what did you just say?"
    • "Please, I want some time alone."

  • "This is a gift for you, no reply necessary."
    — Ming Shuiyuan's Diamond Postcard during both Art of War and Time Palace, posted from Cloud Empire, Deep Ocean House.

  • "Ingenious design and unpredictable people."

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Ming Shuiyuan
    France Flag.png International (French) Ming Shuiyuan
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 冥水鸢 (Míng Shuǐyuān)
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 冥水鳶 (Míng Shuǐyuān)
    Japanese Flag.png Japan 冥水苑
    Korean Flag.png South Korea 명수연 Myeong Suyeon
    Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Minh Thủy Diên
    Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Miya


    Ming Shuiyuan's given name, Shuiyuan, means "water kite", with 水 (shuǐ) meaning "water" and 鸢 (yuān) meaning "kite", a type of bird.


    • Ming Shuiyuan once make banh troi nuoc when she was 15 years old and has eaten it with Zhu Yuxian while they were looking at the stars