Indistinct Lines[1] is the 42nd Monthly Sign-In suit. It does not have a completion reward as it is not in the gallery, making it a Hidden Suit.

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With sea breeze and seagulls, this is the first choice for summer vacation. The coast shines brilliantly.
Golden Coastline

Semi-transparent fabric is both sexy and breathable. This is the privilege of summer.
Indistinct Lines

High split and lace designs are very popular this year. Though it's long, it doesn't feel stuffy at all.
Cool Black

The black and white canvas shoes are soft and comfortable, and when you walk, the metal heel clicks like piano keys.
Metal Contrast Colors

The strong summer sunshine should not be trifled with. Physical or chemical, suncare starts with the hat.
Summer Frontline

The broad metal bracelet brings out your thin wrist. It clinks clearly when you raise the arm.
Mysterious Meteorite

Notes Edit

  1. The name Indistinct Lines is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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