The Mercury Group is a major financial group in Apple Federal. It is considered one of the five financial groups of Brick Street.[1] Its bank has 200 branches, with locations in Black Water City[2] and Rosset.[3] Its slogan is "Mercury Bank, Your Excellent Choice."[2]

Members Edit

Reid Bustup
Reid Mercury
Unknown Person
Rove Mercury
President (formerly)[4]
Unknown Person
Ead Mercury[4]
Hiber Bustup
Mercury Bustup

History Edit

Year 668 Edit

During this year, the Mercury Group's chairman at the time took steps to help Lady Crescent, wife of the Apple Federation Apparel Group's chairman, recover from a lethal virus. They smuggled experimental medicine from the North Kingdom to her. The medicine had a chance of killing her, but Crescent, who was already on her deathbed, was willing to take the risk. After her death, the president of the Mercury Group attended her funeral and laid a white rose on her coffin.[5]

Year 680 Edit

Due to the chairman Reid's support of the League Tyr and Nidhogg's invasion of Cloud City, the Mercury Group influenced the President of the Apple Federation's position on the conflict. Because of their support of the President, the Apple Federation ended up temporarily siding with Nidhogg and the rebels and creating enemies of most of the rest of Miraland. However, this influence did not last, as the rest of the Apple Federation's government did not allow the alliance between Apple and the League Tyr to continue.[6]

However, Reid and the Mercury Group continued to support and assist Nidhogg. Reid sponsored and attended the White Blossom Banquet on behalf of the Mercury Group in order to help promote the dress White Blossom.[7] The banquet was set up in order to steal the dress, and with Reid's assistance it was given to Nidhogg.[8]

The Mercury Group also backed a transit hub for illegal drugs called the No. 7 Exchange.[9] Of the illegal drugs, one of them was the No. 7 Reagent, a drug that suppressed the pain of the Blood Curse that is manufactured by Gray Raven.[10]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Mercury Group
France Flag International (French) Groupe Mercure
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 墨丘利集团 (mò qiū lì jítuán, Mercury Group)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 墨丘利集團 (mò qiū lì jítuán, Mercury Group)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Mercurius Corporation

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