Humanoid Source Code

Humanoid Source Code & Robot Theme Parts

To break the defense in limited time requires perception, rich experience, and fast hands.

Ran from August 4 to August 10, 2018.

During the event, you can claim a Basic Code every day in the Event Shop, and Medium and Advanced Codes through completing stages in Journey.

Pack Shop Edit

Secret shop sells accelerator! Purchase chance refreshes 5:00 daily!

During the Mind Code Event, an event limited pack shop was open, where you could collect Basic Code every day and purchase accelerator keys for real money.

$0.99 USD: 36 Accelerator Keys and 50 VIP EXP.
$1.99 USD: 78 Accelerator Keys and 100 VIP EXP.
$2.99 USD: 120 Accelerator Keys and 150 VIP EXP.

Free: 1 Basic Code. Could only be claimed once every day.

Sale Edit

$0.99 USD: 72 Accelerator Keys and 50 VIP EXP. Could only be purchased once every day.

Codes Edit

During the event, each player had four slots for code, which could hold any of the following types of code. Once the four slots were full, no new codes could be collected until a slot was freed up by a code being opened.

Basic Edit

Basic Code will drop basic rewards; has a chance to drop cute shoes Heart Color Wings. It also drops a random amount of accelerator keys after opening. You can claim Basic Code from the Pack Shop every day for free. There is no other way of collecting this type of code.

Medium Edit

Medium Code drops basic rewards; you might have a chance to drop robot theme parts, stamina, gold or Star Coins. However, once you have collected all three robot theme parts, you won't get them again, and will only receive stamina, gold or Star Coins from opening the code. It takes 8 hours to open one Medium Code, or 8 Keys. They can be obtained from both Princess and Maiden difficulty in Journey, and they get dropped equally frequently in both difficulties.

Advanced Edit

Advanced Code drops pieces of the suit Humanoid Source Code and also has a small chance to drop the entire suit. The Advanced Code does not drop repeat parts of the suit. It also has a chance to drop materials. It takes 24 hours to open one Advanced Code, or 24 keys. The code can be obtained from both Princess and Maiden difficulty in Journey, and they get dropped equally frequently in both difficulties, but less often than Medium Code.

Suits Edit

Humanoid Source Code Edit

Suit completion Reward: Game of Hackers, Game of Code, Eyes of Hunt.

Alternate Series (Pose With Light Skin) Edit

Alternate Series (Pose With Dark Skin) Edit

Robot Theme Parts Edit

The following items do not belong in any suit.

New Skin Edit

Hacker's Secret Skin

After the Mind Code event concluded, Love Nikki released a normally posed skin called Hacker's Secret in order to match the makeup Eyes of Hunt. It was free to all players, whether or not they had finished the suit.

The official account posted on their Facebook at 10:00 AM, August 13, 2018: "And have you checked your NEW free dark skin in the mailbox? Hope you enjoy it! If you have troubles claiming the skin mail, please check your wardrobe later and the skin will be there."

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