A guide to formatting suit and item pages, as well as general wiki formatting.

Some general guidelines for formatting pages and links.

Page Names[edit source]

  • For item names that share a name with the suit, the suit should always get the "primary" name with the item having a word in parentheses to distinguish it from the suit. For example, the suit called Story of Shanghai has a dress with the same name, so the dress's page is at Story of Shanghai (Dress).
  • Capitalize the word that comes after the item, for example, "(Dress)" rather than "(dress)"
  • On the page itself for the dress, use {{DISPLAYTITLE:Story of Shanghai}} (or whatever the name of the item is).
  • The suit should never have the "secondary" name, so you should never need to denote "(Suit)". The exception to this is Hidden Suits with unofficial names, which will get the addition "(Hidden Suit)" if they share a name with another item. Unofficial names are anything that someone makes up themselves, rather than it appearing in an official released promo image or social media post (official names). Hidden suits with official names will not have "(Hidden Suit)" in the title.
  • Events that share a name with a suit should have the page name "Name Event" with no parentheses.

The general order for which pages get page name priority is as follows:

  1. Nation/Gallery
  2. Suit
  3. Officially named hidden suit
  4. Character
  5. Other lore
  6. Wardrobe item
  7. Unofficially named hidden suit
  8. Furniture

Concepts on lower tiers should receive a disambiguation while ones on higher tiers will get the main space. All items on the same tier should receive a disambiguation to distinguish from each other. These rules are subject to change depending on the actual content of the pages (eg if one page on a lower tier is anticipated to be much more popular).

Gameplay mechanics and similar pages should receive high priority but be treated on a case by case basis.

  • When renaming/moving pages, please use the rename option under the blue edit button. Do not copy the source code of the page to a new page and then delete/create a redirect from the old one. Using the rename feature preserves the edit history of the page.

Links[edit source]

  • When formatting links, use internal links instead of external links. If you find yourself having to copy the entire url to link to a page on the wiki, you are probably making external links.
    • Format links like [[Page name|Text you want to appear (optional)]]
    • Feel free to link to redirects. Apple redirects to Apple Federal, so you don't have to write [[Apple Federal|Apple]], ever. If a redirect doesn't exist that you think should, feel free to create it.
  • If linking to wikipedia, community central, or another wiki, use interwiki links.
    • Format other wiki links as [[w:c:Name from URL (such as lovenikki):Name of page to link to|Text you want to appear]]
    • Format links to wikipedia as [[wikipedia:Name of page to link to|Text you want to appear]]
  • For ease of reading articles, don't put two links right next to each other like this. It makes the article hard to read. Try and see if you can rearrange the words so that the two links don't touch. On normal suit or item pages, two links will never have to touch.
  • How many times can you link to the same page?
    • On item and suit pages, you can link to items, suits, methods of obtainment, etc as many times as they appear on the page.
    • On lore pages, try and only link to the first time the person, event, etc or other lore-related link appears on the page with the exception of linking to characters again in headers at the beginning of their relationship summary.

Dialogue[edit source]

  • Dialogue should be written out with bullet points. (In source code, this is represented by an asterisk.)
  • The name of the character speaking (as written in the dialogue) should be bolded before the dialogue in the text bubble. If there is no character, you can simply leave it out.
  • Any styling theme (red text in-game) should be italicized.
  • Examples can be found on any of our event maps.

General[edit source]

  • For item names with "·" (dot) included, use a "-" (dash) instead. This is for ease of linking and navigating since most keyboards do not have "·" (dot). The exception to this rule is when referencing Achievements.
  • If there is a grave typo or the sorts from the game, add [sic] to denote the error. A reference using <ref> tags can also be added if an explanation is needed. For more information, see the wikipedia article on the origin and proper usage of [sic].

Languages[edit source]

  • Certain pages in the Wiki are also available in other languages. Those languages are Russian and Spanish. If you know of a page that has a version in one of these languages, feel free to add an interlanguage link to the very bottom of the page (so we can find it later).
  • If you know of or create a wiki in another language, please let an administrator or moderator know so that we can help link the wikis and pages together!
(More may be added later)

Code[edit source]

{{Suit Infobox
|name = Suit Name
|image = [[File:Suit Image.jpg|300px]] 
|caption = Caption from the image.
|type = (Gallery, Hidden or Story) Suit
|kingdom = Kingdom (if kingdom applies)
|gallery = Gallery (if kingdom doesn't apply)
|color = Colors
|recolor = Recolor
|how to obtain = [[Obtainment Method]]
|reward = {{Gift Box|reward items=[[Item Name]]<br />## {{Currency|D}}}}
}}'''Suit Name''' is a [[Nation]] suit that can be obtained via the [[Obtainment Method]].

'''Completion Prize:''' A Styling Gift Box containing [[Item Name]] and ## {{Currency|D}}.

{{Gallery Button|Kingdom}}

== Wardrobe ==
* '''Hair:''' [[Hair]]
* '''Coat:''' [[Coat]]
* '''Top:''' [[Top]]
* '''Bottom:''' [[Bottom]]
* '''Hosiery:''' [[Hosiery]]
* '''Shoes:''' [[Shoes]]
* '''Hair Ornament:''' [[Hair Ornament]]
* '''Makeup:''' [[Makeup]]

===Alternative Series (Pose)===
* '''Hair:''' [[Hair]]
* '''Dress:''' [[Dress]]
* '''Hair Ornament:''' [[Hair Ornament]]
* '''Makeup:''' [[Makeup]]

===Customized (Pink)===
* '''Hair:''' [[Hair-Pink]]
* '''Coat:''' [[Coat-Pink]]
* '''Top:''' [[Top-Pink]]
* '''Bottom:''' [[Bottom-Pink]]
* '''Hosiery:''' [[Hosiery-Pink]]
* '''Shoes:''' [[Shoes-Pink]]
* '''Hair Ornament:''' [[Hair Ornament-Pink]]
* '''Makeup:''' [[Makeup]]

== Lore ==
=== Item Descriptions ===
|''Description goes here.''
<br>– [[Item name]]<br>

''Next description goes here.''
<br>– [[Item name]]<br>

''Continue to add descriptions for each item of the suit.''
<br>– [[Item name]]<br>
<!-- Add additional tabs for recolors, etc (see bottom of format page for more info) -->
=== Interpretation ===
<!-- Or add an interpretation -->

|English = 
|French = 
|FR trans = 
|China = 
|CH romanized = 
|CH trans = 
|Taiwan = 
|TW romanized = 
|TW trans = 
|Japan = 
|JP romanized = 
|JP trans = 
|Korea = 
|KN romanized = 
|KN trans = 
|Indonesia = 
|IN trans = 
|Vietnam = 
|VN trans = 
|SEA = 
|Thailand = 

*(Server Acronym) '''Word''' (Native Script, ''Hepburn romanization'') explanation.

Image.jpg|Image description

{{Gallery Suits navigation}} OR {{Story Suits navigation}}

How to Use[edit source]

Page tutorial4.png

This code should be copied and pasted into the source editor of the page you'd like to make.

Explanations[edit source]

Infobox[edit source]

  • Suit Name: Use the current suit name as it appears in the game, even if the image shows a different suit name.
  • Promo images:
    • The file name of the promo image should be the name of the suit and nothing else. Please contact a moderator or admin if there is already a file with that name.
    • Only images released by the official accounts should be used here unless there is no other option.
      • The highest resolution of the image is preferred.
      • Some suit promo images are released on the official Love Nikki Discord (LND) in the #surveys channel, but they generally appear on other forms of social media afterwards. However, the Discord versions are higher quality since the images are not compressed, so these ones are preferred. The Discord images are deleted when the surveys are over, so make sure to download them as soon as they are uploaded.
      • If they never uploaded the image to Facebook or Twitter, you can download the image from Instagram (NOT screenshot) using a website like dinsta. However, this should be a last resort.
      • If there is no promo image at all, use one from another server; the Chinese server is preferred if you can find it. When downloading from Weibo, open the image in a new tab. The URL will look something like "https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/mw690/005TbzCSly1fbw26vqeknj31kw2k2tr8.jpg". Change "mw690" to "large" to obtain the highest quality version of the image.
      • If no promo image exists for the suit on any version of the game, screenshot the suit using A Girl's Room background and crop out the share/server time parts of the image.
    • Image width for promo images (images released by the official accounts) should always be 300.
    • If a suit comes with multiple promo images (close-ups, recolors, evolutions, etc) see the Gallery section at the bottom. Unposed versions of the suit can also go here.
  • If a suit is obtained via multiple methods, include all of them.
  • Completion prize:
    • If the suit has a Styling Gift Box, use the template {{Gift Box|<reward items>}} and use <br> tags between each item.

Main Text[edit source]

  • First say the name of the suit, then say it's a suit belonging to whatever nation (or a story suit) and then say how it could have been obtained.
  • If the suit is a recharge suit, please say how much it cost in either Diamond.png (for a cumulative recharge) or in USD (for a special pack). The reason for the discrepancy is because cumulative recharges, by nature, can cost different amounts of money to reach the milestone and their costs are not set in stone.
  • If the suit could have been obtained from an event, say the event name and link to the page; however, if it's a recharge suit that ran during the same time as an event, please list the dates it was available and don't mention the event. The reason for this is because events can be reoccurring, leading to ambiguity, as well as the fact that the recharge suit cannot be obtained FROM the event, which would make this misleading.
  • If a suit has returned in another way, add that as well.

Wardrobe[edit source]

Include listings of all of the canon versions of the suit, as it appears in the gallery (using the yellow + button).

Put items in the order that their buttons appear in the dress up screen. (for example: Hair, Dress, Coat, Shoes instead of Coat, Shoes, Dress, Hair)

Do not guess which type of item they are. If you own the suit, look ingame, if not, you can use Nikki's Info. If it's before you can get the suit, you can write ??? for which type of item it is. Scarves can look like necklaces, gloves can look like bracelets, foregrounds can look like head ornaments, and etc.

Lore[edit source]

MOST new suits (especially event and recharge suits) will have every item piece in the main tab. The following rules apply to special cases, especially suits with evolutions and recolors, as well as suits with narratives.

  • If a suit has a story as it appears in-game, make the story the very first tab.
  • Create a new tab for every recolor, UNLESS the recolors and the main suit have the exact same descriptions.
  • If some of the parts repeat between versions of recolors, or if some descriptions repeat, you can include them on each tab or leave them out, whichever helps the story flow better.
  • Create a new tab for every evolution, UNLESS the evolutions share the same descriptions.
  • Posed parts can stay on the main tab.
  • Interpretation:

Name by Server[edit source]

This section uses the template {{NBS}}. This spreadsheet lists the names across different servers for both released and unreleased Love Nikki suits. If you aren't sure of the other servers' names, feel free to leave it blank and only fill out the English name. For any suits where you know the name and not the translation, please add the "{{TN}}" template in the field.

Below that can go any etymology or interesting facts about the name of the suit on any server.

Those who are interested in helping with the spreadsheet, or those with any questions or corrections, should message DuchessDream on her wall.

Gallery[edit source]

Optional, only needed if a suit comes with multiple promo pics. If the official Facebook did not release close up, background, or unposed promo pictures, you can use ones from other versions of the game if they exist.

Categories[edit source]

Each item can get the following categories:

Page Generator[edit source]

You can use the Clothing page generator created by Lwgph in order to generate item pages. A detailed explanation of how to use the script can be found here.

Page tutorial4.png

Once you run the script, copy the code it gives you and return to the page you'd like to make. Find the source editor (pictured above) and paste the code there, then save the page.

New Page Prompt[edit source]

You can also make a new item page by choosing the "Standard Layout" option at the new layout selection. Note: this option only appears when you are currently on a special page.

Format[edit source]

  1. Infobox
  2. Introductory lines
  3. Physical description
  4. Optional segments:
    Skill Bonus
  5. Suit information
    Gallery Suit if suit can be found in gallery
    Story Suit if it can be found in story suits.
    Hidden Suit if it is a hidden suit.
  6. Attributes
  7. Categories

Image Guidelines[edit source]

Please do not use images from Nikki's Info, Love Nikki World, or anything else with a watermark. Do not upload transparent images or images ripped directly from the game. It is preferred for filenames to be the name of the item and to be .png files.

The item's image should be taken from the Wardrobe section of the game.

  • In order to get the best quality images, you can screenshot the item using Nox's native screenshot function using the highest quality startup settings (1080x1920). This is not necessary for smaller items; however, poses and "big" items will display better and have a better resolution.
  • If arrows get in the way of the image, try searching for the item's full name. This may be unavoidable for some items with full names that are part of another item's name (such as "Maple"). You can copy and paste a dot (·) to assist with this.
  • Please do not erase the background or part of the background. If you wish to remove the gradient pattern, just fill it in with more pink (#fef2f4 or 254,242,244).

Explanations[edit source]

Infobox[edit source]

Use the template {{Clothing}}, and see above for image guidelines.

Introductory lines[edit source]

Explain how to obtain the item. Don't write what "type" of item it is, and don't give any information about the suit it's in, unless it can be obtained from a suit's Styling Gift Box.

  • If it can be obtained through Customization, only include the name of the primary item it can be customized through.
  • If it can be obtained from a store, include the cost.

Physical Description[edit source]

Describe the item. You can use, but are not limited to, the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Length
  • Neat/Messy
  • Style of Clothing (especially if culturally relevant - for example, please do not use "kimono" to describe clothes tagged Chinese Classical)

If you are looking for a guide to describing clothing, please visit the clothing resource references guide, a fanmade guide for documenting the types of clothing that may appear in Love Nikki.

Generally, recolors should use similar wording and detail as the original colors; this also applies to evolutions of the same item. Please do not write out every detail of the item of clothing to create a wall of text that's longer than a normal paragraph - if you aren't sure, just use a few sentences to get the point across.

Optional Segments[edit source]

Skill Bonus[edit source]

Only relevant for Spirits. Each Spirit has either one or two skill bonuses, depending on where the player has progressed in the relevant Dream Weaver path. Once a Spirit is upgraded/evolved, the less evolved version does not continue to pick up Skill Bonuses.

Example: Millenary Dream

== Skill Bonus ==
* '''Level 1:''' {{A|G}} attribute rating increases by 200 points
* '''Level 2:''' {{A|G}} attribute rating increases by 500 points

Customization[edit source]

Link to all customizations and the type of dye, as well as materials needed.

Example: Autumn-Purple

== Customization ==
* [[Autumn-Brown]]: 2 {{Items|SO}}, 10 {{Items|M}}
* [[Autumn-Gold]]: 2 {{Items|DP}}, 10 {{Items|M}}

Evolution[edit source]

There are also two situations in which this applies, Evolved from and Evolved into.

Example 1: Red Cloak-Rare (Normal Evolution)

===Evolved from===
*6 [[Red Cloak]], 4000 {{Currency|G}}

===Evolves into===
*[[Red Cloak-Epic]] - 4 needed, 7000 {{Currency|G}}

Example 2: Millenary Dream (Spirit Evolution)

== Evolution ==
=== Evolved from: ===
*[[Soul of Sword]] - Need 1 {{Currency|SoL}}, 1 {{Currency|SkS}}, 1 {{Currency|SoN}}, 1 {{Currency|SoD}}

=== Evolved into: ===
*[[Dual Swords]] - Need 2 {{Currency|SoL}}, 1 {{Currency|SkS}}, 1 {{Currency|SoN}}, 1 {{Currency|SoD}}
*[[Dim Cloud]]

Reconstruction[edit source]

Example: Crane n Pearl

== Reconstruction ==
=== Reconstructed from: ===
* 305 {{Items|M}}
* 30 {{Items|HR}}
* 15 {{Items|RE}}
* 10 {{Items|EN}}
* 4000 {{Currency|G}}

Crafting[edit source]

There are two situations in which this applies: if an item is an Ingredient (used to craft) or if it is obtained through Crafting (crafted from).

If it is crafted from something, make sure to include where the recipe is from.

Many editors of the wiki have a low-level alt that hasn't bought recipes or completed many stages. If you don't have one, you can check three places to see where a recipe is from:

Some recipes are also given out in the mail, but we don't have a page for that. If you can't find the item in any of those pages, use the tag Category:Recipe Obtainment Unknown and write ???.

Example: Ancient Tomb

=== Crafted from: ===
*8 [[Silk Pajamas-White]] 
*4 [[Warm Dance]]  
*3 [[Galaxy Melody-White]] 
*3 [[Apricot Court]] 

=== Recipe: ===
The recipe can be obtained from the [[Extra Stage Bonus]], after completing stage {{Stages|7-1}}(Maiden).

=== Used to craft: ===
* [[Dragon Maiden (Hair)|Dragon Maiden]] - 3 needed
* [[China Flower Headband]] - 2 needed

Suit Information[edit source]

Example 1: Flower Makeup-Pistil
Example 2: Thoughts at Silent Night
Example 3: Flower Makeup-Yan
Example 4: Passionate Brazil - Top

First, say that the item is in a suit.

1: Gallery Suit

==[[Gallery Suits|Gallery Suit]]==
'''Flower Makeup-Pistil''' is part of the [[Cloud]] suit [[Stunning Beauty]].

2: Story Suit

== [[Story Suit]] ==
'''Thoughts at Silent Night''' is part of the story suit [[Old dream in Fleeting light]].

3: Alternative Version

==[[Gallery Suits|Gallery Suit]]==
'''Flower Makeup-Pistil''' is part of an alternative version of the [[Cloud]] suit [[Stunning Beauty]].

4: Hidden Suit

== [[Hidden Suits|Hidden Suit]] ==
'''Passionate Brazil - Top''' is part of the hidden suit [[Passionate Brazil]].

Next, name the other parts of the suit, excluding the item the page is about (it's assumed it's part of the suit).


The other parts of this suit are [[Azure Jewel]], [[Stunning Beauty (Dress)|Stunning Beauty]], [[Luster Brocade]], [[Embroidered Shoes]], [[Graceful Sprig]], [[Spring Bud]], [[Butterfly Dance]] and [[Fallen Bud Jewel]].

If there is one other version, also include that:

1: Not Part of Alternative Version

There is an alternative version of the suit. It contains [[Azure Jewel-Black]], [[Stunning Beauty-Ink]], [[Luster Brocade-Purple]], [[Embroidered Shoes-Blue]], [[Graceful Sprig-Purple]], [[Spring Bud-Purple]], [[Butterfly Dance]], [[Fallen Bud Jewel-Cyan]] and [[Flower Makeup-Yan]].

2: Also Part of Alternate Version

There is an alternative version of the suit. It contains [[Summer Dream]], [[Firefly in Books]], [[Green Mist]], [[Light of Firefly (Earrings)|Light of Firefly]], [[Cold Stone Pillow]] and [[Thoughts at Silent Night]].

3: Not Part of Original Version

The original version of the suit contains [[Azure Jewel]], [[Stunning Beauty (Dress)|Stunning Beauty]], [[Luster Brocade]], [[Embroidered Shoes]], [[Graceful Sprig]], [[Spring Bud]], [[Butterfly Dance]], [[Fallen Bud Jewel]] and [[Flower Makeup-Pistil]].

If there are multiple alternative versions, it's not necessary to list every single version.

Attributes[edit source]

The attributes are always in the same order:

  1. Gorgeous/Simple
  2. Elegant/Lively
  3. Mature/Cute
  4. Sexy/Pure
  5. Cool/Warm

You can write the attributes in full or just use the first letter:


Categories[edit source]

Each item can get the following categories:

  • Wardrobe Item (every item gets this category)
  • Type of item (eg Hair)
    • If it is an accessory, tag using Accessories as well as the subcategory(ies).
      • For example, if it is a Handheld (Right), you tag Accessories, Handheld and Handheld (right).
      • If for example it is a Brooch, you tag Accessories, Special and Brooch.
    • Scarfs do not get the Necklace tag, and Leglets do not get the Hosiery tag.
  • The name of the Suit/Hidden Suit (if applicable)
    • Use for any items that belong to the suit, even if they are part of an alternative version (but not unevolved versions)
  • Method of Obtainment
    • If multiple, tag all
    • If event, use Event as well as the tag for the specific event
    • If you can't figure it out after searching, use the tag Pages that need improvement
  • Attributes (eg Cool, Cute, etc)
    • Only use the two shown as a preview in-game/the ones in the infobox, NOT all five
    • Don't use the nation tags; they are for furniture.
  • Tags (eg European, Fairy, etc; if applicable)
  • Rarity
    • If gold hearts, make sure to include the Animated category
  • Additional item properties
  • Color (if applicable; see linked page for rules on tagging by color)
  • Additional tags
    • Posed Item if the item changes Nikki's pose. (Limbs only, does not apply to "posed hair")
    • No image if there is no image.

The details of the page will vary based on the type of event. Generally, it is best to copy the format from a recent event of the same type. Types of events can be viewed at Event Types, and links lead to categories of events of that type. However, here is the basic structure for "normal" events:

Code[edit source]

{{Tabber|tab2 = Map}}
{{Event Infobox
|name = Event Name
|image = [[File:Event Poster.png|300px]]
|type = Event Type(s)
|dates = January 1<sup>st</sup> {{em}} December 31<sup>st</sup>, 2019
|seasons = # of Seasons
|currency = Event Currency {{Currency|}}
|# of suits = # of suits
|come back = Reoccurring, no comeback, or N/A
|suits return = Crafting, store, or N/A
{{Quotation|In-game narrative event description (usually related to the lore or story behind the event).}}

'''Event Name''' is a primary event type event that ran from January 1st to December 31st, 2019. Any other general information can be listed here, such as whether it was a collaboration or if the suits will not return.

== How to Play ==
Description of event mechanics. (This should be copied from an event with similar mechanics.) Make sure to include how to play, the name of the event currency, information about free tries and costs to reset, and say which suits you can earn.

If the event includes styling, include a list of the theme(s) here, with the description of the themes and the attributes.

==Collection Rewards==
If the event is tiered, include a list of what you can get from the event and what tier it's at.

If the event is choice, include the suits with how much currency each piece costs.

<gallery source="template?" hideaddbutton=true>
Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen Event Name

How to Use[edit source]

Page tutorial4.png

This code should be copied and pasted into the source editor of the page you'd like to make.

Explanations[edit source]

Images[edit source]

  • The event poster should be obtained from in-game, when it appears at the beginning of the game on the start-up screen. Screenshots can be found in the #wiki-pic-dump channel of the Discord server. Remember that this disappears after the event ends and is usually not found on any social media.
  • The currency should be screenshotted at the highest resolution available and put in the template {{Currency}}. Screenshots are generally found in the same channel.
    • In stamina events, you can get the high quality version by playing through a stage manually, and screenshotting when you are awarded it at the end.
    • In most other events, you have to participate in the event to get the full screenshot.
  • The video should be obtained from the official Youtube channel and uploaded at Special:Videos. Some events don't have a video.

Misc[edit source]

  • The template {{Tabber}} should be used any time an event has a map or story section.
  • The primary event type that appears in the first line refers to the FORMAT/GAMEPLAY of the event (the first set of categories on the page Event Types). It does not refer to Choice, Tiered, or any other modifiers like Welfare.
  • For Choice events, you can just use the wardrobe list from the suit page most of the time and add the currency next to it.
  • Event Maps go on another page, and should be linked to in the description of event mechanics. Similarly, if there is a lot of event text, it should also get its own page, such as in the Star Lily Case Files event, which has the Star Lily Case Files/Dialogue page at the top.
  • Events with many suits should also get their own gallery with pictures of each suit, especially if the event poster does not contain all the suits. An example is Brave New World/Cloud Realm.

Categories[edit source]

All events should get the following categories:

  • Category:Events - NOT "Event", which means you obtain an item from an event. Rather, this category is a "list of events" hence the plural.
  • Category:2017 Events, Category:2018 Events, Category:2019 Events, Category:2020 Events, OR Category:Reoccurring Events
    • This is based on the start date of the event.
    • This can change if an event becomes reoccurring. Make sure to remove the old category and add the reoccurring one. Make sure to also do this for the category page of the event.
  • Event Types
    • Read this page carefully before assigning categories. There are three general sets of categories.
    • One is for the format/gameplay of the event and refers to how you get currency. Each event will have only one of these. If a new type has sprung up, please make a new entry for it.
    • One is for how the clothing is obtained. This set consists of "choice" and "tiered". An event can have either choice or tiered, both (such as events where one suit is choice and one is tiered), or neither (such as pavilion events which are random).
    • One is for any additional modifiers that may apply to the event.
  • The name of the event itself. Suits and items will also get this category.
    • This category should itself get the category of the year and the event types, but not the category "Events".

See also: Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki:Lore Pages Guide for rules and guidelines on lore content. This page is only for formatting.
Character pages will not have all of these, but this is the general order they should follow:
|name = 
|image = 
|aliases = 
|alt translations = 
|race = 
|gender = 
|date of birth = 
|zodiac = 
|blood = 
|height = 
|eye = 
|hair = 
|occupation = 
|affiliation = 
|enemies = 
|address = 
|relatives = 
|pets = 
|game = 
|manga = 
|4 seasons = 
|dw = 
|hevent = 
|ic = 
|other = 
|n3va = 
'''Name''' is a character in ''Love Nikki''. Introductory statement.

== Profile ==
=== Appearance ===
Note: This may not be applicable if the character has no official art.

=== Personality ===
Personality here.

=== Designs ===
Note: Not applicable if nothing was said to have been designed by this character. 

<gallery source="template?" spacing="small" widths="120px" captionalign="center" bordercolor="white">
Files go here

== History ==
Divide this into years, stages of life, etc.

== Relationships ==
Divide this by character.

== Quotes ==
Use a tabber to divide this by source of quote (story, timeline, dreamweaver, styling battle, etc). Story should come first.

== Name by Server ==
|English = 
|French = 
|China = 
|Taiwan = 
|Japan = 
|Korea = 
|Indonesia = 
|Vietnam = 
|SEA = 
|Thailand = 

== Gallery ==
File names here

== Trivia ==
Bullet points.

== References ==
{{Scrollbox|<references />}}

== Navigation ==
{{Character navigation}}
And the following categories:
- Love Nikki/Shining Nikki/Hello Nikki characters
- Male or Female
- Their nation(s), if applicable
- Designer or Stylist, if applicable
- Their species if non-human (includes Animals)
- Antagonists if they are an antagonist

How to Use[edit source]

Page tutorial4.png
This code should be copied and pasted into the source editor of the page you'd like to make.

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