Hostess L is a character in Love Nikki. She is best known for winning the Nine-Day War along with Queen Elle and obtaining one of the three legacy treasures, only to disappear.[1]



Hostess L is described as a common girl with pink hair. In her short appearance in the prologue, she has a smile on her face and is wearing a dark blue turtleneck dress with a frilly white apron. Her pink hair is long and extends past her back.


Nobody truly knows what Hostess L is like, due to the fact that she disappeared immediately after the contest. A countess who is fond of gossip described her as a "top-secret person".[2]


Year 672 Edit

Hostess L competed in the Nine-Day War and won one of King Sayet's treasures. The other two went to Queen Elle. She was a newcomer, not an existing master stylist, and nobody seemed to know who she was. She quickly disappeared after the Nine Day's War was over and has not been seen since.[1]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized)
International International (English) Hostess L
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 家庭主婦L (Jiātíng zhǔfù L, Housewife L)
Japanese Flag Japan 専業主婦L (Sengyō shufu L, Housewife L)
Korean Flag South Korea 핑크 소녀 (Pingkeu sonyeo, Pink Girl)

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References Edit

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