Icy Sweet Fairyland
Icy Sweet Fairyland
The Icing Fairy is patrolling in this wonderland. The lantern in her hand lights up the road home.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Dress
Style: Fairy
Attributes: GorgeousElegant
Rarity: H5
Color(s): White/Blue
Wardrobe #: 884
Obtained by: Christmas Adventure event

Icy Sweet Fairyland could be obtained during the Christmas Adventure event and can now be obtained through Recipe Crafting.


A pale blue, glittering textured dress with many ruffled skirt layers cut at an angle on the right corner. Silver chains adorned with ornate snowflakes wrap around the waist. Long flowing sleeves are worn on the arm with bare shoulders.

Crafting Edit

Crafted from: Edit

Recipe: Edit

The recipe can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 22 Starlight Coin.

Used to craft: Edit

Gallery SuitEdit

Icy Sweet Fairyland is part of the Festivals suit Rondo of Snowy Night.

The other parts of this suit are Ice Flower Cream, Ice Star Hair, Ice Cloak, Crystal Shoes, Snow Night Lantern and Snow Bell Deer Shadow.


Gorgeous Elegant Mature Pure Warm
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