Melody of Whale
Melody of Whale
I named it 'Song of the Whale'. It is a song I have sung in the sea and a wonder to each girl.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Old Album
Color(s): Blue
Obtained by: Time Palace Event
Completion Reward:

Melody of Whale is a Story Suit that appeared in the Time Palace Event together with City Subway.

Completion Prize: Styling Gift Box containing Clear Bright Water, Deep Sea Patrol and 30 Diamond.

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It was getting late at night, but the night life in Welton has just started. Under the noisy city, the last train was running alone through the dark underground world in a cobweb-like subway tunnel.

Abbey finally managed to drag her exhausted body into the train. At this moment, she felt that she was like a fish jumping into the city with all those fancy dreams, but ended up finding out it was a can that squeezed every drop of her vigor.

In the Midnight News on the television, the host was reporting that Kimi would be visiting the North on behalf of the Apple Federation. Abbey couldn't help smiling when hearing the familiar name, as if she was sharing the glory. Kimi was the current president of the Apple Federation Apparel Group. Abbey always regarded it as an honor to work for her, but at this moment she felt really depressed, because Kimi already had her own masterpiece and a high status as a graduate, while she herself has been struggling in the industry for many years yet with any achievement, and she hasn't even met Kimi...

Some people are born to be glittering gold, while some are born to be stones, and she happened to be the latter.

The train went out of the tunnel and ran on the ground. The raindrops, the wheels and the handrails were making a symphony of regular sounds, and she fell asleep with their company.

The surroundings have become a series of bizarre pictures and strange sounds. All of a sudden, everything went frozen and silent, and she opened her eyes.

In a vast expanse of blue, she couldn't even feel her own presence until she heard some loud clickings from afar. It was hen that she realized it was a song by whales, and she herself was one of them.

Abbey's consciousness jumped out of her body. She had this feeling that she could trace down the source of every drop of water in the ocean, but in the next second she couldn't feel her own thinking, or the time. She was puzzled. Which side was the real dream? The ocean, or the life in the Welton?

As she heard the whales singing in the distance, Abbey started to sing as well. She had no idea what the song was about. Perhaps it was about dream, about the concept of beauty, about some fantasy that every ordinary person woul dhave, or about the long-lost liberty.

Finally she found the whales. They were singing a beautiful lyric with various clickings while patting the water surface with their huge tail fins. Abbey started singing, which naturally became part of the song, making it even perfect. Suddenly, with the prelude being finished, the sea went wild, gathering all the clouds to ferment a storm. Louder and louder as they sang, the song reached a climax together with the storm.

'The train has reached the destination. Please take your belongings with you...' A mechanical female voice spoke untimely out of a sudden. At the same time, a lighting stroke from the clouds, tearing the world apart. Abbey opened her eyes and saw, though it was obscure, the light of the train.

Getting off the train, Abbey felt she was filled with inspirations she never had. As she looked at the night sky cleared by the rain, she could see millions stars shining on her.

I hear the sound of sea waves. I became light as soap, drifted in the water and in the dream.
Story Deep in the Ocean

Humpback blocks the sun, leaving the shadow on my body. The silence is akin to the sweet hug of mother.
Colorful Water Wave

The scene in my dreams appeared in my mind. I drifted with tide and floated sea spray. I am a free fish.
Light Blue Seaweed

The long-lost rest took my fatigue and trouble away. I have no one to hinge on and nothing to fear.
Misty Morning and Rainy Night

Swimming freely like fish was my initial aspiration. Dress hemline splashing water, I am in a sea of freedom.
Fish Swimming under the Sum

Under the lamp, I painted scenes from my dream and the world I want to explore because of my passion.
Flowing Light

I wandered long in this dream of deep ocean. Then a harsh voice of station reporting wakes me up.
Shells and Stars of Sand

Outside the subway window is the starry night, I seem to have heard again the song of the whale.
Sea of Ice and Snow

Giant tails of whales, shoal of fishes and the freedom left a deep impression on my mind.
Whale's Tale and Bird's Feather

I ran out of the last subway and the subway station, in the city lights, I went all the way to my home.
Praying to Tide

My design was back in the spotlight many years later. The light emits through her dress, looking unreal.
Sea of Dream

I named it 'Song of the Whale'. It is a song I have sung in the sea and a wonder to each girl.
Clear Bright Water

See also: Old Album, City Subway and Minor Characters.

The suit City Subway and Melody of Whale are both about the same girl, Abbey, who is a designer from Apple Federation Apparel Group. Riding a subway late at night, she watches a television program and reflects on her mediocrity compared to Kimi, the president of the AAG and her superior. She soon dozes off and has a dream that she is a whale, swimming and singing with all the other whales in the ocean. The voice of the station reporting telling her that the train has reached its destination wakes her up, and she leaves the subway and ran home.

She was inspired by her dream, and worked to create a dress inspired by it (which is represented by the suit). She calls it Song of the Whale and her design becomes popular for years to come.

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