Midnight Prisoner is an Apple suit that appeared in the Midnight Escape event. It can now be bought in the Clothes Store and be crafted.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Midnight Prisoner, Heart Guessing Game, Night Impression, Special Handcuffs and 35 Diamond.png.

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Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

East, South, West. I get rid of policemen from 3 nations within average 25 minutes and 59 seconds.
Ring of Night Shade

When I turned off screen, a pink figure passed outside window. If my memory functions, this is the 72nd floor.
Dark Night Solo

I passed by her in the darkness. I saw her exciting eyes and I knew we were the same.
Striped Garb

When Doris fell in front of me for the 49th time, I stole her secret. But... there is nothing but myself.
Adverse Joke

Ah, such an unprecedented danger. I dodged from her ferocious laser attacks, my heart quivering with joy.
Prisoner of Fate

West, North, East. Will there be any matched opponent? If not, wouldn't life be too boring?
Sinful Cross

Stealing girls' secret is nothing more than a hobby. I need a competent rival to play games with me.
Doris' Necklace

In fact, I've been arrested hundreds of times by the cute Doris, but she can never lock me up.
Athens Paradox

It seems that I've been waiting for this moment since I was born. I gave her a small gift I made myself.
Badge of Honor

She broke the glass and rushed in with her funny puppies. A strange light shines, and Welton fell into dark.
The Wanted

Yes, I like being chased. I like shuttling in the hail of bullets with people's secrets in my hands.
Night Shadow

She hugged me out of a sudden. Iron chain hit her body and issued a sound of metal collision. It's no big deal...
Midnight Prisoner

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

The suit represents Curt, a prolific criminal who is being chased by Doris. They both shared a special connection over loving the thrill of the chase, and from the time they first made eye contact they both knew they were the same. Doris has arrested him hundreds of times, but could never capture him.

Curt thinks she's cute, and he gives her a gift he made himself. She is so surprised that she gives him a hug.

See also: Crime Buster and Midnight Fly.

Etymology[edit source]

Name by Server[edit source]

Complete Star.png Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Midnight Prisoner N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Prisonnière de Minuit Midnight Prisoner
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 午夜的囚徒 (wǔyè de qiútú) Midnight Prisoner
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
午夜的囚徒 (wǔyè de qiútú) Midnight Prisoner
Japanese Flag.png Japan 真夜中の怪盗 (Mayonaka no Kaitō) Midnight Phantom Thief
Korean Flag.png South Korea 한밤의 죄수 (hanbam-ui joesu) Midnight Prisoner
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Napi Tengah Malam Midnight Convict
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Tù Nhân Đêm Khuya Midnight Prisoner
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Midnight Prisoner N/A
Thailand Flag.png Thailand นักโทษเที่ยงคืน (Nạkthos̄ʹ theī̀yng khụ̄n) Midnight Prisoner

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