"You... do you think we look a bit similar?"
This article is about the event. For the dress from Dreamy Flowing Light, please see Lantern Festival (Dress).

Find Gifty in certain chapters and light up their lanterns to gain gifts (Stamina or Gold). Light up specific amounts of lanterns to get pieces of the event set. Each Journey stage will show a counter of the number of lanterns you've lit in that stage. There are 3 types of Giftys, and each individual Gifty's lantern can be lit 5 times a day. You can light 15 Gifty lamps per day and more attempts can be purchased for 9 Diamond each.


"Wow! You got me! I'll reward you if you can help light the lantern!"

Gifty Unlit1Gifty Unlit2Gifty Unlit3

"How beautiful! I have # matches left today! Light up more!"

"My Matches are used up! You can light other Giftys lamps!"

Gifty Lit1Gifty Lit2Gifty Lit3

Gifty GoldGifty Stamina

Season 1 Edit

Lantern Festival

In Cloud's Lantern Festival, people used to light up lanterns to pray for good luck.

Ran from August 15th to August 21st, 2017. Giftys could be found from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10. Featured the Sweet Love suit.

Light Count Reward Edit

Season 2 Edit

Seek Gifty

Join the Giftys to play hide-and-seek!

Ran from June 1st to June 10th, 2019. Giftys could be found from Chapter 1 to Chapter 11. Featured the Dreamy Flowing Light suit.

Light Count Reward Edit

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