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  • In the future, please upload images of clothing with the wardrobe view like this dress 80px or at least crop the photo so that only the item is showing. If you can, making the background transparent would be nice. Also, the pics with the person wearing the item are unnecessary so I’ve deleted them.

    Please look at some other pages like the Angelica's Obsession page or the Athena's Armor-Purple page before adding any more pages.

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    • Oh, thats better. The second method is a little more intuitive for me. At least that way I don't have to remember the file name lol Using the uploader on the edit page just added the -0 to my file when I tried to replace it there, so I assumed it was a file type issue. Didn't realise there was a special upload page :)

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    • One final thing, to get to the file page faster, go to the page it’s on, click on the image, and there’ll be a pop up. Then, click the more info button in the top right and it’ll bring you to the page.

      Alternatively, if you’ve already uploaded the pic, you can just go to the Recent Activity page and click on the image. It’ll bring you to the file page immediately.

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