Aliases Girl from Cloud Empire
Dream Recorder
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 24th, 656 or 657
Zodiac Aquarius
Height 170 cm (5' 7”)
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Professional Statistics
Occupation Designer
Affiliation Cloud Empire
Cloud City
Moonlit City
Address Cloud Empire
Cloud City
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed mother (Lady of Cloud Mill)

Sue (Uncle) Treelo (Blue Phoenix pet from Sue)

Game 1-3 Lunar from Cloud Empire
Voice Actors
English Brianna Knickerbocker
I didn't know you were such a skilled stylist. I underestimated you. My name is Lunar, I'm a designer from the eastern Cloud Empire.

Lunar is a designer from the Cloud Empire who befriended Nikki after she helped her retrieve her stolen designs.


Appearance Edit

Lunar - heiress of the Silk Shop, showcases the sacred Lotus Calico Dress and its celestial quality, making her a goddess in a painting. The material used is a fabric that is unique to Silk Shop - light as feathers, flowing list water. The lotus pattern around the chest highlights the designer's superior techniques. The accessory around the waist made of red-bean pearls accentuates her femininity.

Like a poem, like the moon, like water, like the lotus flower.

— Lunar's description in the Time Diary

Lunar is an elegant young woman with a fair, slender frame and dull purple, downcasted eyes. She has long hair of the same color worn back with a section pulled into a ponytail held with an ornament. Her bangs are tented at the middle and brushed to the sides, while her forelocks layer over them and reach her chest.

She wears traditional, Chinese-inspired gowns and outfits with a white and blue color scheme.


Lunar is a polite and graceful young woman with an air of elegance and maturity. She is calm-minded, but despite her cold-looking appearance, she is also very friendly and kind to those that she grows fond of and at times is not above shedding tears if hurt by others.

She's quite devoted to helping Nikki, since Nikki stood up for her when Mela stole one of her most precious designs for the Iron Roses.

It's later revealed that Lunar is not just a young designer of the Cloud Empire, but the daughter of a famous and very rich business lady from the borders. Her mother is in charge of the Cloud's Mill, a huge business that produces a very unique and expensive cloth known as the Cloud Calico.


Chapter 1Edit

Crying at the door of a flower shop, Nikki and her friends came across Lunar during their tour around Wheat Field. Bobo approached her first to see why she was so sad, but Lunar refused to tell anything. When Nikki asked if there was anything they could do, Lunar coldly responded that there was no point in telling her as she needed a talented stylist to beat the thief who stole her designs.

After Nikki beat her in a traditional eastern-themed stylist battle, Lunar realized her potential and introduced herself. They quickly became friends and Lunar accepted her help to recover her designs from Mela, even coaching her a little at some point.

Chapter 4Edit

Lunar reappears in Chapter 4, getting ready to participate in the Tea Party that's about to begin in Wintermount. She and Nikki decide to participate together after an impromptu duel, but as they're setting up their booth, they get distracted by the appearance of Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi.

Chapter 5Edit

Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi have a huge fight, and Bai Jinjin disappears. Lunar is among those who search for her in the middle of the Tea Party. When the deal is completely cleared (including having to repel the attacks of people tasked with taking Bai Jinjin away), she and Nikki handle their Tea Party stalls more or less well until the end of the Party, when a masked woman attacks Nikki.

Chapter 6Edit

After talking with Kimi, Nikki and her group head to Lunar's birth nation, the Cloud Empire. Lunar goes with them and they go through the famous Flower Field, where Fu Su and the Four Sisters test Nikki's skills.

Chapter 7Edit

Lunar takes Nikki to a place named Long Street and talks to them more about herself. She happens to be the only daughter of a very famous businesswoman, the Lady of the Cloud Mill, and therefore is the heiress to her mom's bustling Silk Shop, located in the nearby Moonlit City. Before she can tell them more, however, she has to leave as there's trouble in the Silk Shop itself... and towards the end of the stage, Nikki is told that she might be in danger.

Chapter 8 Edit

Nikki, Bobo and Momo head to Moonlit City to see if Lunar is okay, and when they get to her Silk Shop it turns out that she has been abducted by the mysterious Mayor of the city so she won't interfere in her deals with the Iron Roses. With help of the Apple Federal officer Orlando, who has been investigating the Mayor, they reach for the Mayor's home... and it turns out that Lunar was actually helping the Mayor and other stylists / craftsmen of the city, who were trying to keep the Iron Roses from having the city's famous wares. Lunar decides to stay in Moonlit City to keep protecting the people there, while Nikki heads to the Fantasy Styling Contest in the capital of Lilith Kingdom.

Chapter 15Edit

Nikki, Momo, and Bobo head back to the Cloud Empire to save Lunar, after hearing from the Amphitheater News that the Northern Kingdom is attacking their frontiers. Lunar, who is both a great stylist and a talented swordswoman, has been chosen as the champion and leader of a strategic site at the borders known as Cloud City, and is struggling to defend it.

The three friends manage to get into the city itself... but when that happens, Lunar is already battling Nidhogg, the leader of the Northern Kingdom's forces. They can only helplessly watch as Lunar takes a heavy stab to the stomach from Nidhogg's sword, which kills her. As she's bleeding to death in Nikki's arms, Lunar can be seen reaching out to a blue Phoenix in the darkened skies and saying her last words, in which she tells Nikki that she wanted to be the best stylist ever to keep the peace, and laments that said dream won't become true.

With help of the Iron Roses, a tearful and emotionally broken Nikki picks herself up and defeats Nidhogg. He then decides to withdraw for the time being, leaving the friends and the Cloud City's armies heartbroken. Suddenly, a young man from the Northern Kingdom breaks through the crowds and reaches for Lunar's lifeless body, crying and lamenting that he was too late to help her. He thanks Nikki and her group for helping Lunar in her last moments and then picks up her corpse in her arms, taking her away presumably to help burying her.

Relationships Edit

Nikki Edit

Nikki befriends Lunar by helping her in her time of need, and considers her as one of her closest friends in Miraland. She always does her best to help Lunar when it's needed, takes Lunar's advice when she gives it to her, and is emotionally shattered when Lunar dies fighting Nidhogg and she cannot to anything about it but defeat him to keep defending Cloud City.

Momo Edit

In comparison to Nikki and Bobo, who Momo has a tendency to complain about or mock, he never has a bad thing to say regarding Lunar. He is shown to admire her greatly, while she is very kind towards him.

Louie Edit

Louie appeared in Cloud City shortly after Lunar's death, mourning that he was too late to save her. He wiped the blood off her face and strokes her wet hair, suggesting he cared a great deal for her. He carried off her body back to her home, Moonlit City.

Mayor of Moonlit City Edit



  • "White fairy, otherworldly elegance, pure like snow, falling for love."
    — Lunar challenging Nikki to a styling battle in 7-2 Mill's Heir Lunar.
  • "I promised myself to be the greatest designer... to let war cease forever... Sorry... I failed..."
    — Lunar's last words in 15-8 Blue Bird Wail.

Styling BattleEdit

  • "The shining smile makes all the flowers lose their colors."
    — using Smile.
  • "So disappointed but nowhere to confess."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "It's just a dream."
    — using Sleeping.
  • "People in Cloud Empire will not use socks to carry Christmas gift."
    — using Gift.
  • "People in Cloud Empire consider small feet as beautiful."
    — using Clock.

Dream WeaverEdit

  • "You seem very upset, can I help you?"
  • "Hi, what do you want to do today?"
  • "Hi, what can Lunar do for you?".
  • "Glad to see you, anything I can help?"
  • "I've got great inspiration lately. You, how about you?"
  • "I've done this request before, is it surely simple for you?"
  • "Why the frown? If the request doesn't go well, how about doing something else first?"
  • "Dream is based on memory, all you saw was real."
  • "Huh? Have you finished reading the Star Dictionary? Anything else you want to talk about?"
  • "The Star Dictionary should have everything you wanted to know. My type? Well..."
  • "Do you know me better after browsing the Star Dictionary? In fact, I want to know something about you too."
  • "Have you browsed the Star Dictionary? Want to know anything else?"
  • "Um, you don't need the Star Dictionary to know my hobby right?"
  • "Did the new dream bring you new inspiration? Inspiration is vital."
  • "Did you find anything new in your new dream? Go ahead if you need my help."
  • "It's very entertaining to share dream with you, do you like my story?"
  • "Seems you took a very interesting request. Hope you can complete it soon."
  • "What do you want to do after you finished your request?"
  • "How is your request going? What's your next plan?"
  • "After completing a new dream, anything else you want to do?"
  • "Being bored alone?"
  • "Do you want to see my smile? Sorry, I'm not ticklish."
  • "Just talk, why are you touching me?"
  • "Huh? What are you doing?"
  • "Please don't, it's kind of weird..."
  • "......"
    — After 15-8 Blue Bird Wail.

Login GiftEdit

  • "Long time no see. Forget me not."
    — Lunar's envelope.
  • "When will the rain in Cloud City stop? Nikki, wish your journey is always in good weather."
    — Lunar's envelope once opened.


Items Edit

In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the characters. All of the following items mention Lunar.

Name Item Description
Red Bean Kiss-Blue Hair No.386 Lunar is a typical virtuous Cloud maiden. She is even more attractive when she is cooking.
Lunar's Daughter Hair No.865 A decade before, the family celebrated the birth of a young girl. And she was named Lunar.
Snow Pear Soup Dress No.235 A pot of warm snow pear soup made by Lunar. Of course it's for Nikki!
Silk Pajamas-Blue Dress No.353 Nikki, you should invite Sofia, Lisa and Lunar to a pajama party. Momo, what's going on inside your head?
Elegant Dress-Blue Dress No.501 Simple dress of Pigeons, Lunar loves the soft cloth.
Green T-shirt Top No.60 To avoid the chaos of disagreement among the four of them, Lunar, who likes green apples, bought this T-shirt.
Fishbone Top Top No.229 Momo regrets a lot that he hasn't asked Lunar to make a magic cat T-shirt for him.
Printed Skirt-Cyan Bottom No.67 It is one of the prizes won by Nikki in the sprint race, but Lunar prefers this one.
Tulle Dress-Green Bottom No.266 Lunar once performed Cloud Dance in this dress. Momo's mouth watered terribly at that time.
Heir of Cloud Mill Shoes No.787 Lunar's family is the famous family of Cloud Calico. And Lunar has shown her talent since youth.
Magpie Hairpin Accessory No.598 Girls do the needlework in the half-moon glow, praying for love that Lunar would endow.
Red-bean Rice Ball Accessory No.1066 Lunar made glutinous rice balls for the festival, and Momo ate so happily he forgot grilled fish.
Bean Paste Washing Accessory No.1067 The paste washing is a key process for making a red bean paste. And Lunar is a talent for this.

Alternative NamesEdit

Version Name/Transliteration
France Flag International (English)/France Lunar
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 绫罗 (LingLuo)
Japanese Flag Japan リンレイ (Linley)
Korean Flag South Korea 설아 (Seola)
Vietnam Flag Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Lunar



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