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Lanslo is a town in Pigeon Kingdom. It is known as the "city of machinery".[1]


Lanslo is known as the city of machinery.


Year 677[]

The city of Lanslo, led by Duchess Freddie, refused to acknowledge Queen Elle's sovereignty and fought against the imperial guards. Debbie was one of the leaders who led forces against the imperial guards. Queen Elle sent Mela, Sherry, and Ransa to the city to bring it in line, as the people and resources were invaluable to the Pigeon Kingdom.[1]

After a banquet hosted by Duchess Freddie, a drunk Debbie ran into Mela and the two get riled up at each other. Mela brought her to a bar and ordered her dandelion tea to sober up, and Debbie passed out for two hours. When she woke up, she apologized to Mela and the two began to chat. Debbie confided that she wants to prove dwarves can be great stylists, not just jewel crafters, but she isn't good at mature and sexy styles. Mela's forte happened to be just that, so Debbie proposed they team up.[1]

Together, they fought against more imperial guards, winning battles against the Iron Rose. Debbie wanted to introduce Mela to Duchess Freddie, Debbie's idol who taught dwarves about styling. However, Mela insulted the Duchess, saying she wasn't as good a person as Debbie thought. The two snuck into the ducal palace and overheard Duchess Freddie talking to a messenger from Lilith Kingdom. Mela investigated further and uncovered more evidence that the Duchess was a traitor, a fact Debbie realized reluctantly.[1]

The Duchess discovered them and revealed that Mela was part of the Iron Rose all along. Mela admitted the truth, but told Debbie that even so, she could tell Debbie had her own beliefs. Mela led the guards away, leaving Debbie alone with Duchess Freddie, who tried to persuade her back to her side because of Debbie's strength. However, Debbie saw her idol's image shatter and left the palace and was marked a traitor.[1]

Debbie tried to go back and save Mela, but found that Mela already left. She took her suitcase to the railway station, where she was called out to by Mela, who was with Ransa and Sherry. Mela suggested she join the Iron Rose, and Debbie agreed, declaring she'll be the best stylist in the world.[1]

Year 680[]

The members of the Iron Rose met Ace at Lanslo Railway Station on Queen Elle's orders in order to fend off Nidhogg's forces at Cloud City.[1]


  • Railway Station[1]
  • Ducal Palace[1]


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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized)
International.png International (English) Lanslo
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 南斯洛 (nán sī luò)