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  • Hey Shrev! We wanted to ask your help with something, which is converting our infoboxes to portable ones while keeping the formatting they have currently. I think I understand the basics (like how to make the draft and where to put the new css) but I don't really know anything about how to actually write the css for it. Especially given that I don't understand the code on our current ones that well either lol. It'd be good to keep the rounded edges and the borders on our portable infoboxes.

    Currently our only portable one: Template:Stage

    One of our non portable ones that has the formatting I want to preserve: Template:Characters

    Even if you don't know much about the css either, any help would be much appreciated! I found this page as well, but I'm still sort of lost and making a change last night (to add what I thought were rounded borders) doesn't show up on the Stages infobox.

    Also if you'd prefer to talk on Discord you can add me, I'm on the official FANDOM discord server as well. Sailing#2276

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    • I've recently implemented the fix to the tabs in the infoboxes with some color changes and whatnot (example here). To be honest, it's not perfect, and I'm still trying to tinker with it, as the tabs aren't centered for whatever reason. I've implemented what I can -- any color changes or size changes in the tabs can be adjusted if you'd like, just let me know. In the meanwhile, I'll try to figure out the last bit of centering the tabs and will let you know when it's implemented.

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    • Sorry for the late reply (was on vacation and just trying to do my daily edits lol), but I really like how it looks so far! I played around with it a taaad more and also added overflow: visible; because on smaller screens, the text was getting cut off, when it really had plenty of space. I tried copying from another wiki's page for the centered buttons, but nothing seemed to change. In the meantime though I'll keep looking as well :) thanks so much!

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