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Kimi default
Aliases Lady
Lady Kimi
My Lady (Joe)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 20th
Zodiac Taurus
Height 160cm
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Silver
Professional Statistics
Occupation Designer, Stylist
Affiliation Apple Federation Apparel Group
Address Welton West Area
No. 1 Avenue
Personal Status
Relatives Chairman Schiller (Father)
Lady Crescent (Mother) †
Game 2-8 Rehearsal at Theater!
Voice Actors
The best stylist can extract the unique charm from each work infused by any designer, enable the wearer to feel the magic of the clothing, and help them face their life with more confidence.

Kimi, often referred to as Lady Kimi, is a character that appears in Love Nikki. She is the daughter of the Apple Federation Apparel Group's president, and is the heiress of this group. She is first seen working with and travelling with Joe, the chief designer of the group.


Appearance Edit

Kimi is a short, doll-like teen girl with pale skin and sharp grey eyes. Her long, silver hair is worn loose and held with a ribbon. Her short bangs are neatly brushed and layered.

Her normal attire consists of a white dress with black ribbon details, black 15cm heels with black string wrapped on each ankle, and a simple pair of earrings.


Kimi is the only daughter of the most rich and powerful businessman in the nation of Apple Federal, the chairman of the Apple Federation Apparel Group[1]. As such, she has lived all her life in the lap of luxury but had also witnessed how hard her family and their close associate, Mr. Joe, have worked for the enterprise. As such, she's fiercely independent and determined to do what she can for the sake of her family's business and her own self.


Childhood Edit

Kimi was raised with the expectations of being the heir to the Apple Apparel Group. She showed talents in designing from an early age and went to school for designing[2], though she also showed promise in styling as well[3]. Some of her early designs include Bright Galaxy, Black & White Galaxy, and Houndstooth.

Year 680 Edit

Kimi went to Cicia with Joe in order to see the Star Sea in the December Troupe's production of 'Candy Witch and Star Sea', where she was seen talking to Lisa by Nikki[4].

At the Designer's Tea Party, Kimi and Joe discussed Nikki, whose performance they had been watching, and agreed that she had a lot of talent. However, Kimi stated that Nikki still had a long way to go if she was to work for the Apple Federation Apparel Group. She then decided to introduce herself to Nikki and asked if she could compete with her with the condition that if Nikki won, she would consider guiding her towards becoming an outstanding stylist[5]. After Nikki did so, Kimi gave Nikki some advice and they had a conversation about what styling meant[6].

Suddenly, a masked woman appeared and threatened to steal Lunar's designs. After Nikki outstyled her and she left, she dropped a badge belonging to the Iron Rose Stylist Legion. However, Kimi believed the masked woman was not a member of the organization, as the Iron Rose would not have been so rash or bold. After encouraging Nikki to start her journey in the Cloud Empire, Kimi left to attend to business with the Apple Apparel Group[7].

Kimi later attended the Fantasy Styling Contest in Royal City in order to encourage Nikki, much to the girl's excitement. She predicted that Nikki will win the contest after her experience in Cloud[8]. During the group games, she assessed the competition and gave information about the reward, the opportunity to design the Fairytale Concerto[9].

The night before North Kingdom declared war on Cloud City, the Apple Apparel Group changed hands from Kimi's father Schiller to his financial officer Charles, and Schiller and Joe disappeared. Kimi and Orlando got into an altercation in which Kimi was shot at, but Orlando took the bullet for her, with it landing in his shoulder instead. He managed to bring Kimi to the outskirts of Lor River City and had Zhu Ruosheng deliver a message to Nikki so that they could meet up[10].

They reunited in a shack in the forest, where Orlando was attempting to recover from his gunshot wound. He explained the situation, while an agitated Kimi seemed unsure of what to do next, eventually settling on remaining in Cloud[10]. After Orlando made the decision to go back and fight on the side of Apple, who was on the same side of North in the war, Kimi seemed even more distressed, and Nikki attempted to cheer her up[11]. Finally, Kimi made the decision to continue on to Welton in order to discover what had happened with her father, and Nikki, Bobo, and Momo insisted on accompanying her[12].

In Welton, Kimi, Nikki, and her friends heard about the White Blossom Banquet almost immediately[13]. Kimi was disturbed by the idea of the precious White Blossom being used as a centerpiece in an auction, since it was a gift from her father Schiller to her late mother Lady Crescent. Even more, she remembered something her father's kidnappers had said that led her to believe they were the ones who took the dress[14].

Kimi took Nikki and her friends to visit Joe in his art gallery, where he had managed to hide after escaping from the kidnappers, and discussed the situation[15]. Joe and Nikki both believed the White Blossom Banquet was a trap, but Joe agreed to get Kimi invitations so long as Nikki went with her. Kimi asked Nikki to be her date, with Kimi disguising herself as a man[16].

They arrived at the banquet, and Kimi's disguise held up. However, the reveal that Reid and Charles, the sponsors of the banquet, had the White Blossom brought Kimi to tears[17]. The auction didn't go well either, and with Nikki's help Kimi tried to raise the prices the items were selling for in order to better discover who the high bidders in the room were[18].

Reid approached Kimi and asked her to dance, and she had no choice but to join him since everybody's eyes were on the pair[18]. They began to dance, but Kimi's hair ribbon fell out, revealing her disguise. Reid quickly kissed her, presumably to hide her face, which caused Kimi to blush[19].

There was suddenly a blackout, and when the lights came back on the White Blossom was gone. Kimi, Nikki, Bobo and Momo tried to apprehend the person they believed was the thief, Sofia in disguise, but she got away[19].

The police came to the banquet hall and interrogated the people there, but Kimi could not give her testimony due to being in disguise[20]. Reid covered for her until they left, then apologized they could not find the White Blossom. When he learned of her plans to find a way back into the Apple Apparel Group's treasure room and find out what happened to her father, he expressed frustration that she didn't come to him with her problems. Kimi reiterates that since the issue is with the Apple Apparel Group, she will deal with it herself[21].

After leaving the banquet, Kimi, Nikki, Momo and Bobo saw a helicopter flying through Welton[22]. They approached it, where Sofia presented Kimi with the White Blossom, saying that Hiber had stolen it and that she was there to return it to its rightful owner. Kimi made the decision to go to the treasure room regardless and use the White Blossom to lure out Reid. Orlando, who was working with Sofia, agreed to accompany her, and they went into the Apple Apparel Group building[23].

Once there, Kimi and Orlando realized the treasure room appeared untouched[24]. Looking at the security tapes, they discovered that Schiller had left voluntarily rather than being kidnapped. Charles arrived at the building, still claiming to be loyal to Schiller, but he was tackled by guards when Reid arrived moments later[25].

After learning that Hiber was the true thief and that she was acting under Reid's orders, Kimi no longer trusted Reid, and he quickly confessed to the theft. All of a sudden, the sniper Shade shot a bullet through the window, nearly hitting Kimi before Orlando pulled her back[25]. Charles tried to make a getaway to save the White Blossom and Shade fatally shot him, leading Kimi to realize he was truly loyal to her father the whole time and willing to give his life for him and the Apparel Group[26].

Shade stole the White Blossom and disappeared into the night, and Kimi made the decision to go to Losol and find her father[26].



The duo have a friendly rivalry with each other. Kimi views Nikki as a stylist with great potential and entourages her to grow and improve her skill[6]. She becomes one of Nikki's strongest supporters and helps her practice her styling before contests. Kimi speaks very highly of Nikki wherever she goes[27], and even Joe is surprised by the extent of her praise.

There are hints and speculation that Kimi has romantic feelings for Nikki. It's said in item descriptions that Kimi prefers Nikki over Joe[28] and that the sight of Nikki makes her blush[29]. During the Swan Love Event's story for Valentine's Day, Kimi and Nikki buy matching pendants that show black and white swans with their necks entwined.

Kimi also seems to care about Nikki's appearance a great deal, and takes matters into her own hands when Nikki wears something she doesn't approve of[30]. She also picks out clothing and accessories for her[31][32], and from time to time has even designed clothing for her[33][34].


The two are usually seen together, since Joe has a high position as the chief designer in the Apparel Group. Joe is mentioned to be very popular with women in general and there are rumors that he and Kimi are in a romantic relationship[35], but they are not: they view one another as close friends and partners, nothing less and nothing more.


They appear to have known one another for a long time, though it's not clear for how long. Orlando speaks fondly of Kimi after his duel with Nikki, saying that she's the first person Kimi has ever praised highly[27]. When Kimi is almost kidnapped, Orlando saves her, but takes a bullet to the shoulder in the process[10]. They later part ways since he wants to fight for the Apple Federation, whereas Kimi must stay aside for her sake[11]; he returns a short time later, backing her and Nikki up when they face their enemies and especially a skilled sniper[26].

Chairman Schiller Edit

Schiller is Kimi's father, and the leader of the Apparel Group. Since Kimi's mother Lady Crescent died when she was very young[14], he's raised her on her own and to be the competent, hardworking heiress of Apparel. Kimi loves him very much, and she's is extremely distressed when he's kidnapped and she barely manages to run away with Orlando[10].

Lady Crescent Edit

Kimi's mother, who passed away when she was six. In Kimi's Dreamweaver, she's said to have been a very active woman who was very well-respected everywhere in Apple for her generosity and kindness. Kimi remembers her very fondly and aspires to be like her[citation needed].

Reid Edit

As the chairman to the Apple Apparel Group's competitor, the Mercury Group, and an old friend of Kimi, Reid generally does not interfere with the AAG's business out of respect for her, and she seems to trust him[15]. However, during the White Blossom Banquet, he pressures her into dancing with him while she is in disguise, and during the dance her hairband falls out and he kisses her (possibly to hide her face)[18]. Still, Kimi seems to believe he has her best interests at heart, saying that "there didn't seem to be a better solution"[19]. When she realizes that Reid is the one behind the whole mess with the Apparel Group, she is bitterly disappointed.


  • "And let's not forget, father is still in the hands. These people want to open the Group's treasury. They will not treat him nicely... But even if I go back to the Apple Federation, there is no way I can save father... I have nothing."
    — Kimi in 16-8 Reunion in the Forest.

  • "Nikki, thanks for your company and support. I must get stronger."
    — Kimi's Diamond Postcard during Time Palace, posted from Welton West Area, No. 1 Avenue.

  • "Prepared you something. Hope it's useful."
    — Kimi's envelope.
  • "Is everything ok? Maybe we will meet soon after the arrival of this postcard."
    — Kimi's envelope once opened.

  • "You look troubled. Is there anything I can help with?"
  • "It's been a while, you seem to be doing well."
  • "The designers at Apple Federation are the best."
  • "You have a new design? Let me take a look."
  • "Good morning, any arrangements today?"
  • "Experience is needed in the learning process."
  • "Love of Life', that is the gift for my mom from my dad."
  • "The beauty that only exists for a short moment is the most memorable thing."
  • "Did you get any inspiration from the dreamland for your design?"
  • "There's no short path for perfect work, only through non-stop learning."
  • "Daily experiences will eventually become the source for your inspiration."
  • "You did a great job at today's tasks."
  • "Is the task too hard for you? But I think you could do better."
  • "If you persist in finishing tasks, you'll be a great stylist."
  • "Those tasks are for you, any problems?"
  • "I'll do everything I could to protect Apple Federation."
  • "Details, the essential requirement for a designer."
  • "My height? I think you can find it in the Fame of Stars."
  • "If you want to know someone, it's no use in just reading the Fame of Stars."
  • "If you aren't touched by your work, how could it touch others?"
  • "You're so rude for what you did!"
  • "Please stop."
  • "Guard, take this person out of here."
  • "How can I help you?"
  • "I'm thinking about the new design for next season, keep quiet."

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