Light Blue Youth
Light Blue Youth
The breeze flows down through the clouds refreshes Mira. Her mind went to the other side of the sky with wind.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Shoes
Attributes: Lively Pure
Rarity: H5
Color(s): Blue
Wardrobe #: 1425
Obtained by: Time Palace
Light Blue Youth could be obtained from the Time Palace Event.


A pair of light blue shoes with heels and underside a shiny darker blue. The top is mostly open, with a closed toe and cuff around the ankle. The cuff is blue and has a yellow bow tying it shut. There is a crisscross of blue ribbon over the open part and a blue bow at the top of the toe section.


Gallery SuitEdit

Light Blue Youth is part of the Lilith suit Song of Sea Breeze.

The other parts of this suit are Heart en VoyageCleverness and IntelligenceMoluccella LaevisBlue Sky and White CloudsSweet SummerSong of Sea Wind Deep and Ocean Spray.

There is an alternative version of the suit. It contains Heart en Voyage-AttractionCleverness and Intelligence-AttractionMoluccella Laevis-AttractionMisty StarlightSweet Summer-AttractionDream of Stars and MoonTwinkling Star and Light Pink Youth.


Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm
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