Long Street is a street at the base of Mount Mango in Cloud Empire.


Nikki and her friends pass through Long Street on their way to Moonlit City in the year 680. While they are there, they go to the Moon Inn to get a bite to eat, and run into Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi, who are hiding from Bai Jinjin's family. However, her father's men come for her while they are at the inn, and Nikki switches places with her while they get away. This results in Nikki almost being kidnapped, but the owner of the inn, Lu Yinian, appears just in time to fight them off.


There are many locations along Long Street, including a branch of Cloud Mill that has the spices Lunar needs to make Cloud Calico.

Moon Inn

The Moon Inn at the end of Long Street is run by Lu Yinian. The inn serves delicious home-cooked food.


In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the story. All of the following items mention Long Street.

Name Item Description
Gorgeous Moon-Green Hair No.1489 With light steps, the little girl ran past all the passers-by along the long street.
Burning Red Glaze Dress No.1273 Long Street is splendid in red clouds, sunset and neon lights. The situation behind all these is unsettling.
Burning Red Glaze-Wild Dress No.1274 Long Street is shadowed in the night and wind. Unknown conspiracy lies in the unsettling air of Long Street.
Cold Wind at Beautiful Night Coat No.635 Cloud Capital is most bustling before the new year. It seems like all the people are on the Long Street.
Crystal Branch Shoes No.1224 At the moonlight celebration, the Long Street is full of secret fragrance and lanterns.
Love Messager Accessory No.1533 The two wander through the Lantern Show on the Long Street and put the lantern light into the river
Blessed Aeolian Bell-Smoke Accessory No.3549 She understood. Looking back, the Long Street was like another world. Two Shadows fell on the ground.


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