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Huo Qizhou is a character in Love Nikki. He is the former general of Lor River City.

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Huo Qizhou is arrogant and cowardly, and did not take the threats to Cloud City seriously enough for him to involve his own army despite multiple people urging him to act. He had a careless demeanor, which alarmed those who wanted to help with the situation.

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Year 680 Edit

Huo Qizhou was promoted to general of Lor River City around this year.[3] He was alerted to the impending attack on Cloud City by the League Tyr. However, despite calls to action by Lunar,[4] Zhong Lizi,[3] and Nikki,[1] he did not send the army of Lor River City to reinforce Cloud City. His only action was to burn down all the villages and roads in the path of the League Tyr in order to slow them down, intending to attack them once they were fatigued. During his time as general, he also stopped all mail from going into Cloud City, which prevented Lunar from getting a last letter from her mother before she visited the Lor River City military camp herself.[4][3]

Following Nidhogg's successful occupation of the city and Lunar's death at his hands, Nikki and her friends made it out of Cloud City and went to Lor River City to meet with Huo Qizhou again and warn him that Nidhogg would likely attack the other cities in Cloud next. He was shocked at the news that Nidhogg had used violence and invoked the Blood Curse. When he learned that the Iron Rose from Pigeon had assisted, he begged Nikki to invite them in so that they could join forces, refusing to hear that they were no longer involved.[5] Following the news, Huo Qizhou was determined to recapture Cloud City himself despite Counselor Zhu Ruosheng, the military advisor to Lor River City, telling him that new orders were on the way. Despite Huo Qizhou's insistence that Nikki and her friends stay at the military camp, Zhu Ruosheng and Zhong Lizi helped them escape in the night.[6]

Zhong Lizi confronted Huo Qizhou, detailing exactly where he went wrong and telling him that the Imperial Court will put him on trial. In response, Huo Qizhou locked Zhong Lizi in a cell for half a month for his "arrogance".[7] However, before his sentence was over, an emissary from Cloud Capital arrived with the orders that Huo Qizhou was to be relieved of duty and Zhong Lizi was to take his place as General.[2]

Relationships Edit

Lunar Edit

Huo Qizhou viewed Lunar as innocent and too young to be involved in war. When she traveled all the way to Lor River City to request assistance, he proposed that she stay at the military camp to make a battle plan rather than return to Cloud City, which offended her due to how much danger Cloud City was in. She urged him to take action and was greatly saddened by his unwillingness. When he revealed that it was him who had burned down the roads around Cloud City, she was reduced to shocked anger.[4]

Zhong Lizi Edit

Zhong Lizi worked as a military officer under Huo Qizhou, but was frustrated and disappointed by his lack of action. His anger culminated in a confrontation of Huo Qizhou following Lunar's death, in which he called Huo Qizhou's tactics cowardly and detailed all three of Huo Qizhou's most significant mistakes. In response. Huo Qizhou locked him up for half a month, until an emissary from Cloud Capital relieved Huo Qizhou of duty and promoted Zhong Lizi to his place.[7][2]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized)
International International (English) Huo Qizhou
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 霍启洲
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Hawk Chason

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