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  • Hello, I know you're not really active as of late- but I was hoping maybe you'll see this message at some point and be able to answer. What I was wondering was where were you getting your images for the various outfits and such? I wasn't sure if you found them on a website of some type or somewhere else and due to their quality, I was really hoping that was the case...

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    • Oops I didn’t check the date. I just saw that they replied and thought you sent it recently lol. I did still want to let you know that we’re ripping images now though.

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    • It's okay, sometimes I look back and I'm like "wait... that's an OLD reply? Why didn't I see that?"

      Anyway, when I asked, I'm pretty sure it was because back then I thought I'd need to find images to make pages and stuff with XD now I don't think I need to.

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