There is a lot of lore in Love Nikki, with many characters, locations, and events. Since it's a lot of work to make these pages, I wanted to make a guide so that anyone interested in the lore could join in. If you read this and still have questions or want pointers on where to begin, please leave a message on my wall or contact me on the Wikia discord and I would love to help! You can also contact any admin for help too!

General Guidelines

  • If there are spoilers on the page from information that comes outside the server, PLEASE add the Spoiler template to it! People don't like getting spoiled, and it's very easy. Just type {{Spoilerbox}} at the very top of the page, before any infoboxes or other templates. It looks like this:
Wait static
This page contains spoilers!

If you aren't okay with reading about content from other servers that hasn't reached the English server yet, please proceed with caution.

  • Don't speculate, don't base a page off of fan theories or use your own theories when editing, and if including reasonably deduced but unconfirmed conclusions, explain that they are not confirmed. An example of this is, as of November 30 2018, the Fu Su page, where several possible conclusions are listed about the blood ritual performed in the Art of War page.
  • Use direct words or phrasing from the story where you're unsure, instead of trying to interpret what something means yourself.
  • Be cautious when including information from outside the server for this reason. Most of it is second, third, or fourth-hand, and details are likely to be lost or misinterpreted to the point where they are essentially fanon. Things can be translated differently when they reach the English server, and since this wiki is about that server, it's best to just keep it simple and just include what we have.
    • Since including stories or lore from outside the server necessitates the need for a Spoilerbox, this makes the content less accessible to members of the fandom who don't want to be spoiled.
    • Due to the confusing translations on the English server, it is sometimes necessary to reference information from other servers in order to clear up misconceptions. An example of this is the Time Diary description for the town Hayden, which names Jaxta Seanavel as the namesake. However, all other lore on the server points toward the namesake being someone called Hayden. Versions of the Time Diary from other servers confirm that the namesake is indeed Hayden.
  • Please cite where information comes from! (This is a new policy and some pages may not yet have citations.) For more information on citing, please see the citation guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Shining Nikki Guidelines

If you'd like to edit Shining Nikki character or lore pages, there are a few additional guidelines that need to be adhered to.

  • Due to the game not being out in English, it's really, really important to make sure misinformation isn't spread by the Wiki. Please refer to translations that you trust. Google Translate is a great tool, but it's best to stick to it for locations and names only rather than trying to use it to decipher the story.
    • Before using fan translations, PLEASE ask permission from the translator(s) first and explain what you'd like to do (aka use them to write wiki pages). Make sure to also ask how they would like to be cited (would they like their names to be included, or are they okay with just a link?) If they say no, do not use the translations under any circumstances.
    • athena#2202 and Tawaki#4145 have given the Wiki permission to use their translations using a link to the document.
  • You must cite a description of where in the game the information comes from when writing any pages, even if the description of where the information comes from is in the translation link.
  • As with Love Nikki, if you can't verify the information, don't include it. It's better to have a short page than an incorrect page.
  • Right now for any Shining Nikki pages, to prevent confusion, please use the Shining Nikki Spoilers template. Just type {{ShiningNikkiSpoilers}} at the very top of the page, before any infoboxes or other templates. It looks like this:
Momo Shining Nikki
This page contains content from Shining Nikki!

The information in this page is derived from the game that comes after Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen!, Shining Nikki. As such, it may contain spoilers to the story and/or information about features that don't appear in Love Nikki.

Character Pages

It's first important to note that not all characters have pages. Here are some general rules for whether or not a character will get a page.

  • They WILL get a page if: they have a sprite AND/OR they are plot significant.
  • They will be put on the Minor Characters page if: they are a character that is represented by a suit or only mentioned in a suit page.

For the characters with pages, every character requires different information. Here I'll explain some of the types of information you can use.


These require information like their voice actor or birthday that you may not know. Check the Facebook or official resources to find voice actors, and feel free to leave these slots blank if you can't find them. Characters in later chapters won't be voiced yet.

As for getting sprites, please come by our discord and we can point you in the right direction since there are several different ways of getting them. If you can't find one, please make sure to include the No image category and someone will get to it. Any other official images of the character can go in the Gallery at the bottom.

Intro text

Some say "X is a character in Love Nikki" and some saying "X is a stylist from Cloud", for example. You don't need to say they are a character, and as long as you get the point across so that someone reading knows who they are, it should be totally okay.

Appearance and Personality

Appearance is quite straightforward. I try to include their Time Diary description, if they have one, and then fill in the missing pieces.

Personality is... tricky. A lot of their personality can get lost in translation, but try to focus on what their actions say about them (if they are a major character) and the words the game uses to describe them (if they're not). It's pretty difficult not to extrapolate here, so just do your best.


The FUN part! Please take care when writing out the history. It is both very important, and, once you've written enough, very tedious. Again, please try to stick to the general tips above and don't editorialize.

Some characters have history written in chronological order. Some have it listed by chapter and event. The problem is, it's hard to place the events in a proper timeline, especially without dates to reference.

We should also incorporate the character's Dream Weaver route into their history, having a chronological timeline at the beginning of their history section (divided up into childhood, adulthood, etc) with the events that can't be placed occurring under separate subheadings at the end.


A difficult part to write, since we so rarely hear what these characters truly think of each other. Only include significant relationships, and try to at least write a couple of sentences for each one based on their dialogue and reactions to each other.

See: Category:Pages that need improvement for pages that do not have a history and/or relationships section written yet.


For characters that have a lot of quotes, feel free to use a <tabber>. For story quotes, pick quotes that represent them well and don't mean something different out of context. Also recommended is to use their Dreamweaver lines, their quotes from styling battles, and other miscellaneous quotes such as their diamond postcards and login gifts.


Use the Location infobox and choose, preferably, a character background image rather than a map unless the background image doesn't show enough of the location or unless it's reused in multiple places. Use the map in the gallery.


There isn't much information about the history of most locations themselves, so just write down everything that occurred in that place if there isn't anything else.


It's hard to write this without feeling like a broken record, but it's a good resource to have every sub-location in a town or city such as buildings, roads, businesses, neighborhoods, etc.


For basic information on how to format citations, visit this page.

Since information comes from many sources in the game, feel free to cite any of them. Please don't cite other lore pages. For example, don't cite Yvette's page while editing Nidhogg's page. Make sure you're citing a source from the actual game, like a stage or an item.

If you are citing information that comes from an entire suit, you don't have to cite the individual items, you can just cite the suit.

Formatting references

Formatting the names of references and keeping them consistent will make it easier to edit pages and cross-post information from one page to another. Using these formats is optional, but recommended.

  • Story stages: use just the number of the stage.
    • <ref name="1-1">[[1-1 Sport Girl Aron (1)]]</ref>
    • <ref name="15-SS4">[[15-Side Story 4 No. 7 Reagent]]</ref>
  • Dreamweaver stages: link to the specific level, using which number level it is (eg the 3rd level in Bunny in March)
    • <ref name="DW/Y/BM/3">[[Dreamland - Yvette/Bunny in March#Way to Work]]</ref>
  • Items
    • <ref name="OsmanthusBrew">[[Osmanthus Brew]]</ref>
  • Suits
    • <ref name="IcewindWarchant">[[Icewind Warchant]]</ref>
  • Time Diary: some of the time diary information is not actually contained on that page of the wiki, but still cite the time diary.
    • <ref name="TimeDiary">[[Time Diary]]</ref>
  • Links from outside the game, such as from the official Facebook account - if you need to cite these multiple times, you can just make up your own name for it
    • <ref>[ Fish and Bacon - What I experienced on Miraland]</ref>

For pages with a large number of citations, please use a {{Scrollbox}}.

Information where the source cannot be found should use this template after it: {{Citation}}. That is to say, if it's clearly blatantly incorrect, just remove it from the page, but if you know it to be true or it sounds like it could be true and you just can't find the source, use this template. Thanks!



Also see: Category:Event Maps

Story Suits

Also see: Category:Suits with Narratives


A safe bet is to always try What Links Here (at the bottom of the page, click on My Tools) if you are looking for information about a specific character or location. Chances are, you will see story stages where they are mentioned.

Minor characters such as Annabel, Aron, Kaja, Timi, Vivi, and Toto do not appear in the following guide.