Marine Expedition can be obtained through the Customization of Iceland Warrior.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Black hair with several curls mostly worn over the right shoulder. Curled strands are slightly tented at the forehead and frame the face.

Customization[edit | edit source]

Gallery Suit[edit | edit source]

Marine Expedition is part of the alternative version of the North suit Army Major.

The other parts of this suit are Lieutenant Commander, Naval Vest, White Military Pants, Officer's Pistol, Over-knee Army Boots, Navy Floppy Hat and Navy Leather Gloves.

The original version of the suit contains Iceland Warrior, Army Major, Army Vest, Brown Military Pants, Officer's Pistol, Over-knee Army Boots, Army Floppy Hat and Long Leather Gloves.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Gorgeous.png Elegant.png Mature.png Sexy.png Cool.png
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