House in Forest

House in Forest is a long-term Wish Court pavilion where players can wish (draw) to obtain furniture. The player can wish once for free every 48 hours. A normal wish costs 40 Diamonds Diamond. Five wishes may be made at one time for 200 Diamonds Diamond. First time wishes are 50% off. This guarantees 4-5 heart furniture. The player can also use Wish Tickets. Its theme is cottage.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare Furniture H6Edit

Icon Name Style Type
EchoesIcon Echoes Apple Tag Ornament
NaturalDaysandWhiteDeerIcon Natural Days and White Deer Apple Tag Wall Decor
NaturalTranquilTimesIcon Natural Tranquil Times Apple Tag Wall Decor

5-star Super Rare H5Edit

Icon Name Style Type
BrightWindowsillIcon Bright Windowsill Apple Tag Window
LeisureGreenDreamIcon Leisure Green Dream Apple Tag Wall
SpringinFebruaryIcon Spring in February Apple Tag Wall
WildSnowfieldIcon Wild Snowfield Apple Tag Carpet
IvyGardenIcon Ivy Garden Apple Tag Carpet
NaturalWorktopIcon Natural Worktop Apple Tag Kitchen
GoodNightandSweetDreamIcon Good Night and Sweet Dream Apple Tag Bed
NaturalCabinetCombinationIcon Natural Cabinet Combination Apple Tag Kitchen
CreamFabricSofaIcon Cream Fabric Sofa Apple Tag Chair

4-star Treasured H4Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CoffeeAffairIcon Coffee Affair Apple Tag Floor
NewBeginningIcon New Beginning Apple Tag Small Appliance
EveningFloorLampIcon Evening Floor Lamp Apple Tag Major Appliance
EarlySummerFlowersIcon Early summer Flowers Apple Tag Plant
SucculentGardenIcon Succulent Garden Apple Tag Plant
GreenPlantinBottleIcon Green Plant in Bottle Apple Tag Plant
WhisperofFlowersIcon Whisper of Flowers Apple Tag Plant
CornerDecorationIcon Corner Decoration Apple Tag Ornament
HappyHomeIcon Happy Home Apple Tag Plant
ForeignPottedFirIcon Foreign Potted Fir Apple Tag Plant
DreamSuitcaseIcon Dream Suitcase Apple Tag Ornament
NaturalWandererIcon Natural Wanderer Apple Tag Wall Decor
ForestandLineIcon Forest and Line Apple Tag Carpet
BraidedLinesIcon Braided Lines Apple Tag Carpet
BeautifulTimeIcon Beautiful Time Apple Tag Carpet
StoryofFarMountainIcon Story of Far Mountain Apple Tag Ornament
ManorOakChairIcon Manor Oak Chair Apple Tag Chair
SeaBreezeArmchairIcon Sea Breeze Armchair Apple Tag Chair
DeliciousDiningCarIcon Delicious Dining Car Apple Tag Kitchen
WoodenClassicDiningTableIcon Wooden Classic Dining Table Apple Tag Table
SeaBreezeWoodenCabinetIcon Sea Breeze Wooden Cabinet Apple Tag Table
CreamSofaStoolIcon Cream Sofa Stool Apple Tag Chair
ClassicOakCabinetIcon Classic Oak Cabinet Apple Tag Cabinet
ClassicalBookcaseIcon Classical Bookcase Apple Tag Cabinet
DreamersBookcaseIcon Dreamer's Bookcase Apple Tag Cabinet

3-star Treasured H3Edit

Icon Name Style Type
FreeMansRadioIcon Free Man's Radio Apple Tag Small Appliance
FruitNotebookIcon Fruit Notebook Apple Tag Small Appliance
NaturalLampIcon Natural Lamp Apple Tag Small Appliance
ShimmerCandlestickIcon Shimmer Candlestick Apple Tag Ornament
ScatteredBooksIcon Scattered Books Apple Tag Ornament
BumperFruitBasketIcon Bumper Fruit Basket Apple Tag Ornament
AfternoonTimesIcon Afternoon Times Apple Tag Ornament
JourneyMemoriesIcon Journey Memories Apple Tag Ornament
SimpleWhiteChoppingBoardIcon Simple White Chopping Board Apple Tag Ornament
GourmetSoupPotIcon Gourmet Soup Pot Apple Tag Ornament
TransparentSeasoningJarIcon Transparent Seasoning Jar Apple Tag Ornament
SeaBreezeTablewareIcon Sea Breeze Tableware Apple Tag Ornament
WaitingforRainIcon Waiting for Rain Apple Tag Ornament
SunnyLaundryBasketIcon Sunny Laundry Basket Apple Tag Ornament
GlowingClockIcon Glowing Clock Apple Tag Wall Decor
MulberryFruitandVegetableBasketIcon Mulberry Fruit and Vegetable Basket Apple Tag Ornament
HappyMoodIcon Happy Mood Apple Tag Plant
GreenHouseplantIcon Green Houseplant Apple Tag Plant
SinginginSpringIcon Singing in Spring Apple Tag Wall Decor
RhombicTextureIcon Rhombic Texture Apple Tag Carpet
WoodenRoundTableIcon Wooden Round Table Apple Tag Table
WhiteTowerDiningChairIcon White Tower Dining Chair Apple Tag Chair
CreamClassicDoubleCabinetIcon Cream Classic Double Cabinet Cloud Tag Table
NaturalCabinetIcon Natural Cabinet Apple Tag Cabinet
SimpleWhiteLongTableIcon Simple White Long Table Apple Tag Table
WoodenShelfIcon Wooden Shelf Apple Tag Table
ElegantWoodenCabinetIcon Elegant Wooden Cabinet Apple Tag Table
DreamersDeskIcon Dreamer's Desk Apple Tag Cabinet
SweetDreamLampIcon Sweet Dream Lamp Pigeon Tag Small Appliance
MorningDewandFlowersIcon Morning Dew and Flowers Apple Tag Plant
SucculentPlantIcon Succulent Plant Apple Tag Plant
ElegantCoffeeTableIcon Elegant Coffee Table Apple Tag Table
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