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This page acts as a "loading dock" for the Love Nikki Wiki. It features pages of suits that are yet to be released on the International server as well as suits that have been released but their pages not completed.

The guidelines for making a new page and filling it out can be found here. Please review them before making a new suit page.

How to Use[]

  1. Add the name of a suit that has been announced but not released.
  2. Make a bare-bones page for it.
  3. Add: <br>*To-do Item, after the page name to let others know what needs to be done in order to complete the page.
  4. If there are no suits in the Loading Dock, please add the image "Good Job Placeholder.jpg" to keep the gallery "add image" button on the screen.
  5. Remove Good Job Placeholder.jpg if new suits are going to be added. Replace again when page(s) is complete.

To-Do Terms[]

  • Add Lore (Add the wardrobe item lore in the scrollbox)
  • Add Wardrobe (Add the wardrobe items of the suit)
  • Add Gallery (Add the close up images of a suit to a Gallery section, if the suit has any)
  • Add Promo (Add the English version of a suit's promotional image if another server's promo image is used; add the caption to the infobox)
  • Add NBS (Add the Etymology and Name by Server section; the NBS template for the other languages)
  • Add Categories (Add relevant categories to the page)
  • Add to Template (Add the suit's name to the Story Suit navigation template, not needed for collection suits)
  • Confirm Wardrobe Categories (Correct or confirm wardrobe items that have (?) after them on the suit's page.)

Helpful Tools[]

Some helpful tools for creating pages can be found here:

Suits Pending[]

Most recent suit pages[]