Luna Angel is a Festivals suit that first appeared in the Moon Festival Event. The suit is obtainable through crafting and recipes can now be bought in the Store of Starlight. It is also customizable.

Completion Prize: 20 Diamond.png.

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Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

Customized (Pale)[edit | edit source]

Customized (Blue)[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Everyone in Cloud Empire has a deep and passionate love towards their hometown.
Loyalty White

People get themselves dressed up to celebrate the coming angels.
Moon Rabbit-Red

In this windy night, white moon rises to the sky. Sitting in the garden, she seems to see the rabbits on the moon.

Cloud people tend to use knots to express their best wishes and hope Luna will realize them.
Moon Knot

The design is inspired by a traditional dessert of Cloud Empire. Momo tried really hard not to tease.
Moon Pendant

It is a tradition that people enjoy the moon and pray for health in the festival.
Moon Fairy-White, Moon Elf-Moon and Moon Fairy-Ink

With her move, the secret of immortality gradually infuses into the panacea.
Time Pestle

Open the window to invite in the moonlight; by climbing up high one can get closer to sky.
Moon Jade Pendant

The phase of moon always changes, we should enjoy this night before it leaves.
Moon Tonight

In this tranquil summer night, make the tea and enjoy my reading time.
Sweet Ink

A girl reaches her glorious youth, just like the moon enters her perfect phase.
Pink Age

Poets chant their poems, scholars analyse the orbits. Everyone has its way to celebrate the day.
Moon Rabbit-Pale and Moon Rabbit-Blue

Clouds fade away, while songs rise up. Get drunk, or you will betray the wonderful night.

When the night comes and moon shines, it's time to dive into wine and dance.

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

In Chinese folklore, it is said that a rabbit lives on the Moon, based on pareidolia of the Moon's surface. The Moon Rabbit is often portrayed as a companion of the Moon goddess Chang'e, constantly pounding the elixir of life (panacea) for her.

Etymology[edit source]

Name by Server[edit source]

Complete Star.png Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Luna Angel N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Ange Luna Luna Angel
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 月宫蟾兔 (yuègōng chán tù) Rabbit of the Moon
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
月宮蟾兔 (yuègōng chán tù) Rabbit of the Moon
Japanese Flag.png Japan 月宮のうさぎ (Gekkyū no Usagi) Rabbit of the Moon PalaceCT
Korean Flag.png South Korea 달나라 토끼 (dalnala tokki) Moonland Rabbit
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Kelinci Bulan Moon Rabbit
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Thỏ Mặt Trăng Moon Rabbit
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Moon Rabbit N/A
Thailand Flag.png Thailand กระต่ายเงาจันทร์ (Krat̀āy ngeā cạnthr̒) Moon Shadow RabbitCT

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