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This page documents files that should be renamed to improve functionality of the Wiki. Files can be renamed using the FileUsageAuto-update script installed on the wiki. Please do not leave redirects.

To rename many files at once, you may want to try the "Add to Queue" option, especially if they all share common pages where they are edited. After adding many files to the queue when you rename them, you can execute the queue.

The queue may encounter issues; however, most of the time it does do everything correctly even if it says it doesn't. Any actual missed files can later be detected using Category:Pages with broken file links.

You don't need to update this page after you rename some, just purge it using the dropdown.

Screen Shot images[]

These are Screenshot images that need to be renamed to their respective item names.

Most, if not all, of these images are already used in their item page so you can easily copy/paste the item name from the File Usage section.

P Bullet.png Note: The image file must be in use before you can rename it to its new item name.

Renaming these images can be done by going to their drop-down menu and selecting Move, then replace the entire Screenshot file name with the item name (retain the file format:.png / .jpg / .gif) and then select Rename and Update.

None found.


This list shows wardrobe items' icons with a non-standard file name (certain capitalization doesn't work with {{Icon}}, and files named this way may be problematic in some other way). Please move them to File:Item Name icon.png (lowercase icon, lowercase .png).

It's suggested to check if the name listed is still the current name so that you move it to the correct name. Make the capitalization exactly match the name of the item. Also, if the wiki page is called "Name (Dress)" or something of the sort, please include the parentheses in the file name, like File:Item Name (Dress) icon.png

You probably want to use the rename and update option when mass-renaming these, as they tend to share a lot of similar pages.


None found.


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(Lower priority) None found.

Number File Names[]

These file names are just numbers and most of them should have a more descriptive file name.

Ignore and do not rename the following file names (they are named correctly):
• File:393939.png
• File:393939 icon.png

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