Living in the ocean behind Pigeon Forest, Miss Jellyfish enjoys a relaxing lifestyle.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Coat
Style: Fairy
Attributes: Cute Pure
Rarity: H3
Color(s): Blue
Wardrobe #: 47
Obtained by: Stage 4-1 (Princess)
Pavilion of Mystery
Pavilion of Fantasy

Jellyfish can be obtained by completing Stage V1: 4-1 Rainy Seashore City (Princess). It can also be obtained by random drop from the Pavilion of Mystery and Pavilion of Fantasy.

Appearance Edit

A pastel-blue translucent piece intended to go over another outfit. It has detached sleeves and a looping neckline that fastens at the front of the throat with a blue four-ring pin that has a pearl necklace sewn to it. All edges of the dress are lined with ruffles, and there is a bubble motif throughout.

Evolution Edit

Evolves into: Edit

Crafting Edit

Used to craft: Edit

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Cool
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