Magical Realm Kite Elf
Magical Realm Kite Elf
It creates a vintage and arcane scenario with plentiful interlaced black ribbons.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style LolitaGothic
Attributes GorgeousCute
Rarity H3
Color Black/Blue/White
Wardrobe # 15
How to Obtain Crafting
Magical Realm Kite Elf can be obtained through Recipe Crafting.


A Gothic-esque dress composed of a black folded top trim with white ruffles and accent by a grey corset held by denim-blue ribbon. The skirt is a black point tutu over a white ruffled petticoat, and over it is a grey layer with four tiny diamonds cut out to form a larger diamond shape on each petal. Grey sleeves are included with a large cut down the middle held by black ribbon and trim with white ruffles. A matching choker is included with a necklace beneath it. 


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Gallery Suit Edit

Magical Realm Kite Elf is part of the Lilith Kingdom suit Divine Kite Elf.

The other parts of this suit are Floating Kite-Blue and Kite Trail-Black.


Gorgeous Lively Cute Sexy Cool