Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror
Do you want to know who's the most beautiful person in the world? You have to have a mirror to find it out
Physical and Vital Information
Type Accessory, Handheld (Left)
Attributes ElegantMature
Rarity H5
Wardrobe # 4107
How to Obtain Zodiac Lucky Packs
Magic Mirror had a chance to drop when buying Zodiac Lucky Packs from May 31st to July 3rd, 2018. 

Appearance Edit

A gold compact-like mirror with a flower and honeycomb designs. On the side is a butterfly ornament, while the front has a bee. At the center of the top is a ruby gem.

Gallery Suit Edit

Magic Mirror is part of the Apple suit Celebrity's Choice.

The other pieces of this suit are Honey Bee Eardrops, I DO Makeup, Fluff Shawl, White Honey, Take the Lipstick, Soft Courage, I1 Lipstick and Purse of Kiss.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool