Linsol is a city in Pigeon Kingdom. It is most famous for its champagne, including a particularly famous one called the Flower of Eberne (also translated as Blossom of Abney).[1] It has naturally chalky soil, regular rainfall, and adequate sunlight.[2]

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Linsol Manor Edit

The Linsol Manor is located at the foot of a manor. It was said to be the one area, guarded by elves, where the Flower of Eberne could be made. The manor was previously owned by a winemaker who devoted his life to creating the Flower of Eberne. He was completely oblivious to the outside world and only cared about making wine, and he made the elf Eberne enter a contract with him. However, the contract sealed Eberne into the manor for a hundred years, unable to be seen or heard by anyone. He was found at the end of his contract by Orlando, who was there on vacation, and due to his encouragement he was able to leave the manor.[2][3]

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Pigeon Kingdom

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  • The hidden Monthly Sign-In suit Night Flower describes a party that could possibly take place in Linsol due to the fact that the guests are drinking the wine Flower of Eberne.

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Linsol
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 灵索 (Líng suǒ)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 靈索 (Líng suǒ)
Japanese Flag Japan リンスル (Rinsuru)
Korean Flag South Korea 플라워 장원 (Peullawo jang-won)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Lingso

References Edit

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