Maple Tearoom
Maple Tearoom is a long-term Wish Court pavilion where players can wish (draw) to obtain furniture. The player can wish once for free every 48 hours. A normal wish costs 40 Diamonds Diamond. Five wishes may be made at one time for 200 Diamonds Diamond. First time wishes are 50% off. This guarantees 4-5 heart furniture. The player can also use Wish Tickets to draw without paying Diamonds Diamond.

A cumulative Heart Ticket Heart Ticket expenditure event was available when the pavilion was first introduced, which allowed players to gain the Sakura Daisy chibi.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare Furniture H6Edit

Icon Name Style Type
KimonoDecorativeWallIcon Kimono Decorative Wall Cloud Tag Wall Decor
FallenMapleScreenIcon Fallen Maple Screen Cloud Tag Ornament
AutumnLeafBathIcon Autumn Leaf Bath Cloud Tag Bathroom

5-star Super Rare H5Edit

Icon Name Style Type
PeacefulRippleWindIcon Peaceful Ripple-Wind Cloud Tag Door
PeacefulRippleTeaIcon Peaceful Ripple-Tea Cloud Tag Door
GeishaPuppetIcon Geisha Puppet Cloud Tag Ornament
RusticBenchIcon Rustic Bench Cloud Tag Chair

4-star Treasured H4Edit

Icon Name Style Type
SenseofAutumnIcon Sense of Autumn Cloud Tag Window
AutumnWoodsShojiIcon Autumn Woods Shoji Cloud Tag Door
ShallowMissingIcon Shallow Missing Cloud Tag Floor
TeastainIcon Teastain Cloud Tag Wall
TreasuringMeetingIcon Treasuring Meeting Cloud Tag Window
NightfallLampIcon Nightfall Lamp Cloud Tag Small Appliance
KimonoClosetIcon Kimono Closet Cloud Tag Wall Decor
FortuneCatIcon Fortune Cat Cloud Tag Ornament
DivingFlowersIcon diving Flowers Cloud Tag Ornament
SwimmingFishFanIcon Swimming Fish Fan Cloud Tag Ornament
SunsetScreenIcon Sunset Screen Cloud Tag Ornament
RockPathIcon Rock Path Cloud Tag Carpet
LakeBlueCarpetIcon Lake Blue Carpet Cloud Tag Carpet
RushMatIcon Rush Mat Cloud Tag Carpet
FloweryBlanketIcon Flowery Blanket Cloud Tag Carpet
BlessingDarumaIcon Blessing Daruma Cloud Tag Wall Decor
WashiWallLampIcon Washi Wall Lamp Cloud Tag Wall Decor
AquaSakuraTableclothIcon Aqua Sakura Tablecloth Cloud Tag Table
RockingChairIcon Rocking Chair Cloud Tag Chair
BrownPineCabinetIcon Brown Pine Cabinet Cloud Tag Cabinet
MultipleDrawerStorageIcon Multiple Drawer Storage Cloud Tag Cabinet
WoodSurroundingIcon Wood Surrounding Cloud Tag Cabinet

3-star Treasured H3Edit

Icon Name Style Type
RetroTelevisionIcon Retro Television Cloud Tag Small Appliance
GracefulStandardLampIcon Graceful Standard Lamp Cloud Tag Major Appliance
BroadleafinWhiteBottomIcon Broadleaf in White Bottom Cloud Tag Plant
KumquatTreeIcon Kumquat Tree Cloud Tag Plant
BambooBasketIcon Bamboo Basket Cloud Tag Ornament
PureWhiteCushionIcon Pure White Cushion Cloud Tag Ornament
SushiPlateIcon Sushi Plate Cloud Tag Ornament
FlavoronLipsIcon Flavor on Lips Cloud Tag Ornament
HanamiGetaIcon Hanami Geta Cloud Tag Ornament
WhiteHannyaIcon White Hannya Cloud Tag Wall Decor
RedHannyaIcon Red Hannya Cloud Tag Wall Decor
BlueKoinoboriIcon Blue Koinobori Cloud Tag Wall Decor
RedKoinoboriIcon Red Koinobori Cloud Tag Wall Decor
MirrorofFleetingTimeIcon Mirror of Fleeting Time Cloud Tag Ornament
EveningSunPottingIcon Evening Sun Potting Cloud Tag Plant
TeawareIcon Teaware Cloud Tag Ornament
MeditationSeatIcon Meditation Seat Cloud Tag Chair
ExquisiteDrawersIcon Exquisite Drawers Cloud Tag Cabinet
LinencoveredTableIcon Linen-covered Table Cloud Tag Table
SakuraMatIcon Sakura Mat Cloud Tag Bed
WoodgrainedCabinetIcon Wood-grained Cabinet Cloud Tag Cabinet
BrownWoodenStoolIcon Brown Wooden Stool Lilith Tag Chair
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