Ran from December 15th to Dember 21st, 2018.

In Pigeon Forest, Nikki met a beautiful girl Vera who was going to Nemea Castle for her love, but they were stopped by a elf witch with magic fog. Pass the trial of the witch to help Vera find the way out.

Players will be shown a styling theme and 2 outfits. Choose the correct outfit and earn Elf Leaf Elf Leaf to exchange for parts of the Kiss of Crescent and Crown of Dawn suits. You are given 10 free attempts per day and can reset them for 20 Diamond each. Choosing the outfit that fits the theme more will give the player 5 Elf Leafand choosing the incorrect outfit will give the player 3 Elf Leaf.


Crown of DawnEdit

Total Cost: 389 Elf Leaf

Completion Rewards: Eternity

Kiss of CrescentEdit

Total Cost: 389 Elf Leaf

Completion Rewards: Crescent Appointment


Beach GraceEdit

Attributes: CuteSexyCool

Elegant LadyEdit

Attributes: SimpleElegantMature

Christmas DinnerEdit

Attributes: SimplePureWarm

Morning Jog in ForestEdit

Attributes: LivelyPureCool

Wine BallEdit

Attributes: ElegantMatureSexy

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