Curtain rises, Magician shows! What will come out when the magic box is open?

The Magic Box event was a pick 1 from 2 event that ran from March 28th to April 3rd 2019.

How to Play Edit

Players will be shown two outfits and a styling theme. Choose the outfit you think would score better for the theme to gain Confetti Cannons Confetti Cannon. Exchange the Confetti Cannons for pieces of the suit Surprise. Five Confetti Cannons are awarded for choosing correctly and three Confetti Cannons are given for choosing the wrong outfit. Players get ten free attempts every day and more attempts can be bought for 20 Diamond each.

Suit Edit

Total Cost: 690 Confetti Cannon


Suit Completion Rewards: Magic Moment, Impressive Debut, White Pigeon and Rose, Marvel Secret Box and 30 Diamond.


Scores are based on attributes.

Water PlaygroundEdit

Attributes: CuteSexyCool

Elegant MagicEdit

Attributes: SimpleElegantMature

Snow MagicEdit


Walk in the AirEdit

Attributes: LivelyPureCool

Remarkable DebutEdit

Attributes: ElegantMatureSexy

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