Hosiery (or socks) are items that you may collect through various ways within Love Nikki that can help you complete levels. You may also use them in the Stylist's Arena, Competitions, and Free Dressing. The hosiery category was recently separated into hosiery and leglets/anklets, which can be worn simultaneously.

This list is still under construction. If you want to help, please click on one of the red links and create a page for the item.

List of Hosiery Edit

# Item Type
1Evening SnowHosiery
2Cloud Socks-BlueHosiery
3Cloud Socks-PinkHosiery
4Cloud Socks-WhiteHosiery
5Innocence SocksHosiery
6Student Socks-BlueHosiery
7Student Socks-BrownHosiery
8British Plaid-BrownHosiery
9British Plaid-WhiteHosiery
10British Plaid-BlueHosiery
11British Plaid-PinkHosiery
12White Kitten TaleHosiery
13Golden Kitten TaleHosiery
14Floral Kitten TaleHosiery
15Honey StarHosiery
16Mint StarHosiery
17Night StarHosiery
18Teddy Footprint-BrownHosiery
19Teddy Footprint-BlueHosiery
20Teddy Footprint-BlackHosiery
21Rose BranchHosiery
22Mechanical AttitudeHosiery
23Glamorous MoodHosiery
24Black StripeHosiery
25Gray & White StripesHosiery
26Pink & White StripesHosiery
27Blue & White StripesHosiery
28Polka Dot-PinkHosiery
29Polka Dot-YellowHosiery
30Polka Dot-PurpleHosiery
31Polka Dot-BlueHosiery
32Cotton Socks-BeigeHosiery
33Cotton Socks-BlueHosiery
34Cotton Socks-PinkHosiery
35Low-pitched StockingsHosiery
37Nurse StockingsHosiery
38Cloud WalkHosiery
39Fallen FlowerHosiery
40Vanilla MilkshakeHosiery
41Vanilla Milkshake-RareHosiery
42Vanilla Milkshake-EpicHosiery
43Marine FlowerHosiery
44Marine Flower-RareHosiery
45Marine Flower-EpicHosiery
47Fresh SocksLeglet
48Reindeer SocksHosiery
49Alice's SocksHosiery
50Vampire FlowerHosiery
51Victoria's SecretHosiery
52Queen's TemptationHosiery
53Lunar KnightHosiery
54Sling net socksHosiery
55Magic FlowerHosiery
56The DollHosiery
57Over-knee StockingsHosiery
58Student Sports SocksHosiery
59Heart BubbleHosiery
60Housemaid StockingsHosiery
61Little Fishnet SocksHosiery
62Middle Fishnet SocksHosiery
63Large Fishnet SocksHosiery
64Hollowed-out TightsHosiery
65Hollowed-out LeggingsHosiery
66Thin Silk StockingsHosiery
67Common StockingsHosiery
69White StockingsHosiery
83Pink Striped StockingsHosiery
84Blue Striped StockingsHosiery
85Red Striped StockingsHosiery
86Yellow Striped StockingsHosiery
90Designer's LifeHosiery
91Fishnet LaceHosiery
92Fishnet StockingsHosiery
93Orchid Love-EpicHosiery
94Purple Orchid Love-EpicHosiery
97Maple NightHosiery
98Maple Night-RareHosiery
99Maple Night-EpicHosiery
100Equinox FlowerHosiery
101Orchid LoveHosiery
102Orchid Love-RareHosiery
103Sparrow IndigoLeglet
104Crimson IndigoHosiery
105Fairy TaleHosiery
106Fairy Tale-RareHosiery
107Fairy Tale-EpicHosiery
108Mint LeafHosiery
109Green TeaHosiery
113Student SocksHosiery
114Diva's AnkletLeglet
115Christmas CocoaHosiery
116Warm Maple SyrupHosiery
117Warm Sugar WaterHosiery
118Chocolate Milk FoamHosiery
120Princess's PromHosiery
121Fondant Lace-PinkHosiery
122Fondant Lace-BlueHosiery
123Fondant Lace-GrayHosiery
136Illusory NocturneHosiery
137Little PlateHosiery
139Anchor StockingsHosiery
140Devout Flower-StockingsHosiery
141Maiden Student SocksHosiery
142Sweet CreamHosiery
143Leather SocksHosiery
144Candy Heart-SocksHosiery
145Floral FantasyHosiery
146Starry NightHosiery
147Cloud of BrocadeHosiery
148Cake CookieHosiery
149Pink RabbitHosiery
150Rock Stockings-BlueHosiery
151Rock Stockings-BlackHosiery
156Etiquette -BlackHosiery
157Etiquette -WhiteHosiery
160Blooming FlowerHosiery
161Old DaysHosiery
162Vintage MoodHosiery
165Studded Sock WeltsLeglet
166Pastry FootprintHosiery
167Butterfly StockingsHosiery
169Fresh RosesHosiery
171Prime Secretary-SocksHosiery
172Locco's ComplexHosiery
173Noble ChildeHosiery
174Galaxy Sock WeltsLeglet
175Twisty CakeHosiery
176Twisty Cake-BrownHosiery
177Twisty Cake-PurpleHosiery
179Snowy Night BalladHosiery
180Snowy Night OdeHosiery
181Transparent StockingsHosiery
182Dreamy StockingsHosiery
183Heart StockingsHosiery
184Crucifix's TraceHosiery
185Thigh-high StockingsHosiery
186Trueness DancerHosiery
201Garden of LoveHosiery
203Black DesireHosiery
204Snow-white BodyHosiery
206Knitting Braid SocksHosiery
207Gray DotHosiery
208Silk CloudHosiery
209Knee Stockings-BlackHosiery
210Knee Stockings-WhiteHosiery
211Lunar RippleLeglet
212Woolen SocksHosiery
213Garter SocksHosiery
214Elf AnkletLeglet
215Elf Anklet-RareLeglet
216Elf Anklet-EpicLeglet
217Bunny's FavoriteHosiery
218Bunny's Favorite-RareHosiery
219Gray Knitting SocksHosiery
220Edge-folded SocksHosiery
226Classical Socks-RedHosiery
227Classical Socks-BlueHosiery
231Sci-fi SoulHosiery
232Sci-fi Soul-RoseHosiery
233Twist Socks-BlackHosiery
234Twist Socks-GrayHosiery
235Twist Socks-BrownHosiery
238Assassin StockingsHosiery
239The RivuletHosiery
240Sweet GarterHosiery
241Sweet Garter-BlueHosiery
242Sweet Garter-ToffeeHosiery
243Officer's PistolLeglet
244Gray-white StockingsHosiery
245Gray-white Long StripeHosiery
246Gray-White StripeHosiery
247Good WineHosiery
248Dainty DishHosiery
249Accompanied InnocenceHosiery
250Handcraft StockingsHosiery
251Handcraft Stockings-BlackHosiery
253Pumpkin PHosiery
255Floral StockingsHosiery
258Brown Ankle SocksHosiery
259Beige Ankle SocksHosiery
260Pumpkin Party-NightHosiery
261Heart SocksHosiery
262Heart Socks-RareHosiery
263Heart Socks-BlueHosiery
264Wheat Field StockingsHosiery
265Ink RippleHosiery
266Aristocratic StockingsHosiery
267The WinnerHosiery
268Star StockingsHosiery
269Chocolate StockingsHosiery
270Chocolate Stockings-BrownHosiery
276Cross TearHosiery
277Lemon SodaHosiery
279Tactical BagLeglet
280Heroine's SocksHosiery
281Snowflake SocksHosiery
287Pink Spring BowsHosiery
289Knitting LeggingsHosiery
290Solemn StockingsHosiery
291Sweet Sour LeafHosiery
292Tender HoneyHosiery
293Gold Foil RumHosiery
294Gold Foil Rum-RareHosiery
295Radiant JoyHosiery
296Radiant Joy-BlueHosiery
297Pink Heart SocksHosiery
298Flower Moon FlameHosiery
299Tactical Bag-PurpleLeglet
300Heroine's Socks-PurpleHosiery
301Leaf of LoveHosiery
302Skateboard StockingsHosiery
303Kitten TalkHosiery
304Cold Kitten TaleHosiery
305Warm Kitten TaleHosiery
306Thorn DanceHosiery
307Knitting SocksHosiery
308Lava SweetheartHosiery
309Clown SocksHosiery
310Dark TunnelLeglet
311Illusion TunnelLeglet
312Sweet SunshineHosiery
313Bun's DeterminationLeglet
314Fairy WhisperHosiery
315Fairy Whisper-RareHosiery
316Fairy Whisper-EpicHosiery
317Rose's WhisperHosiery
318Goblin's DewHosiery
319Goblin's DreamHosiery
320Dotted NoteHosiery
322Art of DiamondHosiery
323Waltz of YouthHosiery
324Gifty's BirthHosiery
325Toasted GinkgoHosiery
326Soft SocksHosiery
327Splendid GalaxyHosiery
328Butterfly RingLeglet
329Light CatkinLeglet
330Snowy NightHosiery
331Cute SocksHosiery
332Snowy Night-RedHosiery
334Lily StockingsHosiery
336Soft Cotton SocksHosiery
340Whispering-Dark PurpleHosiery
341Reclusion SocksHosiery
342Reclusion Socks-RareHosiery
343Reclusion Socks-EpicHosiery
344Reclusion Socks-FantasyHosiery
345Messenger SocksHosiery
346Messenger Socks-RareHosiery
347Messenger Socks-EpicHosiery
348Messenger Socks-LetterHosiery
349New CherriesHosiery
350Jungle RuleHosiery
351Camellia SocksHosiery
352Heart TerritoryHosiery
354Pencil EraserHosiery
356Green LacesLeglet
357Blue Sky's WishHosiery
358Deep Sea MelodyLeglet
359Fantasy MarshmallowHosiery
360Sunrise at SeaLeglet
362Charming NightHosiery
363Nostalgic MoodHosiery
364Ribbon SocksHosiery
365Ribbon Socks-RareHosiery
366Ribbon Socks-EpicHosiery
367Ribbon Socks-DreamHosiery
368Shepherd SocksHosiery
369Alfalfa's SecretHosiery
370Memorial of GrowthHosiery
371Moonlit ButterflyHosiery
372Power CruiseHosiery
379Slovenly LookHosiery
380Cute Rabbit StockingsHosiery
381Butterfly GartersLeglet
382Butterfly Garters-NightLeglet
383Being YourselfHosiery
384Midnight FlowerHosiery
385Midnight Flower - RareHosiery
386Midnight Flower - EpicHosiery
387Spiritual VowLeglet
388Goddess ConstraintHosiery
389Road of FaithHosiery
390Revenge RoadHosiery
391Musical StockingsHosiery
392Dusk ShadowHosiery
395Grey High Waist SocksHosiery
396Fox Says-AhHosiery
398Pear BlossomHosiery
400Snow in SkyHosiery
401Snow in Sky - FeatherHosiery
403Twilight StepsLeglet
405Winter Love-BottomHosiery
406Black SecretHosiery
407Holy Night LightHosiery
408Federation StarlightHosiery
409Crow Head SockHosiery
410Time DirectionHosiery
411Time Direction-NightHosiery
412Area of OceanHosiery
413Fireside ChatsHosiery
414Returning SwallowHosiery
415Twinkling StarsHosiery
419Distorted ViewHosiery
420Fantastic JourneyHosiery
424Blue Heart DotHosiery
425Childish DreamHosiery
426Kid UnknownHosiery
427Night JourneyHosiery
428Ganghood StoryLeglet
429Adventure StoryHosiery
432Maple HuntLeglet
433Fantastic Journey-StarHosiery
434Fantastic Journey-DarkHosiery
444Wings of FreedomHosiery
447Program RulesHosiery
449Soft Warm SocksHosiery
450Soft Warm Socks - GorgeousHosiery
451Soft Warm Socks - TreasuredHosiery
452Soft Warm Socks - MemoryHosiery
453Song of FreedomHosiery
454Daytime StarsHosiery
455Cross GridHosiery
456Batting StockingsHosiery
459Sakura SocksHosiery
460Visit of SpringHosiery
461Starlight of NightHosiery
462Foolish SomniloquyHosiery
464Soft Cute Printed SocksHosiery
466Fluffy Snowball GroupHosiery
467Assembled AestheticsHosiery
468Assembled Aesthetics - RareHosiery
469Assembled Aesthetics- EpicHosiery
470Star Road StockingsHosiery
472Youthful EmakimonoHosiery
476Innocent FactionHosiery
477Throb MomentHosiery
478 Two-colored Toffee Hosiery
479Polka Dotted LaceHosiery
481Lost MeteorHosiery
482Cashmere StockingsHosiery
487Lost Meteor - WishHosiery
488Cashmere Stockings - ClearHosiery
489Blue Feather Golden BellLeglet
490Star MelodyLeglet
491Thorny RoseLeglet
492Cotton CloudHosiery
496Heartbeat ChaseHosiery
497Exclusive KneepadLeglet
498Heart Guessing GameLeglet
507Sweet SecretHosiery
508White ChocolateLeglet
513Heaven Horse SockHosiery
514Summer ChatHosiery
515Heartbeat FireworkHosiery
516Happy Summer FestivalHosiery
522Town Soul HierogramLeglet
523Scattered SunsetHosiery
527Flower TraceLeglet
528Shadow StepHosiery
534Will of PrideHosiery
535Pursuit of GloryHosiery
536City StarlightHosiery
537City DreamLeglet
539Sweet MemoryLeglet
545Long stockingHosiery
546Lonely JourneyHosiery
550Honey TaffyHosiery
552Gallus Knee-HighHosiery
553Holographic SurroundLeglet
554Mind MusicHosiery
555Super Channel RailLeglet
558Snow BrocadeHosiery
564Warm Must-buyHosiery
566Blood Dance AdventHosiery
567Snow Scale StoneHosiery
572Asleep NightHosiery
578Glistening DreamHosiery
586Ramping on EarthHosiery
587Mesh BashHosiery
588Diamond WebHosiery
589My Beloved QueenHosiery
590Lingering SoundLeglet
592Cat StockHosiery
593Thunder StarHosiery
594Midnight DreamHosiery
595Dream IllationHosiery
596Ribbon of RotationLeglet
599Silver Grey StockingsHosiery
600Unfinished WillLeglet
601Gilt WordHosiery
602Sand of GoldHosiery
603Flower of LoveHosiery
604Subtle EmbroideryHosiery
605Miko FootwearHosiery
607Stars that can Melt SnowLeglet
608Verse Like Limpid WaterHosiery
609Verse Like Limpid Water-SmokeHosiery
610Verse Like Limpid Water-GreenHosiery
611Mellow RumHosiery
613 Night Trip Hosiery
614Fate Cat Ring BellLeglet
615Unstable FactorHosiery
616Aim at the SkyHosiery
617Stars in Six DirectionsLeglet
618Symbol of LuckHosiery
621Words of HeartHosiery
623Cloud MarshmallowHosiery
624Find EggsHosiery
642Kiss of DinosaurHosiery
643Flower in MistLeglet
646Candy BoxHosiery
649Signal PulseHosiery
650Magic DeploymentHosiery
652Knight's RulesHosiery
653Rivet DanceHosiery
654Rivet Dance-MistHosiery
655Unresistant to ColdHosiery
656Unresistant to Cold-NightHosiery
657Light Blue SeaweedLeglet
658Misty Morning and Rainy NightHosiery
659Flower of FriendshipHosiery
660Start of FriendshipHosiery
661Cure for HeartHosiery
662Green MossHosiery
663Harbor GoodbyeHosiery
664Ghost Fire in WoodsHosiery
665Death MomentLeglet
666Blood Flower WitherHosiery
667White HoneyHosiery
668Pale ColorHosiery
669Blank StaffHosiery
670Infinite CosmosHosiery
678Suspicious of ObsessionHosiery
684Heaven DivinationLeglet
686Shadow TraceHosiery
697Data OceanHosiery
698Dark VisionLeglet
699Stunning MomentHosiery
700His WordHosiery
701Undying SnowHosiery
702Broken OrderHosiery
703Corruption and RustHosiery
704Radiant ReturnLeglet
705Break the CocoonHosiery
707Dry GuiltHosiery
708Lock of SacrificeLeglet
709A Persistent WishHosiery
710True or FalseLeglet
711Sweet PoisonHosiery
712Blood and ThornHosiery
716Green AgeHosiery
717Song in NightHosiery
718Sailor's DaggerLeglet
719Unbending FaithHosiery
723Invincible WayLeglet
724Dark CloudHosiery
727Spiritual BondLeglet
728Losing ControlHosiery
743Pure DesireHosiery
744Fine IcingHosiery
745Mind RingLeglet
747Brown Sugar TimeHosiery
748Clouded StarLeglet
751Icing TalkHosiery
754Memory ReturnsHosiery
755White WishHosiery
759Dire AbyssHosiery
766Power of SpeedHosiery
767Formless YokeLeglet
780Wind Fire WheelsLeglet
785Captivating StarHosiery
786Rose DreamLeglet
787Maze of MistHosiery
790Crystal of ChangeHosiery
792Cream DecorationHosiery
793 Flower Has Come Hosiery
794 Fake News Leglet
795 White Bone Hosiery
804 Firefly Light Hosiery
805 Spring Flower Hosiery
806 3D Gradient Hosiery
807 Absolute Focus Hosiery
809 Time Collected Leglet
811 Flower Illusion Hosiery
812 Haunting Question Hosiery
815 Vanilla Ice Cream Hosiery
820 Overflowing Moonlight Hosiery
826 Bow of Morning Dew Hosiery
827 Soft Partner Hosiery
833 Desert Jewel Leglet
834 Pure White Heart Hosiery
837 Unknown Cross Hosiery
838 Dark Whirlwind Hosiery
2599 Bamboo Leaf Bracelet Leglet
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