Little Plate
Little Plate
Why does it have an irrelevant name like this? You should ask the pizza shop clerks!
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hosiery
Attributes: LivelyPure
Rarity: H3
Color(s): White/Pink
Wardrobe #: 137
Obtained by: Mailbox
Little Plate can be obtained from a welcome gift in the mailbox at the beginning of the game.

Appearance Edit

A pair of white socks with a light dot print and a ruffled cuff bound by a thin orange ribbon.

Gallery Suit Edit

Little Plate is part of the Apple suit Fast Food Waitress.

The other parts of this suit are Fresh Pomelo, Waitress-Shirt, Waitress-Skirt, Pastoral Pizza, Take-out Waitress and Little Apron.

Attributes Edit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Warm

Help Edit

If you do not have this item, contact the game support with a screenshot where they can see you do not have it and they will give it to you.

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