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Lies on the eastern coast of Miraland, Lilith Kingdom may be the smallest country in mainland. The climate is warm and humid throughout the year, very suitable for living.

This tiny country was established by a group of peace-loving top designers and developed a unique style full of dream, romance and fairy tale. Going through Lilith's cities is like visiting a lovely and romantic fairy tale world. People living in a fairy tale kingdom must be pure and cute - they really are.

Absolutely "the dreaming fantasy paradise that can cure anything"!

Lilith Kingdom is one of the 7 Nations. It lies on the eastern coast of Miraland. It used to be ruled by Queen Nanari and is now taken over by her younger brother, King Royce, after her disappearance. It is represented by the color pink and is known for its lolita and fantasy design. Squirrel is its national treasure.

According to the Time Diary, Lilith Kingdom was founded by a group of peace-loving top designers, and from there, they developed a unique dreamy, romantic, cute, and fairytale style. The nation is like a fairyland, namely 'a dreamy homeland that heals everything'.

Lilith Kingdom is represented by an emblem of a squirrel sitting before a large gate decorated with playing card symbols. A long ribbon sits beneath the squirrel with an acorn in the middle.


Star Era[]

50 years before the Star Era began, the holy city of Ninir was founded.[2] At some point afterwards, it is assumed that the city failed or people left.

In the year 800 of the Star Era, peace-loving designers from Cloud and Pigeon who were tired of war came together in the ruins of Ninir to rebuild and create a nation there. Many pacifists came to Ninir, and it became known as a neutral nation for artists.[2][3]

New Era[]

In year 0 of the New Era, Ninir changed its name to Lilith. Though the reasoning for this was apparently lost to Miraland's historians,[2] it is suggested by the narrative that it was renamed to Lilith Kingdom to honor the queen at the time, Lilith.

Year 680[]

Lilith Kingdom was ruled by its queen Nanari; however, she abdicated due to sickness.[4] She appointed Nidhogg as Prime Minister of Lilith to handle political affairs.[5] However, during the Fantasy Styling Contest of the year 680, Nidhogg rebelled against the kingdom and Nanari went missing,[6] resulting in her brother, Prince Royce, assuming the throne.[7]


Lilith Kingdom.JPG
Lilith Kingdom.png

Notable Locations[]

Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude.jpg
Royal City
Lilith's capital, and home to its royal family. It's the place where the Fantasy Styling Contest is held.
Chapter 2 Fairy Tale World Lilith.jpg
Lilith's first city. It's home to the continent's best theatre and Cicia Design School.
Chapter 4 The Tea Party.jpg
A famous seaside destination for travelers. The Designer's Tea Party is held yearly here.
White Moon Tower.jpg
Named after the famous fairytale writer Hayden. It earned a reputation as the "Fairy Tale City".
Hela Vi
The number one destination for lovers and honeymoons. It's considered the holy land of love.
Bobo TimePalace.jpg
A lovely town famous for its flowers and perfumes. The hometown of Bobo.
For a list of all locations, please see Lilith Locations.


Bobo Bustup.png
The best friend of Nikki and her guide around Miraland.
Yvette Bustup.png
The former secretary of Prime Minister Nidhogg, who is aiming to bring him to justice.
Royce Bustup.png
The current King of Lilith, who ascended the throne after his older sister went missing.
Queen Nanari Bustup.png
Queen Nanari
The former Queen, who went missing after Nidhogg's rebellion.
Neva Bustup.png
Royce's assistant and bodyguard, who dedicated her life to Queen Nanari.
Starlet Bustup.png
A wedding dress designer and fortuneteller who has a tendency to get lost.
Lisa Bustup.png
A mysterious agent of the Lilith Government who worked for Nidhogg.
Star Seer (Character) Bustup.png
Star Seer
An astrologist who mentors Starlet. She has an interest in Nikki's connection to Hostess L.
Unknown Person.png
The famous writer of Evernight's Dream, as well as a number of other fairytales.
For a list of all characters, please see Lilith Characters.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Lilith Kingdom N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Royaume de Lilith Kingdom of Lilith
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 莉莉斯王国 (Lìlì sī Wángguó) Lilith Kingdom
Japanese Flag.png Japan リリス王国 (Ririsu ōkoku) Lilith Kingdom
Korean Flag.png South Korea 릴리스 왕국 (Lilliseu Wang-gug) Lilith Kingdom
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Kerajaan Lilith Lilith Kingdom
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Vương quốc Lilith Kingdom of Lilith
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Lilith Kingdom N/A
  • Lilith is a female demon from Jewish mythology.


Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Ninir Kingdom N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 妮妮尔王国 (Nīnīěr Wángguó) Ninier Kingdom
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
妮妮爾王國 (Nīnīěr Wángguó) Ninier Kingdom
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A


  • The royalty of Lilith has access to a casket containing the guardian spirit of Lilith.[8]
  • Lilith has a group called the Lilith Apparel Group.[9]
  • Lilith holds a dessert contest every year.[10]

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