King Sayet is a character in Love Nikki. He was a legendary designer who passed away in Year 672, leaving three legacies behind. These legacies sparked the unease that culminated in the Nine-Day War, the competition that resulted in Elle's leadership of Pigeon and her ownership of two of the legacies.[2] He was respectfully called "King Sayet" by the people of Miraland due to his accomplishments in design.[1]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Designs[edit | edit source]

King Sayet's works are quite unique, as they are capable of storing memories within them.[3] The symbol of a butterfly is also associated with his works.[4] During his life, he designed the following:

He has also designed a red-and-green Christmas series.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Sayet was taught alongside the Ancient Pavilion Designer earlier in his life.[7] During this time, they became friends[8] as they learned to become master-grade designers.[9]

While he was young, Sayet also went to Pigeon Kingdom and designed clothes there.[10] It can be inferred that he is not a native resident of Pigeon.

Sayet and the Ancient Pavilion Designer managed to enter the Pigeon Forest, even though it was not open to humans. There, they met Rachel, who was annoyed to see them disrupting the peace of the forest. However, Sayet had a styling battle with her, and surprised her with his designs, which conveyed Sayet's own complex memories and emotions. Impressed, Rachel allowed Sayet and the Ancient Pavilion Designer to stay the night, and showed them the memories of Evelyn.[11]

During his youth, Sayet also crafted a ring and a necklace, both with a delicate crystal butterfly design. The ring was later purchased by Chairman Schiller for a high price and kept in the treasure room of Apple Apparel Group, while the necklace ended up with Nidhogg.[4] Cali noticed the necklace begin to shimmer after Nidhogg activated the blood curse.[12]

At some point, King Sayet was named the Dream Weaver Institute's Designer of the Year (or possibly Stylist, though Sayet was primarily known for his designing skill). Despite the fact that the nation of the candidates is usually inspected, an exception was made for him at the time.[13]

Year 672[edit | edit source]

During this year, King Sayet died. This prompted the Nine-Day War in order to prevent nations from fighting over the three legacy treasures he left behind. Two of the legacies went to Princess Elle, and the last one went to Hostess L.[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ancient Pavilion Designer[edit | edit source]

King Sayet and the Ancient Pavilion Designer were old friends who were instructed together, and both became powerful designers.[7][8] As adults, they did not often visit each other, leading Fu Su, the Pavilion Designer's disciple, to believe that they had had a falling out.[14] However, at King Sayet's funeral, Fu Su realized that they did not have a rupture after all.[15] After his funeral, the Ancient Pavilion Designer's health declined until he eventually passed away.[16][17]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "The greatest designers live outside the bounds of normal thought."
  • "The most outstanding opus are often created in an eternal moment."

Name by Server[edit | edit source]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) King Sayet N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 萨耶王 (Sà yé wáng) King Saye
Japanese Flag.png Japan サヤオウ (Sayaou) ???
Korean Flag.png South Korea 사야 왕이 (Saya wang-i) King Saya
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Raja Sayet King Sayet

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • King Sayet once designed a red and green series of clothing for Christmas in order to prove that opposing colors had charm.[6]
  • King Sayet kept a diary.[18]

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