Invading Fire

Invading Fire

Invading Fire 2

Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Art of War
Color(s): Red.Blue/Brown/Gold
Obtained by: Art of War Event
Completion Reward:

Invading Fire is a Story Suit that could be obtained the Art of War Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing World Burning Fire, Legendary Defeat, Horn Pointing at Sky, Fire Hunter, Burning Hell and 40 Diamond.

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[1] It was late at night. The house of the Zhan clan was in dead silence.

Inside a small room in the Qinglian Courtyard, Zhan Qiu was bathing in moonlight in front of the mirror. As he tore off the lifelike mask from his head, a beautiful but dangerous man showed his real face. It was Zhu Yuxian.

The people of the Cloud Empire believe the full moon will always grant peace to the country, and those travelling abroad will also receive its blessings. 'No calamity would befall tonight, with the full moon in the sky.'

However, Zhu Yuxian knew the fact would be on the contrary. Wars were going to start tonight as he planned.

It was destined to be a sleepless night.

Far away in the palace at the capital, the lights were always on in Wenying Hall.

Bai Yongxi was sitting in front of piles of files alone, with his hand on the forehead. He didn't seem to be looking at the papers, but something hidden behind.

The war tonight was already inevitable. He could have stopped it, but only through the spread of chaos could he have an insight into the plot behind.

The small profit brought by temporary peace meant nothing compared to stopping the real plot.

But things would happen after the war, so he must think very carefully before taking the next step, the critical step.

It was hours before dawn. Bai Yongxi finally turned a page of the book.

Time flew.

After three months, on New Year's Eve the war in the empire eased off, as if everyone was preparing for the Spring Festival.

But Bai Yongxi didn't let down his guards. He was clear that under the seemingly peaceful surface a storm was fermenting, and it would strike at any time.

A storm was too wild a stimulation to the country. What he wanted was a breeze, a breeze that would change the country mildly and breed their descendants or generations and generations.

After millions of games on the chessboard, Bai Yongxi managed to stimulate all the possible situations in his mind, including how his opponents would react. Anyone who dared to challenge him wouldn't stand a chance.

As Bai Yongxi stared at the direction where the Brocade City lay, a thick cloud seemed to be coming over.

At that time, the rumor about the divine palace above the Brocade City was spread over the country. It was said the Bixiao Goddess was trying to save the country, so she has come forth to the world with the Blue Sky Tower.

Zhu Yuxian couldn't help but sneer. The Blue Sky Tower was never built to protect the country, instead it was an omen of war.

'Destiny is nothing more than a rumor people make up to deceive themselves.'

'They bet everything including their lives on some illusions, just to explain how incompetent they are.'

'And the curse of blood is like an impregnable chain that deprives people of the power to fight against Destiny, turning them into permanent prisoners.' 'It's like an endless-loop, dragging them to desperation.'

'This crap should have been removed long ago.'

'The order could never be rebuilt until this loop is ended.'

Bai Yongxi's reaction was actually part of Zhu Yuxian's plan. The situation was totally under his control.

It was midnight of another day. The lights were out in Wenying Hall, and the moonlight went dim after going through the window. As the door was closed, Zhu Yuxian smiled from inside.

Red moonlight shone. Lying on fire, Bixiao turned into a human. Fighting spirit rose, and invasion was fierce.
Heat Fade Away

The battle was about to begin. She waited for it with her poisonous arrow fitted to the string.
Divine Pearl

Fire turned earth into hell. The sun is like a red lotus. There is a vague figure shooting the sun with bow.
Sky Red Lotus

Wearing thigh boots with golden lines, she stood on the huge war drum. The fierce fire just cannot harm her.
Gold Thread Boot

Red represents desire and dark blue ambition. War is a game for the strong. You fight and scheme to gain.
Flames of War

Danced with the sound of wind, fire and music, her flying hem and dark golden eyes made her the flame.
Silver Fading Heat

Made of horn and fur of beasts, the bow helped her to destroy heaven palace and shoot stars.
Break the Sun and Setting the Sky on Fire

Sing! Fight! With this fire and fighting spirit! Standing on earth, she can reach sky and destroy everything.
Jail of Langya

The arrows she shot flied with fire, killing and burning. She stood at the horizon, despising all.
Looking Down on Livings

I have no interest in power and no sympathy to others. I want to set fire to earth and do anything I like.
World Burning Fire

For me, set fires, beat drums, build hathpace and spread my story. Those who oppose me shall perish.
Legendary Defeat

Huo is the embodiment of fight and kill. Like fire, she follows her own heart, despite pains of all men.
Horn Pointing at Sky

Fire waves gathered and became soldiers. My bow! With thy I fight all heroes! My fighting spirit never dies.
Fire Hunter


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