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Kimi default
Aliases Lady
Lady Kimi
My Lady (Joe)
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 20th
Zodiac Taurus
Height 160cm
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Silver
Professional Statistics
Occupation Designer, Stylist
Affiliation Apple Federation Apparel Group
Address Welton West Area
No. 1 Avenue
Personal Status
Relatives Chairman Schiller (Father)
Unnamed Mother †
Game 2-8 Rehearsal at Theater!
Voice Actors
The best stylist can extract the unique charm from each work infused by any designer, enable the wearer to feel the magic of the clothing, and help them face their life with more confidence.

Kimi, often referred to as Lady Kimi, is a character that appears in Love Nikki. She is the daughter of the Apple Federation Apparel Group's president, and is heiress of this group. She is currently working for and travelling with Joe, the chief designer of the group.


Appearance Edit

Kimi is a short, doll-like teen girl with pale skin and sharp grey eyes. Kimi's eyes are purple, and her long, silver hair is worn loose with a braid on each side of the head pulled back and held with a ribbon. Her short bangs are neatly brushed and layered.

Her normal attire consists of a white dress with black ribbon details, black 15cm heels with black string wrapped on each ankle, and a simple pair of earrings.


Haughty, strong, brave even in the face of trouble. Kimi has grown up with a strong sense of responsibility. She is quite independent and a hard worker rising to the top and becoming a great stylist and business leader without the help of her father's influence.[1]

Kimi is the only daughter of the most rich and powerful businessman in the nation of Apple Federal, the chairman of the Apple Federation Apparel Group. As such, she has lived all her life in the lap of luxury and had also witnessed how hard her family and their close associate, Mr. Joe, have worked for the enterprise. Kimi wants to not just be known as "the heiress" of the Apparel, but also be a designer in her own right.


Childhood Edit

Kimi was raised with the expectations of being the heir to the Apple Apparel Group. She showed talents in designing from an early age and went to school for designing, though she also showed promise in styling as well. Some of her early designs include Bright Galaxy, Black & White Galaxy, and Houndstooth.

Chapter 2 Fairy Tale World LilithEdit

Kimi makes her first appearance during 2-8 Rehearsal at Theater!. She is seen talking to Lisa and comments that the Star Sea was worth the trip before Joe informs her that the president of the Apple Federation wants them to return. Momo also comments on her great beauty.

Chapter 5 Mutated Tea PartyEdit

At the Designer's Tea Party, Kimi reveals that she and Joe have been watching Nikki's performance. Joe then comments that Nikki has natural talent, to which Kimi agrees, calling her a gem. However, she states that Nikki still has a long way to go if she was to work for the Apple Federation Apparel Group. She then decides to introduce herself to Nikki and asks if she could compete with her with the condition that if Nikki wins, she will consider guiding her towards becoming an outstanding stylist. After she does so, Kimi gives Nikki some advice and asks her what styling means to her.

Suddenly, a masked woman appears and threatens to steal Lunar's designs. After Nikki beats her and she leaves, she drops a badge belonging to the Iron Rose Stylist Legion. However, Kimi believes it is not them, as the Iron Rose would not be so rash or bold. She then leaves, having business to attend to with the Apple Apparel Group.

Chapter 10 Styling Contest Games Edit

Kimi attends the Fantasy Styling Contest in Royal City in order to encourage Nikki, much to the girl's excitement. She predicts that Nikki will win the contest after her experience in Cloud. During the group games, she assesses the competition and gives information about the reward, the opportunity to design the Fairytale Concerto.

Chapter 11 Styling Contest Finals Edit

Kimi warns Nikki of the other two talented finalists - one is Ace, and the other is Sherry. During the contest finals, Kimi notices the suspicious behavior pointing towards Nidhogg's impending rebellion. She is most likely separated from Nikki and her friends after the rebellion begins.

Chapter 16 Night before Storm Edit

Kimi and Orlando appear on the Cloud Empire, telling Nikki that they're in a very difficult situation: the Apparel Group has been targeted. On one hand, Orlando managed to rescue Kimi from kidnappers and take her to safety in Cloud, where Zhu Ruosheng will keep them safe; on the other, Joe and Kimi's father Schiller (the Apparel Group's chairman) have been captured. Naturally, Kimi is in quite the vulnerable mental and emotional state, and even more since Orlando was severely wounded trying to protect her.

After Bobo and Nikki manage to cheer her up a little, Kimi decides to stay in Cloud and lay low. Orlando, however, decides to go to war since his homeland is the only thing that can top his friends, and warns Nikki and Kimi about staying calm and looking at things objectively no matter what. Kimi, then, changes her mind and makes her definitive choice: returning to Apple Federation and fighting back against the ones who seized her family's company. Nikki, Momo and Bobo decide to go with her.

Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall Edit

Now in Welton, Kimi, Nikki, and her friends hear about the White Blossom Banquet almost immediately. Kimi is disturbed by the idea of the precious White Blossom being used as a centerpiece in an auction, since it was a gift from her father to her late mother. What was more, she remembered something her father's kidnappers had said that led her to believe they were the ones who took the dress.

She takes Nikki and her friends to visit Joe in his art gallery, where he is hiding from the kidnappers, and discusses the situation. Joe and Nikki both believe it is a trap, but Joe agrees to get Kimi invitations so long as Nikki goes with her. Kimi asks Nikki to be her date, with Kimi disguising herself as a man.

They arrive at the banquet, and Kimi's disguise holds up. However, the reveal that Reid and Charles, the sponsors of the banquet, have the White Blossom brings Kimi to tears. The auction doesn't go well either, and with Nikki's help Kimi tries to raise the prices the items are selling for in order to better discover who the high bidders in the room are.

Reid approaches Kimi and asks her to dance, and she has no choice but to join him since everybody's eyes are on the pair. They begin to dance, but Kimi's hair ribbon falls out, revealing her disguise. Reid quickly kisses her, presumably to hide her face, which causes Kimi to blush.

There is suddenly a blackout, and when the lights come back on the White Blossom is gone. Kimi, Nikki, Bobo and Momo try to apprehend the thief, Sofia in disguise, but she gets away.



The duo have a friendly rivalry with each other. Kimi views Nikki as a stylist with great potential and entourages her to grow and improve her skill. She becomes one of Nikki's strongest supporters and helps her practice her styling before contests. Kimi speaks very highly of Nikki wherever she goes, namely to Nidhogg and Orlando, and even Joe is surprised by the extent of her praise.

There are hints and speculation that Kimi has romantic feelings for Nikki. In some item descriptions they describe Kimi as preferring Nikki over Joe, and she is shown getting flustered during the Valentine's Day event and denies it meaning anything.


The two are usually seen together, since Joe has a high position in the Apparel Group. There are rumors that he and Kimi are in a romantic relationship, plus Joe is mentioned to be very popular with women in general, but they are not: they view one another as close friends and partners, nothing less and nothing more. In the Valentines Event, Joe even gives flowers to Nikki - and quickly adds they're from Kimi, rather than from himself.


They have known on another for a long time, though it's not clear for how long. Orlando speaks fondly of Kimi after his duel with Nikki, saying that she's the first person Kimi has ever praised highly. In Chapter 16 he saves her from being kidnapped, but is severely injured. They later part ways since he wants to fight for the Apple Federation, whereas Kimi must stay aside for her sake.

Chairman Schiller Edit

Schiller is Kimi's father, and the leader of the Apparel Group. Since Kimi's mother died when she was very young, he's raised her on her own and to be the competent, hardworking heiress of Apparel. While he hasn't been seen on-screen (as of early 2019), Kimi loves him very much and she's is extremely distressed when he's kidnapped and she barely manages to run away with Orlando.

Reid Edit

As the chairman to the Apple Apparel Group's competitor (the Mercury Group) and aparently an old friend of Kimi, Reid generally does not interfere with the AAG's business out of respect for her, and she seems to trust him. However, during the White Blossom Banquet, he pressures her into dancing with him while she is in disguise, and during the dance her hairband falls out and he kisses her (possibly to hide her face). Still, Kimi seems to believe he has her best interests at heart, saying that "there didn't seem to be a better solution".



  • "And let's not forget, father is still in the hands. These people want to open the Group's treasury. They will not treat him nicely... But even if I go back to the Apple Federation, there is no way I can save father... I have nothing."
    — Kimi in 16-8 Reunion in the Forest.


  • "Nikki, thanks for your company and support. I must get stronger."
    — Kimi's Diamond Postcard during Time Palace, posted from Welton West Area, No. 1 Avenue.

Login GiftEdit

  • "Prepared you something. Hope it's useful."
    — Kimi's envelope.
  • "Is everything ok? Maybe we will meet soon after the arrival of this postcard."
    — Kimi's envelope once opened.

Dreamweaver Edit

When greeted Edit

  • "You look troubled. Is there anything I can help with?"
  • "It's been a while, you seem to be doing well."
  • "The designers at Apple Federation are the best."
  • "You have a new design? Let me take a look."
  • "Good morning, any arrangements today?"

Dreamland Edit

  • "Experience is needed in the learning process."
  • "Love of Life', that is the gift for my mom from my dad."
  • "The beauty that only exists for a short moment is the most memorable thing."
  • "Did you get any inspiration from the dreamland for your design?"
  • "There's no short path for perfect work, only through non-stop learning."

Institute Quest Edit

  • "Daily experiences will eventually become the source for your inspiration."
  • "You did a great job at today's tasks."
  • "Is the task too hard for you? But I think you could do better."
  • "If you persist in finishing tasks, you'll be a great stylist."
  • "Those tasks are for you, any problems?"

Star Stylists Edit

  • "I'll do everything I could to protect Apple Federation."
  • "Details, the essential requirement for a designer."
  • "My height? I think you can find it in the Fame of Stars."
  • "If you want to know someone, it's no use in just reading the Fame of Stars."
  • "If you aren't touched by your work, how could it touch others?"

When touched Edit

  • "You're so rude for what you did!"
  • "Please stop."
  • "Guard, take this person out of here."
  • "How can I help you?"
  • "I'm thinking about the new design for next season, keep quiet."


In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the characters. All of the following items mention Kimi.

Name Item Description
Graceful Beauty Hair No.711 A new hairstyle designed by Kimi for this suit of ready-to-wear. Mr. Joe thought it quite familiar.
Christmas Eve Hair No.1051 When the first snowflake fell, Kimi gravely put the Xmas socks beside the bed. 'Don't forget my gift!'
Bright Galaxy Dress No.166 Young Kimi had been questioned for a long time, until she proved herself by creating the Bright Galaxy.
Black & White Galaxy Dress No.220 A very distinctive dress. A work of Kimi when she was in rebellious period.
Serenade Dress No.298 A well-designed dress, Kimi made it for her first annual party of the group.
Inspiration Dress No.299 Kimi's silver hair goes well with this black-white personal attire.
Newborn Wine Dress No.301 It's the dress that the president's wife were wearing at Kimi's newborn party.
Silk Pajamas-Pink Dress No.352 Nikki has long dreamed of becoming the best stylist. Under the encouragement of Kimi, of course.
Houndstooth Dress No.451 It is a draft design of Miss Kimi when she went to school. But the use of pattern and tulle is quite good!
Flower Tale Dress No.596 Latest design by Mr. Joe. Kimi also loves its pleated design.
Flower Engraving Dress No.865 The dresses that Nikki wore when she went to art exhibits with the Lady Kimi were all delicate and beautiful.
Swallow Tail Dressf Dress No.886 The famous painter, Madame Bardot of Welton, has a favorite dress. Its cut and design are perfect in the eye of Kimi.
Soft and Warm Coat No.297 Nikki's birthday is in the coldest season of Apple Fed, Kimi especially prepared this fluffy cape.
Fragrance-Pink Top No.179 Tabloids: Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. The truth is Kimi prefers Nikki.
Fragrance-Green Top No.180 Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. But Kimi has no complex for mature men.
Sports Wear-Green Top No.182 Tabloids: Uncover Kimi's real identity -- the daughter and only heiress of Apple Federal Apparel Group!
Little Princess-Clothes Top No.392 When Miss Kimi was a child, she hoped she could wear a crown and wine red evening dress to stand at the top.
Summer Freshness Top No.475 When spreading the leaflets, Nikki met Kimi passing by. Kimi gave this sunscreen gauze to Nikki.
Purple Trousers Bottom No.174 Upon seeing the rolled up legs of the trousers, Lady Kimi threw them into the trash bin without a word.
Thin Brace Overalls Bottom No.243 Lady Kimi decisively threw this pair of trousers out of Nikki's wardrobe.
Little Princess-Skirt Bottom No.364 At a very young age Lady Kimi showed her extraordinary talents in designing, but she is also very interested in styling.
Twisty Cake-Purple Hosiery No.177 This pair of stockings are Kimi's special style. They work perfect with Kimi's various kinds of customized coats.
Strapped Platform Shoes Shoes No.164 One and only failing design of Joe. This pair of shoes have been thrown directly into dumpster by Kimi.
Peep-toe Heels-Gray Shoes No.217 Even though Kimi doesn't like fish shoes, this pair of shoes still need to be launched for market demand.
Diamond Glint Shoes No.235 Apparently it is the restrained luxury style that Kimi likes.
Kimi's Rose-Black Shoes No.247 The first pair of high heels designed by Kimi. They have become very popular once launched.
Gem Sandals-Silver Shoes No.275 A pair of gem sandals designed by Kimi to match with her casual crystal hair band.
High Realm-Black Shoes No.422 Although Kimi is not tall enough, her swagger is astonishing. Some people guess it is due to the sharp high heels.
Brilliance Shoes No.599 The pair of peep-toe is designed by Kimi who doesn't like fish shoes at all.
Tendril Heels Shoes No.646 Joe promised to Kimi once and again that all tendrils are of great quality.
Sweet Honey Shoes No.648 Nikki can't handle stilettos very well, so Kimi designed the gorgeous chunky heels for her.
Bunny Ears-Black Accessory No.198 If Kimi finds this hat popular, she would ask her group to sell bear hats, kitty hats and so on.
Tartan Rose Accessory No.485 A suit published by AAG. A combination of tartan and rose color is said to be designed by Kimi.
Luxury-Pink Accessory No.750 It is said that this handbag series did not come with the pink version, which was added at the request of Lady Kimi.
Black Silk Hat Accessory No.832 A hat Kimi sent to Nikki after she saw her outfit for prom.
Many Flowers Accessory No.952 This hairpin was named Hundred Flowers. But Miss Kimi thought it too gorgeous and changed it.
Flower Pearls-Bracelet Accessory No.953 Miss Kimi is quite satisfied with jewel's quality and ordered another set. Maybe a gift for someone?
Pink Diamond Bracelet Accessory No.1717 No hurry. Guests will arrive by themselves. Kimi was late, because she carefully chose accessories for Nikki.
Flower Vine Swing Accessory No.1821 A rose-theme bag from Kimi. Like a swing made by flower vine, it swings beside the waist of Nikki
Mushroom Cluster Accessory No.2311 Kimi chose a cute wool felt headwear for Nikki to take the picnic. Nikki decided to call the bird in mushrooms Mushy.
For Fashion Accessory No.3127 New arrivals designed by Ms. Kimi! The boutique never offers discount, but packed with fashionable ladies.
Jade Light Accessory No.3291 Just for one of her collections, Apple Federation Apparel Group's Chairman Kimi almost fought against Reid.
Love of Rose Makeup No.39 Kimi flushed so long at the final makeup photo of Nikki, the new model star of the group.

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