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Lionel is a character in Love Nikki. He was the previous commander of the Nameless Chivalric Order and the former spear teacher of Louie.[1]


Year 659[]

Under Lionel's tutelage, Louie began his training to become a soldier during this year, when he was only six years old. Due to how young he was, Lionel didn't explain exactly what he would be fighting for, only telling him, "You'll know when you grow up."[2]

Year 667[]

During this year, Lionel disappeared during a campaign. Though it was assumed that he died, he went on to join the Nameless Knights and gave up his name and his past.[1][3]

Year 677[]

During this year, Morrison sent Louie, now a mercenary instead of a knight, on a mission to steal an "experimental dossier", which actually referred to the key to the Blood Curse that the Nameless Knights were dedicated to guarding. In the Snow Corridor of North Kingdom, Lionel was approached by Louie, who was stunned to see him alive. Lionel was equally surprised to see that Louie was the mercenary who was coming to steal from the Nameless Knights.[1]

After Lionel explained that he had become a Nameless Knight, he urged Louie to turn back and not to take anything. However, while they were talking, a robot, sent by Morrison, stole the key. The Nameless Knights jumped into action to retrieve it. Though Lionel told Louie that the other knights would be wary of him, Louie decided to help out as well, feeling responsible.[3]

They broke into Morrison's lab, and ended up confronting the man directly. Louie took the key back from him, and Lionel began to tell Louie about the key's true meaning before he was cut off.[4]

Nidhogg and Shade, who were in league with Morrison, appeared then, and a skirmish broke out between them at the Nameless Knights. Lionel was in the middle of aiming a spear for Morrison when Shade shot him from the shadows. The bullet did not pierce Lionel's head, but it ruptured a blood vessel in his neck. Lionel managed to stab Morrison, but he was mortally wounded.[5]

After Nidhogg, Shade, and Morrison retreated, Lionel thanked Louie even as he bled out onto the snow. He told Louie the full truth behind the key, that it was the clue to break the Blood Curse, and that it was what the Nameless Knights guarded. He offered Louie a spot among the Knights, and Louie accepted. Lionel swore Louie into the Knights before closing his eyes for the last time.[6]

Louie and the other Nameless Knights buried Lionel in the Snow Corridor.[7]



Lionel was Louie's spear teacher. Of his students, Lionel was most proud of Louie: he felt Louie was very smart like his father, and was quite disappointed to find out that he had become a mere mercenary. When the circumstances arose for Louie to become a Nameless Knight, Lionel was proud to swear him in.

Former Commander of the Knight of Kingdom[]

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  • "You don't have to call me that, Louie. I've abandoned my past, including the name 'Lionel', so I'm your master no more. See these white robes? Everyone here has abandoned their name and buried their past in the snow. We abandoned everything to protect what we have to protect, including ourselves..."
    — Lionel explaining his choice to join the Nameless Knights[3]
  • "No, it's too late...I know it. There's no going back for eyes, they're full of snow...all I can see is white..."
    — Lionel after he had been shot[6]

Name by Server[]

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Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 莱诺 (lái nuò) Leno
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