The Knight of Kingdom, also referred to as the King's Knights,[1] King's Army,[2] or Royal Army,[3] are a group of loyal warriors that fight for the King. They are based in Black Water City.[2]

Members Edit

Agata Bustup
Nidhogg Bustup 2
Member (formerly)[4]
Louis Bustup
Member (formerly)[4]
Unknown Person
Louie's Father
Knight Commander (formerly)[5]

History Edit

Coming soon...

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Knight of Kingdom N/A
France Flag International (French) Chevaliers de la Cité Royale Knights of the Royal City
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 王城骑士 (wángchéng qíshì) Royal Knights
Korean Flag South Korea 왕성기사단 (Wangseong-gisadan) ???

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