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Lunar is a character in Love Nikki. She was the heiress of the esteemed Silk Shop in Moonlit City and the chief designer of Cloud City.



Lunar - heiress of the Silk Shop, showcases the sacred Lotus Calico Dress and its celestial quality, making her a goddess in a painting. The material used is a fabric that is unique to Silk Shop - light as feathers, flowing list water. The lotus pattern around the chest highlights the designer's superior techniques. The accessory around the waist made of red-bean pearls accentuates her femininity.

Like a poem, like the moon, like water, like the lotus flower.

— Lunar's description in the Time Diary

Lunar was an elegant young woman with a fair, slender frame and dull purple, downcast eyes. She had long hair of the same color worn back with a section pulled into a ponytail held with an ornament. Her bangs were tented at the middle and brushed to the sides, while her forelocks layer over them and reach her chest.

She wears traditional, Chinese-inspired gowns and outfits with a white and blue color scheme.


Lunar was a polite and graceful young woman with an air of elegance and maturity. She was calm-minded, but despite her cold-looking appearance, she was also very friendly and kind to those that she grows fond of. She was also a very good cook.[20][21][22]

She takes designing seriously and considers it one of her passions in life, leading Louie to describe her as a "style-holic" when she was only thirteen.[23]

She's quite devoted to helping Nikki, since Nikki stood up for her when Mela stole one of her most precious designs for the Iron Roses.[24]


Lunar has designed the following:


Early Life[]

Lunar was an adorable child, and she showed promise and talent from an early age.[1] She loved to design clothing and was determined to become a designer.[4] During her early life, she never left the Cloud Empire.[26]

Lunar's family's business, the Silk Shop

Her mother is the kind and talented Lady of Cloud Mill,[27] who runs the Silk Shop that produces a very unique and expensive cloth known as Cloud Calico.[10] A month after Lunar was born, she planted a Night Begonia tree in the garden, which acted as a symbol of marriage and was intended to be one day used in her wedding.[28]

At that time, she wished she could have a sister who she could grow up with, watch begonias bloom and wither, and design for each other.[29] However, as she grew up, she accepted being the only daughter of her parents.[30]

Year 670[]

During this year, Lunar, already a talented designer, got a gift from her uncle Sue, a blue bird which she named Blue that also served as a symbol of love.[5] This led Lunar to re-evaluate her feelings on love and whether she would ever understand it.[26]

Blue, Lunar's phoenix

That same night, Louie, a soldier from the North Kingdom, crashed his helicopter at her house. After finding him on her doorstep, Lunar took care of him and healed his wounds.[31] Lunar was very interested in his clothing and the culture of North Kingdom, which he told her about while he was healing.[23] His description of the war in North Kingdom also inspired her to decide to become the best designer in order to stop war forever.[32]

When Louie tried to leave without saying goodbye, Lunar was woken up by her blue bird, and she quickly ran out to see him before he left. She revealed her desire to see the world with him, but Louie recognized she was still too young, and encouraged her to grow up and reach her goals. He said that in ten years, they could see where they were and be together if the opportunity was right. He gave her his medal, and she gave him her blue bird to protect him and deliver any messages he might write her.[33] He continued to write her letters for seven years, at which point he stopped due to joining the Nameless Chivalric Order.[34][35]

Year 675[]

During this year, Lunar served as the chief designer for Cloud City.[36] During an attack by Northern soldiers, the mayor led Lunar to the Cloud Palace. She showed Lunar the Nebula Dual Swords and told her the legend behind them. Lunar awakened the swords by cutting her wrist on them,[37] which revived the soul of Princess Miror. Miror fought off the soldiers, but mistook Lunar for her sister, Princess Diana, and led her into a flashback.[38]

The Dual Swords

Lunar learned in this flashback that Diana let Miror sacrifice her to fuse her soul with one of the swords,[39] but Miror eventually surrendered the swords to the enemy and then sacrificed herself.[40] In the present, Lunar frightened off the North soldiers,[41] and resolved Miror's regrets by explaining that Miror did the right thing, which set Miror's soul free from the sword.[42]

Year 677[]

During this year, the son of the dyehouse owner in Moonlit City became very ill. One of Lunar's family's clients was a retired physician, and with Lunar's help, the physician managed to heal the son.[43]

The dyehouse owner was very grateful to Lunar for introducing the physician to their son and, by extension, saving their son's life. They gave Lunar the design for the Stringless Guqin, knowing that she loved the guqin but didn't have a proper one herself. Though the dyehouse owner had had the design for a long time, they had never been qualified enough to craft it.[43]

Year 680[]

Lunar lamented the silence from Louie, upset that he had stopped writing but still determined to become a designer. Her uncle Sue told her about a girl who had appeared in the Lilith Kingdom that would affect all of Miraland and suggested that it was Lunar's fate to become a designer and discover what had happened.[34]

Lunar went to Apple Federation in order to begin looking for materials for the Stringless Guqin design she had received three years before, specifically the Finger Sob strings which had previously been made by a woman in Cloud who had moved to Apple. One of the places she went was Wheat Field, where Nikki happened to be.[44][45] Unfortunately, the design for the Stringless Guqin was stolen while she was there by Mela, leaving Lunar to cry at the door of a flower shop.[7]

Nikki and her friends came across Lunar at this point. Bobo approached her first to see why she was so sad, but Lunar refused to tell her anything. When Nikki asked if there was anything they could do, Lunar coldly responded that there was no point in telling her as she needed a talented stylist to beat the thief who stole her designs.[7]

After Nikki beat her in a traditional eastern-themed styling battle, Lunar realized her potential and introduced herself. They quickly became friends and Lunar accepted her help to recover her designs from Mela, even coaching her a little at some point.[7][46] With Nikki's help, Lunar was finally able to get the design back.[47]

The Pure Heart Workshop

Nikki, Bobo, and Momo left Wheat Field, and Lunar continued her quest for Finger Sob strings. Kaja, who knew many shops that sold musical instruments in Apple, helped her in her search, but ultimately none of the shops sold Finger Sob strings.[45] One of the shop owners mentioned that there was a cloth store called Pure Heart in Wheat Field, and Lunar and Kaja rushed back to the small town. Luckily for Lunar, the same woman she had been looking for was there, and she sold her the strings after hearing Lunar aimed to make a Stringless Guqin.[48]

Lunar went to Wintermount at the same time Nikki, Momo and Bobo were there, getting ready to participate in the upcoming Tea Party. She and Nikki decided to participate together after an impromptu styling battle.[49]

After talking with Kimi, Nikki and her group headed to Lunar's birth nation, the Cloud Empire.[50] Lunar went with them, and they traveled through the famous Flower Field, where Lunar had heard a great designer lived.[51] They also met Fu Su,[52] the disciple of the late designer.

Due to the Flower Field's power of creating hallucinations, Lunar was tricked into thinking she saw her blue bird, and followed it to see an illusion of Louie. Though she had a passionate conversation with him and promised never to forget him, he disappeared into a gust of wind.[53]

After leaving the Flower Field, Lunar went looking for an old house that satisfied the criteria for the Stringless Guqin. The wood that the guqin had to be made from was required to come from either the main beam from a century-old house or a phoenix tree.[44] Unfortunately, Lunar had no luck in finding a beam that she could use, and the next time she saw Fu Su she asked him about potentially using the one from the Ancient Pavilion.[9]

He had a better solution, which was to find a phoenix tree that would also satisfy the criteria for the Stringless Guqin. Fu Su took Lunar to the temple on Tai Chi Mountain, as he knew the temple master. After Lunar helped him with his painting, he agreed to give her a branch from the phoenix tree as well as advice. She did not understand the advice at the time, though he insisted it would help her craft the Stringless Guqin.[54]

The Stringless Guqin

She returned to Moonlit City and crafted the Stringless Guqin using the Finger Sob strings and the wood from the phoenix tree. However, it didn't make any noise until she understood the temple master's advice. After that, she managed to play it and a soft halo appeared around it, causing her to believe that the guqin recognized her.[55][56]

Lunar and Nikki met up later in Long Street, and Lunar told them more about herself. She happened to be the only daughter of a very famous businesswoman, the Lady of the Cloud Mill, and therefore was the heiress to her mom's bustling Silk Shop, located in the nearby Moonlit City. Before she could tell them more, her mother summoned her to the Silk Shop, saying that somebody had put yeast in the spices, and Lunar had to leave immediately.[10]

Lunar's mother told her that Queen Elle sent Mela to Moonlit City, where she planned to steal designs and materials. Mela approached the Mayor, offering to give her a share if she cooperated. The Mayor pretended to accept, but took steps to protect the materials of the designers. The yeast was just for show, while the Cloud Calico spices were actually kept safe. Lunar's mother also made common designs that were used to deceive Mela.[57]

Once Lunar arrived in Moonlit City, they staged a false attack on the Silk Shop, and the Mayor's people picked up Lunar and brought her to her house. Nikki, Bobo and Momo headed to Moonlit City after hearing she was in danger, teaming up with the Apple Federal officer Orlando along the way. Once they entered the Mayor's house, they learned the truth and that Lunar was not actually in danger.[57]

Nikki and her friends left, and twelve days later, Lunar received a letter telling her that North soldiers in disguise had been captured in Cloud City. Worried, she left the Silk Shop in Moonlit City to go to Cloud City and find out what had happened.[58] Once there, she helped the citizens prepare to defend themselves by crafting clothes, and the bandits left. The mayor thanked her for her efforts, but asked that she leave due to Cloud City's potential for danger. Though the mayor insisted that the city wasn't in danger at the moment, Lunar was suspicious and decided to stay for the time being.[59]

Attack of Cloud City[]

She soon received word that Nidhogg had begun to move towards Cloud City with the League Tyr. The Mayor was disappointed she hadn't left, stressing to Lunar that the League Tyr wasn't like the bandits from before, but Lunar was confident that they would have the support of the nearby Lor River City, which would otherwise be next in the line of attack. Despite the mayor's doubt, she quickly left on horseback during the night to seek out reinforcements from General Huo Qizhou.[60] She found that the train was not running and that all of the towns on the way had been burnt down, and it took her several days to reach Lor River City.[61]

Despite Lunar's urging that the League Tyr was attacking Cloud City, Huo Qizhou took a relaxed approach and even suggested that Lunar stay in Lor River City rather than getting involved. To Lunar's horror, he boasted that he had burnt down all the villages in the hopes of making the route more difficult for the League Tyr.[62] Zhong Lizi privately admitted to her that Huo Qizhou had also cut off all communication to Cloud City, and gave Lunar a letter which her mother had sent. Inside it was her first design, and she wondered what it meant while grappling with her own powerlessness.[63]

Lunar returned to Cloud City, where she learned that Nidhogg was nearly there. She resolved to stay with Cloud City and fight no matter the cost, and once the Mayor saw that she couldn't be persuaded, he named her the General of the city. As the city prepared, the League Tyr began to arrive, and the Mayor gave Lunar a letter from Nidhogg, who had yet to attack. He proposed a duel between the two of them alone, one where the winner could ask the loser to do anything. Despite the Mayor's warnings, Lunar agreed to his challenge.[13]

Lunar Nikki cutscene.png

Nikki, Momo, and Bobo heard about the situation from Amphithea News and traveled all the way from Wasteland to Cloud.[64] The three friends managed to get into the city itself, but by that time Lunar was already battling Nidhogg. She took a stab to the stomach from Nidhogg's sword, which fatally injured her. As she was bleeding to death in Nikki's arms, Lunar reached out to her blue phoenix in the darkened skies and said her last words, in which she told Nikki that she wanted to be the best designer to keep the peace, and lamented that said dream wouldn't become true.[65]

With help of the Iron Rose, a tearful and emotionally broken Nikki picked herself up and defeated Nidhogg. He then decided to let the Cloud City army withdraw for the time being.[66] Suddenly, Louie broke through the crowds and reached for Lunar's lifeless body, crying and lamenting that he was too late to help her. He thanked Nikki and her group for helping Lunar in her last moments and then picked up her corpse in her arms, taking her away presumably to help burying her.[67]



Nikki befriended Lunar by helping her in her time of need, and considered her one of her closest friends in Miraland. Lunar was always inspired by Nikki, saying that Nikki made her want to design clothes.[25] She always did her best to help Lunar when it was needed, took Lunar's advice when she gave it to her, and was emotionally shattered when Lunar died fighting Nidhogg. All she could do was to honor Lunar's memory by going on to defeat Nidhogg and protecting Cloud City. Nikki used the sad memories and turned them into her strength and courage going forward, never letting her memory of Lunar fade.[68]


In comparison to Nikki and Bobo, who Momo has a tendency to complain about or mock, he never has a bad thing to say regarding Lunar. He is shown to admire her greatly, while she is very kind towards him.


Louie and Lunar shared a close bond despite their short time together, especially given that they wrote each other letters for many years. They were both people that cared about their own goals as well as each other, and had a common interest in protecting Miraland, with Lunar hoping to accomplish that goal through designing while Louie did so through his enrollment in the Nameless Chivalric Order.

Appearances and Mentions[]

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Item Caption Icon
Snow Pear Soup A pot of warm snow pear soup made by Lunar. Of course it's for Nikki. Snow Pear Soup
Tulle Dress-Green Lunar once performed Cloud Dance in this dress. Momo's mouth watered terribly at that time. Tulle Dress-Green
Lady of Cloud Mill Lady of Cloud Mill of the Cloud Empire is kind and amiable. She can easily distinguish right from wrong. Lady of Cloud Mill
Night Tusk During the nights of Miraland, there have been plenty epic stories about blood and tears as well as envy and love. Night Tusk
Green T-shirt To avoid the chaos of disagreement among the four of them, Lunar, who likes green apples, bought this T-shirt. Green T-shirt
Tulle Dress-Navy Lunar once performed Cloud Dance in this dress. Momo's mouth watered terribly at the time. Tulle Dress-Navy
Soul of Sword Moonlight covers the sharp sword, developing the rudiments of this legendary weapon. Soul of Sword
Millenary Dream Waking up from a millenary dream, time has brought great changes to the world. Millenary Dream
Dual Swords Edges brightening as snow, tassels varying as stars, when the dual swords combine, the world falls into neglect. Dual Swords
Nebula Dual It's said that when the swords were drawn, rainbows will surge in the sky. Nebula Dual
Guqin Sound Melodious sounds flowing out, the notes are like butterflies, flapping their wings, matching the tune, and floating in the air. Guqin Sound
Decadent Music There are thousand looks of stringless Guqins in a thousand citizens' eyes. Only those who truly love music can communicate with Guqin. Decadent Music
Fishbone Top Momo regrets a lot that he hasn't asked Lunar to make a magic cat T-shirt for him. Fishbone Top
Snow on Begonia In the early February, snowflakes fell silently. The little begonia sapling in the courtyard stretched its thin branches. Snow on Begonia
Newborn Feather I'm a lonely little feather floating in a water blue dream. When can I wake up from the dream and start a new life? Newborn Feather
Dawn Hatchling I grow up in the Tower of Zen, made friends with birds, but I want to see the world outside. That man who came to visit looks lonely. Dawn Hatchling
Lovesick Begonia Emotions stir deep in her heart. Under the begonia tree, she only thinks of the war in the North. Lovesick Begonia
Stringless Sound People in Cloud believe that the most powerful guqin can be enchanting. It's called Stringless Sound. Stringless Sound
Stringless Guqin The reason it is called the Stringless Guqin is that it is played using spirit and heart. Stringless Guqin
Blue Messenger The man gave me to his beloved niece as a gift. Every time she gazes into the sky, I feel so close to her heart. Blue Messenger
Blue Phoenix's Letter Dear master, I've grown up. No matter how far I travel, I remember the road home and take the message back. Blue Phoenix's Letter
Reflection of Begonia The color is washed away, leaving her pure white flowers behind. The little child was outlining begonia with ink. Reflection of Begonia
Night Begonia It's the 23rd summer, the begonia still blooms as always, but the road home seems endless. Night Begonia
Kiss of the red bean Lunar is a typical virtuous Cloud maiden. She is even more attractive when she is cooking. Kiss of the red bean
Red Bean Kiss-Blue Lunar is a typical virtuous Cloud maiden. She is even more attractive when she is cooking. Red Bean Kiss-Blue
Red Bean's Kiss-Black Lunar is a typical virtuous Cloud maiden. She is even more attractive when she is cooking. Red Bean's Kiss-Black
Printed Skirt-Cyan It is one of the prizes won by Nikki in the sprint race, but Lunar prefers this one. Printed Skirt-Cyan
Silk Pajamas-Blue Nikki, you should invite Sofia, Lisa and Lunar to a pajama party. Momo, what's going on inside your head? Silk Pajamas-Blue
Elegant Dress-Blue Simple dress of Pigeons, Lunar loves the soft cloth. Elegant Dress-Blue


  • "It's an emergency. As the Chief Designer, I did what I have to do. I believe you would have done the same thing if you were me!"
    — Lunar about the conflicts in Cloud City in Lotus and Begonia
  • "People of Cloud Empire don't surrender, right? I've thought it over, it's the fate. Sometimes, it just leaves us no choices. No matter how many times we complain and pity ourselves, we cannot escape the abyss of fate. Mayor, the target of Nidhogg is me. I can't stand to see the Cloud City fall while I shrink in the back. ... I will win."
    — Lunar about Nidhogg's attack on Cloud City in Lotus and Begonia
  • "I promised myself to be the greatest designer... to let war cease forever... Sorry... I failed..."
    — Lunar's last words in V1: 15-8 Blue Bird Wail.

  • "The shining smile makes all the flowers lose their colors."
    — using Smile.
  • "So disappointed but nowhere to confess."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "It's just a dream."
    — using Sleeping.
  • "People in Cloud Empire will not use socks to carry Christmas gift."
    — using Gift.
  • "People in Cloud Empire consider small feet as beautiful."
    — using Clock.

  • "You seem very upset, can I help you?"
  • "Hi, what do you want to do today?"
  • "Hi, what can Lunar do for you?".
  • "Glad to see you, anything I can help?"
  • "I've got great inspiration lately. You, how about you?"
    • "I've done this request before, is it surely simple for you?"
    • "Why the frown? If the request doesn't go well, how about doing something else first?"
    • "Dream is based on memory, all you saw was real."
    • "Seems you took a very interesting request. Hope you can complete it soon."
    • "What do you want to do after you finished your request?"
    • "Huh? Have you finished reading the Star Dictionary? Anything else you want to talk about?"
    • "The Star Dictionary should have everything you wanted to know. My type? Well..."
    • "Do you know me better after browsing the Star Dictionary? In fact, I want to know something about you too."
    • "Have you browsed the Star Dictionary? Want to know anything else?"
    • "Um, you don't need the Star Dictionary to know my hobby right?"
    • "Did the new dream bring you new inspiration? Inspiration is vital."
    • "Did you find anything new in your new dream? Go ahead if you need my help."
    • "It's very entertaining to share dream with you, do you like my story?"
    • "How is your request going? What's your next plan?"
    • "After completing a new dream, anything else you want to do?"
    • "Being bored alone?"
    • "Do you want to see my smile? Sorry, I'm not ticklish."
    • "Just talk, why are you touching me?"
    • "Huh? What are you doing?"
    • "Please don't, it's kind of weird..."

  • "Long time no see. Forget me not."
    — Lunar's envelope.
  • "When will the rain in Cloud City stop? Nikki, wish your journey is always in good weather."
    — Lunar's envelope once opened.

  • "Something big is gonna happen... Anyway, I will not escape."
    — Lunar's Diamond Postcard during Art of War.

  • "What I cherish the most are the passing years and every one of your smiles."
  • "I have a pen that can draw spring and autumn and create designs."

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Lunar
    France Flag.png International (French) Lunar
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 绫罗 (Língluó)
    Japanese Flag.png Japan リンレイ (Linley)
    Korean Flag.png South Korea 설아 (Seola)
    Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Lunar
    Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Lunar
    Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Lunar


    • Lunar's name in Chinese, 绫罗 (Língluó), means "splendid fabric", which is a reference to her family's profession of making beautiful fabric known as Cloud Calico.
    • Her name in English references the moon, and could be a reference to Moonlit City, her place of birth.
      • The name of the ancient princess Lunar was mistaken for was named Diana, who is the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology.


    • Lunar learned chess long ago; however, she's not very good at it.[3]


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