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This article is about the event. For the accessory from Nebula Echo, please see Meteor Rain (Waist).
Meteor Rain

Ran from September 5th to September 11th, 2019.

Under the vast starry sky, Nikki choses her eyes and makes a wish to a meteor rain. Style based on Starlet's reading of the stars, collect Wish Stars, and help Nikki realize her dream!

Choose the clothing that matches the theme in order to win Wish Stars. Collect Wish Stars Wish Star to win the suit Maiden's Prayer, Gold, Stamina, Starlight Coin, and Diamond. Each day the player is issued 1 free try, with which they can choose six wardrobe items that fit the theme.

Each correct item chosen awards an S-rank and 5 Wish Star, and picking all six items correctly will award 30 Wish Star. The next best option will award an A-rank and 3 Wish Star, and the most incorrect option will give an F-rank and 1 Wish Stars. Additional chances can be purchased for 30 Diamond each.


Rewards Edit

Wish Stars Reward
220 Wish Star Birthday Star
5000 Gold
530 Wish Star Starlight Dots
5 Stamina
920 Wish Star Golden Quicksand
3 Starlight Coin
1400 Wish Star Time Sloping
10000 Gold
1920 Wish Star Wing of Star and Moon
8 Stamina
2470 Wish Star Original New Moon
5 Starlight Coin
3030 Wish Star Moonlight Goddess
15000 Gold
3420 Wish Star Glistening Meteor
20 Diamond
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