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There are a variety of different jobs and careers available to choose from in Miraland.

Fashion Edit

Stylists Edit

For a list of stylists, see Category:Stylists

Stylists use knowledge of fashion in order to put together outfits, which can be used in Styling Battles. Rather than just being about looking good, it's also about using clothing to its full potential and being confident.[1]

Stylists can compete in the yearly Fantasy Styling Contest in order to win the title of Royal Stylist of Lilith.[2] Ten stylists were also selected to join the Iron Rose Stylist Legion, a notorious group under the leadership of Queen Elle of Pigeon Kingdom.[3] There are schools for stylists as well.[4]

Two notable stylists are Queen Elle and Hostess L, who are known for winning the styling contests in the Nine-Day War in the year 672.[5]

Designers Edit

Designers come up with ideas for clothing, which can then be crafted and worn.

There are a number of schools for designers, with two well-known ones being Lilith's Cicia Design School[6] and Apple's Rawding Academy.[7] Designers can choose to work for any company that creates clothing, such as the Apple Federation Apparel Group.[8] They can also design clothes by themselves and display their talents at the annual Designer's Tea Party. Some designers choose to focus on a certain type of clothing, such as Starlet, a wedding dress designer.

Two notable designers are the Ancient Pavilion Designer and King Sayet, who are considered masters of their craft.[9] Sayet's designs are considered beautiful but difficult to craft due to the materials needed.[10]





Other Edit

  • Models display clothing, especially to show off designs. Unlike stylists, they do not create outfits out of the clothes. They were seen most at the Designer's Tea Party, with even Neva, Royce's bodyguard, serving as a model for him.[11] One of the most famous models in the year 680 is Hiber of the Mercury Group.[12]
  • Makeup artists also assist in helping models apply makeup.[13]

Leadership and Government Edit

Federal Policewoman

A policewoman from the Apple Federation.

Apple Federation Edit

For more information, see Apple Government.

Apple Federation's government is located in Welton, which is named after a previous president.[14] The president has the ability to go to war, as shown by the current president's decision to join the side of the North Kingdom in the year 680.[15]

Apple Federation has its own police force. Their police officers tend to be competent, calm and experienced, and they are equipped with advanced microphone and GPS technology.[16] They have faced a number of criminals, including the notorious Curt.[17]

They also have their own army. Soldiers, such as the military officer Orlando, are trained at the Apple Military Academy.[18]

Lilith Kingdom Edit

Lilith Kingdom has both a royal family and a government which co-operate to help rule the nation.[19] They also have the Royal Guard, which is a group that works for and protects the Royal Family.

Cloud Empire Edit

The Cloud Empire is ruled by four families, which each have control over one geographical region. A group called the Imperial Court, which is headquartered in Cloud Capital and led by the Regent Bai Yongxi, makes decisions and leads the country.[20][21] The Cloud Empress is officially the empress of the country as well, but she is too young to make decisions.

Pigeon Kingdom Edit

The Pigeon Kingdom is a monarchy, and it is currently ruled by Queen Elle. She also has her own guards, which protect her and the palace.[22]

Pigeon also has a separate structure of leadership within the Pigeon Forest, in which every season is guarded by a powerful elf.[23]

Republic of Wasteland Edit

The Republic of Wasteland, rather than having a central government, is divided up into several different tribes. Each tribe has its own leader. Tribes generally also have an archpriest.[24][25]

North Kingdom Edit

North Kingdom is ruled by a king.[26] Historically, kings in North have had total sovereignty.[27] They also have an expansive army.

Assassins Edit



Despite the Blood Curse in Miraland, there exist those who will commit acts of violence. Bai Jinjin's father hired Dansu, a well-known assassin, to retrieve her and bring her back to him when she ran away from home.[28] Additionally, an assassin killed Bobo's father when he did not hand over a valuable design.[29]

The most wanted criminal in the Apple Federation is Shade, who works for the League Tyr.[30]

Other Jobs Edit


Arts & Entertainment





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