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These are the current rules for Love Nikki Wiki. If you think you have a new rule or want a rule removed, contact an Admin on this wiki.

General Rules

  • Be respectful to everyone! Do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, or disrespect any user or their opinions.
  • Spamming is not allowed! This includes spamming images, links, words, edits, etc.
  • Vandalism on the wiki is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't badge hunt (making pointless edits over and over again just to get badges)
  • No begging for Admin after you have been declined.
  • No swearing or inappropriate language. As this game is catered towards younger kids as well, please refrain from cursing or saying inappropriate things.
  • If you want a personal image for your user page, you may upload one total. This includes images from the game that would not otherwise go on the Wiki, such as a screenshot of an outfit or your user profile. Any subsequent images will be deleted.
  • Don't edit other users' userpages without their permission, with the exception of housekeeping (eg. fixing file names and potentially broken links).

Editing Rules

  • Pages should be written in grammatically correct English.
  • Follow the format for the type of page you are creating:
  • If you make or wish to make a new template, please tell an admin or moderator about your plan first.
  • No griefing pages - This just causes more work for members of our community
  • No edit wars - If someone makes a edit you disagree with, change or revert it with a summary explaining why. If another user repeatedly reverts or changes your edits, contact them on their message wall and work it out. If they don’t respond, contact an admin and we'll lock the page for a while.
  • Do not guess the nation/gallery of a suit. Please check in-game or on Nikki's Info to see the nation. If the game hasn't been updated then don't write a nation.
  • Do not guess the item type of a wardrobe item without denoting it. If you don't know the item type because Nikki's Info has not been updated, you should put a question mark next to the item name until it can be verified.
  • Please double check grammar, spelling, and in-game information before submitting your edits.
  • Please do not add speculation or opinions to pages, only proven information is allowed. Information from other servers is allowed; however, pages about suits, items, or the like from other servers are not allowed, as the wiki focuses on the International server.
  • If you make a page that needs an image, please add the No image category.

Cost Estimation Rules

Wiki pages for events or suits should not include estimated prices (whether gold, diamonds, or stamina). This is for several reasons:

  1. The prices of suits can change when they return for crafting.
  2. The total cost changes depending on which crafting ingredients a player already owns.
  3. Some ingredients have multiple methods of obtainment, making it so that there is no one "correct" price.
  4. It is impossible to calculate a pavilion cost without crowdsourcing, which is carried out by other third parties that are not the Wiki.

It is okay to add estimated costs in the comments, as long as they are not a part of the article. However, misleading or blatantly incorrect information will be deleted as to not spread misinformation.

Calculated costs for suits with only one straightforward way to obtain them (such as Association Store or Reconstruction suits) can be included on suit pages under Trivia, but will not necessarily be added to any page in particular.

Image Rules

  • It is preferred for item images to be .png files. However, images downloaded from official avenues such as the official Facebook will typically end in .jpg.
  • Generally, the most high quality version of an image is preferred. The exception is suit promo images which should use the English version even when the Chinese version is higher quality.
  • Give images descriptive file names, especially for suit images, which should always have the file name be the name of the suit. If you need to change the name of a file, please contact a content moderator or admin.
  • No duplicate images. It wastes space. If you are replacing a jpg with a png version, please add the jpg image to the candidates for deletion category.
  • For more information about specific types of images, please see the following linked pages for details about item images, suit promo images, and event promo images.
  • Don't upload images from other fansites like Nikki's Info or Love Nikki World.


Minor breaking of format or rules is generally corrected in an edit, with the edit description explaining the format. Persistent breaking of format by a user will result in a message.

Spamming and vandalism will result in a message first (for users with accounts) and a ban if the behavior continues, depending on the severity.