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Lilith Character Transparent


Aliases Huihuicao
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 1st[1][2]
18 years old[2]
Height 165 cm[1][3]
Hair Color Grey
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Lilith (莉莉斯), also known as Huihuicao (灰灰草), is a character that appears in Shining Nikki. She is the queen of Ninier in the year 0.[4][5]



Lilith has long dark grey hair, pale skin, and is described as the most beautiful girl in the nation of Ninier.[4][5]



Due to Lilith living under two names and identities, she will be referred to by the name she went by at the time of the events occurring.

Huihuicao was adopted when she was young and was raised by her adoptive parents and with her adoptive sister Peipeiwu. She was considered unattractive, though the world valued beauty.[6] She had a music teacher, who was the only one who valued her despite her appearance.[7][8] Growing up, she yearned to participate in the the Xingyu Swan Tournament.[8][5]

Two years before Nikki arrived in Xingyu Town, her sister Peipeiwu competed in the Xingyu Swan Tournament that occurred every two years, wearing the suit Wings of Shooting Stars,[9] which was designed by Huihuicao.[7] Though Peipeiwu won the tournament, Huihuicao started a fire there[6] and caused Peipeiwu to lose her beauty.[9] As she walked through the flames towards Peipeiwu, she said to her, "If evil is beautiful, why don't I become evil?"[8][5]

The crime was reported under a pseudonym, and it was said that Huihuicao died in the fire.[6][5]


Peipeiwu Edit

Huihuicao seemed to resent her sister Peipeiwu, who was viewed as the much more beautiful of the two. This prompted her to start the fire that ended up seriously hurting her.[6][5]


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