Kindred are a race primarly found in the Shadow City of Pigeon Kingdom. They are also referred to as vampires.

Kindred can have a variety of eye colors, such as red or gold, and hair colors. They are also immortal and tend to isolate themselves by nature.[1] Kindred originated from elves, and all kindred were once elves.[2] However, other evidence indicates that one can become a kindred by being bitten, and they prey on humans. They can be ruthless in their attempts to find prey, and commonly use seduction as a method.[1][3]

There are a variety of kindred hunters that exist. Two families, the ones of April and Manly, are rival kindred hunter families.[4][5] One kindred is a notorious kindred hunter herself, and she loathes the urges within her to succumb to bloodlust while using her understanding of the curse to attempt to eradicate it.[6] In a town where vampires lurk in the shadows, undetected by most of the townspeople, a girl named Colleen and her peers create an organization called Thorns and Roses to guard the town and keep the people safe.[7]

Kindred Edit

Cesare Bustup
Unknown Person
Lord of Kindred[8]
Cardis Bustup
DemonHunter Bustup
Demon Hunter
Unknown Person
Kindred Queen[9]
Unknown Person

History Edit

1000 Years Before 680 Edit

The Kindred used to live in the Pamir Forest, a forest in the north of Pigeon Forest.[8] The elves and Kindred had a feud lasting thousands of years,[10] and the elves planned an attack on the kindred. The Elven Queen at the time had twins, Chloris and Cesare, with her lover the Lord of Kindred; though both were half-Kindred, Cesare was not afforded the same privileges as his brother. She heard about the looming attack of the elves on the kindred, and she told the Lord of Kindred that they should leave the forest as to prevent any more clashes.[8]

From then on, the Kindred, including her own son Cesare, were banished to Shadow City. This took away much of the Lord of Kindred's health, especially as Shadow City was much less habitable than the Pamir Forest. As he died, he passed his throne to Cesare, but Cesare was too upset about the matter to feel any joy from becoming the new Lord of Kindred. The Elven Queen came to see her lover the Lord of Kindred off, and Cesare tried to plead with her to change his situation, but she turned her back on him for the sake of the elves.[8]

Year 680 Edit

Moon Night Poem Edit

Cesare and the Kindred lived in Shadow City for a thousand years, sealed off from Lake Bovaly.[10] However, the Kindred living in Shadow City were not entirely disconnected from Pigeon Forest. Cesare was able to take form, inhabiting a "Death Castle" in the Pamir Forest and causing unrest among the dwarves.[11] Cesare's presence woke up Lakris, the other elf prince.[12] With the assistance of Noah, Cesare invited Chloris to the castle.[11]

Chloris and Lakris went together to see what Cesare wanted, but Lakris disappeared in the thick black mist surrounding Pamir Forest, and Chloris was forced to go in alone.[13] There, he saw that Cesare was surrounded by many kindred spectres, and he had Lakris's unconscious body in front of him. He implied that Lakris wasn't real and was simply a "part of him" that was now gone.[14] Chloris refused to believe him, and banished his spectre using the Dawnblade.[15]

Journey Edit

Nikki, Mela, and Momo were lured into Shadow City during this year under the pretense that it was Pigeon Forest, with help from a Kindred named Kyle.[16] Once they reached the lake in the center, Chloris determined they were trapped behind the seal, and under normal circumstances they would have no chance of escape.[17]

Despite this, Chloris used his bow and arrow to open the seal between Shadow City and Lake Bovaly for the first time in a thousand years. Debbie retrieved Nikki, Mela, and Momo,[16] but Chloris's opening the seal came at a price: the kindred of Shadow City, including Cesare, were released into Pigeon Forest. Additionally, Chloris was greatly weakened, just like how Cesare's father had been weakened opening the seal a thousand years before. He fell unconscious, leaving Cesare in control of the fate of Pigeon Forest.[10]

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