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Joe Brownie, usually known as simply Joe, is a character in Love Nikki. He works as the Chief Designer of the Apple Federation Apparel Group.



Joe is an adult male with fair skin and sharp, small grey eyes. He has slight silver facial hair to match his thin eyebrows and chin-length hair, which has several strands slicked back.

He wears a black tailored suit with gold and silver details. He also wears a long black tie and several silver chains sewn to the lapel of his jack. He also wears gloves with several rings and a chain on each wrist.


Mr. Joe is a handsome and professional man with an air of elegance and maturity. His main role is to be the companion of his boss' daughter and heiress, Kimi, and he fills it to the very letter. Joe is mostly serious to a fault, but he seems to be pretty snarky when he wishes to, like whenever he's ignored to favor Kimi.[4]

He is a kind and understanding teacher, displayed when he once went to teach a semester at Cicia Design School. He set an assignment to design a suit based on a flower, but one of his students, Lirue, misunderstood and based it on cotton instead. However, he smiled at her and told her it was an exceptional effort despite it being an accident. This caused Lirue to develop a crush on him.[5]

Joe is also said to be a ladies' man in his free time,[6] with several people speculating on his love life. It's rumored that he dated a popular model from Apple Federal,[7] which could possibly refer to Hiber, who he has apparently asked out hundreds of times.[8] Some of his designs are also surprisingly provocative, like his masterpiece: the high heels Snakes of Temptation.


Joe has designed the following:


Year 678[]

In this year, Joe served as the chief designer for the Apple Apparel Group and worked for Kimi's father, Chairman Schiller. The Apple Apparel Group was going through a rough time financially, and Schiller's designs were criticized. When sixteen-year-old Kimi expressed interest in helping the Group out, Joe agreed with Schiller that she should not interfere.[9]

In a autumn, Joe was invited to teach a semester at Cicia Design School. He set the students to design a suit based on a flower theme for a homework. A girl called Lirue misunderstood the assignment and accidentally designed one based on cotton instead, but Joe didn't mind and gave a rare smile. Instead, coffee in hand, he just told her it was an exceptional effort despite it being an accident and remarked suddenly on the sky being blue.[5]

Year 680[]

Joe traveled around with Kimi and attended the December Troupe's performance of 'Candy Witch and Star Sea' in Cicia,[10] the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount,[11] and the Fantasy Styling Contest in Royal City.[4]

After the Apple Apparel Group's leadership was transferred from Schiller to Charles and Kimi was attacked, Joe feared he would be attacked as well and went to his art gallery in Hosa, Welton.[12] Kimi found him there and tried to convince him to give her tickets for the upcoming White Blossom Banquet so that she could investigate further; however, Joe only procured the tickets after Nikki suggested to go with her with Kimi in disguise.[13]



They are shown to have a close relationship, working together to design outfits together[14][15] and traveling together. There are rumors about them being romantically interested in one another, but they aren't.[16] Regardless, Joe cares a lot for Kimi's wellbeing and seems protective of her,[9] especially when she wanted to attend the banquet that he felt could be a trap.[13]


Lirue is one of the students that Joe tought at Cicia Design School. Though she mistook the material for the homework, Joe didn't criticize her and said that it was an exceptional effect from an accident. After handing in the homework, Lirue giggled too much, making her friends believe that she had a crush on Joe, but she vehemently denied it.[5]

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Item Caption Icon
Chic Plaid Mr. Joe seems to be fascinated with abstractionism lately... Chic Plaid
Journalist-Blue When the little journalist interviews Mr Joe, she looks out of place among those ladies who wear dresses Journalist-Blue
Fragrance-Pink Tabloids: Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. The truth is Kimi prefers Nikki. Fragrance-Pink
Fragrance-Green Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. But Kimi has no complex for mature men. Fragrance-Green
Coquette-Black Nikki's sexy top given by Mr Joe. But Nikki doesn't wear it very often. Coquette-Black
Sports Wear-Black and White Tabloids: Joe is the chief designer of Apple Federal Apparel Group. He is a very charming mature man. Sports Wear-Black and White
Concept Waistcoat Since Mr Joe learnt to oil paint, his works are getting more and more conceptualized. Concept Waistcoat
Strapped Platform Shoes One and only failing design of Joe. This pair of shoes have been thrown directly into dumpster by Kimi. Strapped Platform Shoes
Bone Ink The provocative shape of strings pulled by rivets. Whose heart has Mr Joe won with this pair of high heels? Bone Ink
Mixed On the product release meeting, Mr. Joe said, we think women should have more choices on clothes. Mixed
Snakes of Temptation Masterpiece of Mr Joe. The shoes look like snakes, which are winding round Eve's beautiful white ankles. Snakes of Temptation
Model's Swagger Tabloids: It is said that the most popular model of Apple Federal is one of Joe's rumored girlfriends too! Model's Swagger
Suit Pants The suit pants of Mr. Joe (there shall be whistling at this point!) Suit Pants
Office Lady With expensive cloth and magnificent tailoring, it proves itself as a masterpiece of Mr. Joe. Office Lady
Black Yarn Skirt Partly hidden and partly visible, that's the sexiest. said designer Mr Joe, in a mysterious voice. Black Yarn Skirt
Career Skirt-Yellow Mr Joe always believes that even the busiest office time needs the relaxation of bright color and fashion. Career Skirt-Yellow


  • "Miss Nikki, I wish you all the best on the journey."
    — Joe's envelope.
  • "I believe in your talent and faith like my lady. Hope the gift will come in handy on the journey."
    — Joe's envelope once opened.

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Joe Brownie
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 喬布朗尼 (qiáo bù lǎng ní)