Jia Yuanbao is a character in Love Nikki. He is a friend of Bai Yongxi who attended the White Blossom Banquet.


Year 680 Edit

Jia Yuanbao received an invitation to attend the White Blossom Banquet. Outside the banquet, he ran into Bai Yongxi and expressed surprise that he was there, considering Bai Yongxi was under the control of his strict family and had not received an invitation of his own. Bai Yongxi took Jia Yuanbao's invitation while he wasn't looking and told him to hold a police badge. Confused, and then noticing the missing invitation, distressed, he called after Bai Yongxi[1].

Nikki and her friends then approached him, having been given extra invitations by Joe. Jia Yuanbao immediately began to call out praises to them, which made Momo uncomfortable. He gave them the police badge as a thank-you[1].

References Edit

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