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Lierlide (李爾里德) is a character that appears in Shining Nikki. He is considered a designer of legend by the people of Miraland, and serves as a basis for some of Miraland's myths.[2][3][4]



Lierlide has pale skin and light-colored hair that reaches his neck, wrapped into a loose bun. He usually wears a hood of a starry-themed cloak over his head, shielding his eyes and hiding his appearance. Beneath his left eye is a distinctive red marking that resembles a cross.


Lierlide is essentially omniscient: he can see the boundaries of the world and the future of Miraland, including how it ends. Because of this, he has a casual, pensive way of speaking, and a matter-of-fact way of viewing the universe.[5][4]


According to Nikki, Lierlide destroyed the Miraland of the year 680, wiping it out with a great flood of ocean water. However, he denies that this was his doing, claiming that what Nikki witnessed may not be the truth. Regardless, this is what prompted Nikki to go back in time to the year 0.[6][4]

Lierlide left a key in the Miraland of year 0, which Nikki is searching for with the help of Zhou and Xiao Hai.[7] She gains her first clue when she finds a mysterious gem in a meteor shower in Xingyu Town.[8] When she showed it to Loen, he immediately recognized it as something that could help him understand a tattered old manuscript he had, known as "Lierlide's Excerpt". Looking at the manuscript through the gem revealed the words, but neither of them could decode the meaning.[9] Nikki went on a hunt to find the "decoder", who she misidentified as Qinyi, and she was forced to hand over Lierlide's manuscript to him to save her friend.[10] The manuscript is hinted by Qinyi to be something with valuable knowledge that could change the world.[11][4]


Nikki Edit

Lierlide is Nikki's teacher, as she refers to him as such, and they seemed to know each other prior to her arrival in the year 0.[6][5][4]


Trivia Edit

  • The story of Yingyue Lake in Lilith Kingdom is that it is a mirror that Lierlide left in the forest.[3]

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