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Lies on the eastern coast of Miraland, Lilith Kingdom may be the smallest country in mainland. The climate is warm and humid throughout the year, very suitable for living.

This tiny country was established by a group of peace-loving top designers and developed a unique style full of dream, romance and fairy tale. Going through Lilith's cities is like visiting a lovely and romantic fairy tale world. People living in a fairy tale kingdom must be pure and cute - they really are.

Absolutely "the dreaming fantasy paradise that can cure anything"!

Lilith Kingdom is one of the 7 Nations. It lies on the eastern coast of Miraland and is ruled by Queen Nanari. It is represented by the color pink and is known for its lolita and fantasy design. Nikki and Bobo reside there.

According to the Time Diary, Lilith Kingdom was founded by a group of peace-loving top designers, and from there, they developed a unique dreamy, romantic, cute, and fairytale style. The nation is like a fairyland, namely 'a dreamy homeland that heals everything'.


Lilith Kingdom is represented by a squirrel sitting before a large gate decorated with playing card symbols. A long ribbon sits beneath the squirrel with an acorn in the middle.

Notable LocationsEdit

Cicia Edit

Lilith’s 1st city. Possesses the continent’s best theatre and Cicia’s Design School.

Royal City Edit

Lilith’s capital is named so for its royal family. It’s the place where Fantasy Styling Contest is held.

Wintermount Edit

Famous seaside destination for travelers. The Designers' Tea Party is held yearly in Wintermount.

Hayden Edit

Named after the famous fairy tale writer Jaxta Seanavel. Earned a reputation as the 'Fairy Tale City'.

Hela Vi Edit

Love's Holy Land Hrawi, the number one destination for lovers and honeymooners.


Lilith Kingdom
Lilith Kingdom

Style Edit

Lollipop Girl Dress Edit

Here comes the popular Star-let [sic] from Lilith Kingdom! Although careless at times, Starlet is absolutely focused on the style! This lollipop kindergarten girl dress perfectly shows Starlet's cuteness! The frame of the dress, low-key and lovely colors, together with the bear bag are all trendy Lilith design elements in Cicia! 

A lot of young ladies must be eater to ask: what should I do to become as cute as you?

Prince's casual wear Edit

Although dressed in casual wear, the charm of Prince Royce still cannot be hidden. Brimming with charisma in every moment, is this a requisite quality of a prince? However, carefully looking at his outfit, it subtlety [sic] shows luxury and superiority. The match of the gigantic blue gem in the chest and the blue earrings marks his extraordinary taste and identity. Upon close examination and appreciation of prince's charm, it becomes clear why Neva has been looking for him.

Lilith civil servant Edit

As a civil servant of Lilith Kingdom, modern business attire is Yvette's daily dress. Even though it's just a uniform, cute elements are essential. The coat has lace ornaments with shiny silver buttons. Its checkered black skirt is adorned with a bow. Exquisite fabrics and elegant tailoring add some maturity to sweet Lilith girls.

Now that Yvette wears her modern business attire, she is no longer a little crying girl.

Sweet Cake Edit

Why are girls in Lilith so inconceivably cute? Because they spent their childhood in the fairy-tale kingdom, right? Bobo's favorite one-piece dress is the one her mother gave her on her birthday. The orange and green perfectly complimented Bobo's flaxen hair. The decorative bow made her girdle look especially cute. The layers of lotus petals and cake tails were also essential!

And also, don't forget the most important thing - the cutest and heartwarming smile!

Iceberg servant Edit

The solemn and serious Neva dressed in a maid outfit...Mmm, there's a surprising mixed sense of conflict and appropriateness. The flounce of the dress and long socks with bows are the essence of a maid's outfit. The dark blue adornment adds a hint of energy to the black-and-white.

Dear Miss Neva, may I please have a glass of strawberry milk?

Trivia Edit

  • Lilith has a group called the Lilith Apparel Group.[2]
  • Lilith holds a dessert contest every year.[3]
  • There is an inn in Lilith called Fairytale Inn.[4]


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Lilith Kingdom