Kindred are a race commonly found in the Pigeon Kingdom. They are also referred to as vampires.

Kindred can have a variety of eye colors, such as red or gold, and hair colors. They are also immortal and tend to isolate themselves by nature.[1] One can become a kindred by being bitten, and they prey on humans. They can be ruthless in their attempts to find prey, and commonly use seduction as a method.[1][2]

There are a variety of kindred hunters that exist. Two families, the ones of April and Manly, are rival kindred hunter families.[3][4] One kindred is a notorious kindred hunter herself, and she loathes the urges within her to succumb to bloodlust while using her understanding of the curse to attempt to eradicate it.[5] In a town where vampires lurk in the shadows, undetected by most of the townspeople, a girl named Colleen and her peers create an organization called Thorns and Roses to guard the town and keep the people safe.[6]

Kindred Edit

Cesare Bustup
Cardis Bustup
DemonHunter Bustup
Demon Hunter
Unknown Person
Kindred Queen[7]

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