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Special map for the Honeymoon Holyland event. Each stage has a specific theme and you will compete with other players to see who can score higher (similar to Stylist's Arena). Complete these stages to earn Oath Rings Oath Ring. You will have 3 free attempts every day and each round costs 4 Stamina. Losing will give you 3 Oath Ring and winning will give you 5. Additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond for 3 attempts.

Season 1 - Honeymoon HolylandEdit

1 - Sacred Love Sanctuary HrawiEdit

2 - Lilith BrideEdit

3 - Bride's Bouquet is Missing?Edit

4 - Wedding Banquet BeginsEdit

5 - Dream WeddingEdit

Season 2 - Hall of OathEdit

1 - Mysterious GirlEdit

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  • Mysterious Girl: The world lies in ruins. The seas rage... The earth decays... The winds die... wait... There's supposed to be a big tree around here. Weird...
  • Momo: Nikki, look at that strange girl in front of us. What is she doing?
  • Nikki: Maybe she lost her way? Let's check it out.
  • Mysterious Girl: East... South... Southeast... the astrolabe seems to be pointing in the southeast direction.
  • Mysterious Girl: Ah~! *Drowning* Help! I ca... can't swim... *Drowning* Hel... *Drowning*
  • Nikki: Ah! Momo! Oh no! She fell into the lake! Let's go save her!
  • Saving the girl...
  • Nikki: Ahh! Thank god the lake is not deep. Are you alright?
  • Mysterious Girl: *Cough* Than-Thank you for saving my life, I'm fine now... according to the astrolabe, it's correct to turn left... um...
  • Mysterious Girl: Why would a lake suddenly appear here? That's strange.
  • Momo: You are the strange one! You walk without looking! People read maps when they're lost! But you read an astrolabe!
  • Momo: Thanks to you my fur is totally soaked! Ahh... choo!!
  • Nikki: We could easily catch a cold like this! Let's change into something dry first! Dressing up as a comely girl next-door would be cute!

2 - Intern Wedding Stage DesignerEdit

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  • Mysterious Girl: Sigh! The astrology book said that I would meet someone important in the southeast direction today, and here you are! Hi there! I'm Starphenie and I'm a wedding dress designer!
  • Momo: Huh? I should have checked that book too! It would have told me that there would be a disaster in the southeast direction...
  • Nikki: Hello Starphenie! I'm Nikki and he is Momo. When we first saw you with your astrolabe we thought you were a fortuneteller.
  • Starphenie: Fortunetelling is only my hobby! Although I love studying about astrology and compasses, I work as a wedding dress designer!
  • Starphenie: Though I'm only an intern for now, I'm confident that I will become the greatest wedding dress designer in Miraland!
  • Nikki: Indeed people with a dream will always shine! Oh ya, did you lose your way just then? Where are you going?
  • Starphenie: Er...? Where am I going? Let me see... AH! Right! I am going to Hrawi for the wedding!
  • Nikki: Yeah? Hrawi? The place where we attended Bobo's friend's wedding?
  • Starphenie: Wow~! Perfect! You know where it is? Can you bring me there?
  • Momo: Well we certainly can't let an oblivious girl like you go all alone. I can't believe you are a designer and fortuneteller! Even if you're only an intern...
  • Starphenie: I... I am a real designer! How about this, Nikki, you act as my model and see how my newly designed mature and sexy suit is.

3 - Bumpy JourneyEdit

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  • Nikki: The sweet scent of Hrawi's flowers is just as I remember it!
  • Momo: I only remember the smell of grilled fish during the last wedding! Meow!
  • Starphenie: Thank you for bringing me here. Since we are in Hrawi, how about we attend my friend's wedding together?
  • Momo: Is there grilled fish at your friend's wedding too?
  • Starphenie: Um... Uh...
  • Shiyin: Hi! Starphenie! Why did you come so late? The wedding is starting!
  • Starphenie: *Sob* Shiyin! It was so hard to come and see you!
  • Shiyin: There there, don't cry... what's the matter?
  • Starphenie: I forgot your wedding gift when I was leaving in the morning... then I missed my stop when I was on the bus to Hrawi... after I got off, my wallet was stolen...
  • Starphenie: I was using the astrolabe to find my way but I fell into a lake... if it weren't for these two... I really wouldn't know what to do...
  • Shiyin: ...
  • Nikki: ...
  • Momo: ...
  • Shiyin: Did you read your own fortune when you left, Starphenie?
  • Starphenie: Of course! I predicted that today would be the perfect timing for your wedding! This very lucky day, something that only happens once every couple of centuries!
  • Momo: Why do I always feel that this girl is unreliable?
  • Shiyin: Alright! The wedding is beginning, you should quickly change into a beautiful and elegant evening dress!

4 - Sweet BrideEdit

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  • Nikki: Starphenie, you had a tough journey!
  • Starphenie: Sigh... people don't mention this embarrassing incident again. I have already gotten used to this.
  • Momo: I wonder how did you made it till today.
  • Starphenie: My master said that I have the most potential in designing and fortunetelling amongst my peers, but there always something wrong going on in my life.
  • Starphenie: So my master asked me to travel alone and broaden my horizons. I wonder if all these tough experiences has brought me one step closer to success.
  • Momo: Your master isn't worried at all to leave you alone to travel the world?!
  • Nikki: Who is Starphenie's master?
  • Starphenie: Wow! That's a Lilith bride is supposed to look like! So sweet and pretty!
  • Momo: Shiyin does not sound like a name for a Lilith girl.
  • Starphenie: Shiyin's home is the Cloud Empire, she came to Lilith Kingdom for marriage.
  • Nikki: I see. But when a girl looks beautiful as her, she'll look good in anything!
  • Momo: Nikki, come have a try. I bet you'll look great if you put on a gorgeous Lilith-style dress!

5 - Sweet Sorrow?Edit

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  • Starphenie: What's the matter, Shiyin? Today is supposed to be your big day, but look gloomy.
  • (Nikki is concerned)
  • Shiyin: Well... actually... um... I...
  • Momo: What! Do you not want to marry the groom?
  • Shiyin: That's not it! I love him! I truly wish to marry him!
  • Nikki: Then do you have any trouble you can't say?
  • Shiyin: Yes... because I love him so much, I left the Cloud Empire which is far away from Lilith to marry him, and listened to his advice to hold this wedding ceremony in the Lilith style.
  • Shiyin: Actually... I... I was hoping to wear a Cloud Empire wedding dress...
  • Starphenie: In that case, why didn't you just tell him?
  • Shiyin: I tried. But whenever I saw the joy on his face as he was enthusiastically preparing for our wedding, I just couldn't bring myself to tell him.
  • Momo: Oh wait! Starphenie, you are an intern wedding dress designer right? How about you design a traditional Cloud Empire style wedding dress for your friend?
  • Shiyin: May I? But the wedding is ending soon!
  • Starphenie: It's okay! As long as Shiyin doesn't mind the fact that I'm only an intern designer! Nikki, you can wear traditional Cloud Empire style clothes, as her bridesmaid!

Season 3 - Love Fireworks Edit

1 - Starphenie's Letter Edit

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  • Bobo: Nikki. Starphenie sent us an invitation from Hrawi.
  • Nikki: Hrawi? Isn't it the love paradise where we attended the wedding?!
  • Momo: Will that goofy maiden seer get married?
  • Bobo: Nah, the letter says that her friend was invited as a bridesmaid and she asked Starphenie to design a dress for her. So Starphenie obeyed and designed a bridesmaid dress.
  • Bobo: Starphenie wants us to go to Hrawi and check out the new bridesmaid dress!
  • Bobo: It's been a long time since I have been to the love paradise Hrawi. I better have a romantic encounter this time this time round!
  • Momo: I don't want a romantic encounter, but I really miss the seafood there!
  • Nikki: Very well, let's set out now!
  • Bobo: Wait. Since we are going to a romantic place like Hrawi, I shall wear a sweet and cute dress!
  • Momo: Hurry up! I can't wait to eat the seafood!

2 - Ominous Fortunetelling Edit

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  • Bobo: Hrawi is indeed a perfect place for a vacation. I can even smell the sea in the air.
  • Bobo: It's the smell of romance! Where are you, my romantic encounter?!
  • Momo: Ah! Ocean! Ah! My seafood!
  • (It's been an hour since the appointment time passed...)
  • Momo: So... Starphenie has gotten lost AGAIN!
  • Bobo: I hope her astrolabe didn't lead her into a lake this time...
  • Nikki: Look, that maiden who is searching for someone looks a lot like Starphenie!
  • Starphenie: Nikki, Bobo! Glad to finally find you!
  • Momo: We have been waiting for you for over an hour...
  • Starphenie: Sorry! When I was meditating, my astrolabe indicated that an accident that could disturb the wedding would occur in the twelve o'clock direction! I was going to try to stop it...
  • Bobo: What?! Someone plans to steal the bride?
  • Momo: You've been watching too many soap operas haven't you...
  • Nikki: So what exactly does the accident refer to?
  • Starphenie: The astrolabe didn't tell me... I got lost and made quite a detour while following it's instructions before reaching here.
  • Momo: I can imagine...
  • Starphenie: Fortunately, I still found you. Will you join me in finding out what this accident is?
  • Nikki: Of course!
  • Bobo: Of course! We don't want to see the wedding be disturbed either!
  • Starphenie: Good. Let's put on some sun protective walker friendly clothes and set out now!
  • Momo: I only wish Starphenie's astrolabe could guide us to the right place...

3 - Firework Accident Edit

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  • Nikki: According to the astrolabe, what exactly does the accident refer to?
  • Bobo: Is it possible that halfway through the wedding, a handsome guy breaks in and tells the bride that'I know you love me'?
  • Momo: You must have watched too many soap operas...
  • Starphenie: Maybe the bride gets lost, and she is waiting for us in front.
  • Momo: No, I think that could only happen to you...
  • Nikki: Hrawi is very close to the sea. Could it be a tsunami?
  • Momo: Nikki, don't scare me!
  • Nikki: What do you think the accident will be?
  • Momo: From what I've seen of this world, I think something will be wrong with the wedding dress and Nikki will fix it!
  • Starphenie: Here is the location that the astrolabe indicated.
  • Bridesmaid: Starphenie, so nice to see you! Could you do me a favor?
  • Nikki: Excuse me, what's going on?
  • Bridesmaid: Hi, you are Starphenie's friend, right? I am the bridesmaid. We planned to have a fireworks show at the wedding in the evening, but the person in charge of the fireworks fell ill.
  • Bridesmaid: So this is the accident that the astrolabe indicated!
  • Starphenie: So this is the accident that the astrolabe indicated!
  • Bobo: A fireworks show! Nikki, let's help them. What a pity if it is canceled due to insufficient preperation!
  • Nikki: No problem.
  • Momo: Since we want to help, we'd better put on clothes which won't stain easily!
  • Starphenie: According to the divination, we will have a lot of frilled fish to eat at night if we lend a helping hand!
  • Momo: What are we waiting for then? Let's go!

4 - Fortunate Wedding Edit

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  • Starphenie: We've finally finished preparing! Let me perform another divination for the wedding.
  • Nikki: How are things then?
  • Starphenie: So the accident that could disturb the wedding has disappeared. We will enjoy ourselves at the wedding.
  • Bobo: Yay! That's great!
  • Momo: Grilled fish! Seafood! Here I come!
  • Nikki: I'm really looking forward to the wedding today.
  • Bobo: Look, there is a flower arch made of white roses ahead of us! The lawn behind it must be the wedding venue.
  • Momo: Someone is distributing something besides the sign-in desk at the entrance, is that grilled fish?
  • Starphenie: Each lady who attends the wedding can get a woven wreath. The wreath just happens to be my lucky charm today!
  • Bobo: I think an elegance and beautiful dress will match the wreath perfectly.
  • Nikki: Remember not to dress up too nice. The bride should be the most eye-catching one today!

5 - Ball Under The Starry Sky Edit

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  • Momo: The wedding ceremony will begin soon. Let's take a seat.
  • Nikki: The bride is holding the groom's arm and walking down the aisle. They really are a good match.
  • Starphenie: Look at the bridesmaid who is scattering petals in front of them. I designed her dress. How do you like it?
  • Bobo: Although it's not quite as gorgeous as the bride's wedding dress, it is also very sweet!
  • (The ceremony ends)
  • Bobo: Their wedding vows are so touching. I wish someone would similar things to me like that...
  • Bobo: Every time we come to Hrawi, we always witness true love!
  • Momo: Every time we come to Hrawi, I always get reminded that I'm still a single cat!
  • Starphenie: After the ceremony, the fireworks show we helped to prepare will start!
  • Nikki: Fireworks blooming in the night sky, it's just too beautiful to be true.
  • Bobo: Such a beautiful night... It would be so fitting for a handsome prince to appear!!
  • Momo: Although the fireworks are beautiful, I just really wanted to eat grilled fish...
  • Starphenie: It's fantastic to see people dancing underneath the fireworks lighting up the sky. I getting a lot of inspiration!
  • Starphenie: Nikki, I want to design a dress as gorgeous as fireworks. Could you style a dress for me?
  • Nikki: Of course.

Season 4 - Dream Love Edit

1 - Spring and Flower Edit

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  • Nikki: Hela Vi in spring is so beautiful~ The sea breeze brings the fragrance. It's like a dream island in a fairytale.
  • Bobo: They say today's wedding will also be floral-themed!
  • Momo: Where is Starlet? Her letter said we would meet here... She is not lost again, right...
  • Starlet: Momo, what are you talking about?
  • Momo: Hum hum, Starlet, you are so punctual this time that you are only 10 minutes late! Good progress!
  • Bobo: Momo's praise is as sarcastic as always... Starlet, you invited us here. Do you design wedding gown this time?
  • Starlet: Nope, all the clothes and the wedding itself are by one secret designer. Though the identity remains unknown, the work is romantic!
  • Bobo: Wow, what are we waiting for. Let's go to the church now!
  • Nikki: Sure!
  • Momo: Eh?! The man over there... Doesn't he resemble Royce a bit? Wait–hey, why is he walking so fast...
  • Bobo: I'd like to meet our handsome prince in such a romantic place, but he's been up to the reconstruction of Starry Corridor.
  • Bobo: Momo, wake up. It's not the time for noon nap.
  • Momo: No! I really saw him. That's 100% Royce...
  • Starlet: Let's see what my divination says... Hmm, the star says we will meet a friend on the island today!
  • Momo: What I said! It's Royce!
  • Bobo: Alright. Suppose I'm to meet the prince. I'd better change into fresh mori-girl suit. Nikki, help me!
  • Nikki: Sure!

2 - Star and Friend Edit

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  • Momo: Hey, isn't that Neva over there? That's odd, we found her before Royce...
  • Nikki: Hi, Neva! Are you here for the wedding, too?
  • Bobo: Is Royce with you? Shouldn't you be linked together?
  • Neva: I'm looking for him too. You saw my master?
  • Momo: What? He's sneaking out again? Cannot he act like a real king?
  • Neva: Not like that. He loves the country more than anyone. Since Queen went lost, he shouldered a lot of pressure.
  • Neva: Though he left Royal City without telling us, he already arranged everything.
  • Nikki: I didn't know Royce was so reliable.
  • Bobo: Of course, he's the King! So, Neva comes to take him back?
  • Neva: No, Master left a letter before he left. He told us he would be here and return in 3 days.
  • Momo: So you come to secure his safety?
  • Neva: Partially. I come here because I found master forgot to take one important thing. I have to give it to him.
  • Bobo: Wow... No wonder Neva is our Royal Guard! Considerate, loyal, and cool.
  • Momo: Nikki, let's fulfill Bobo's wish to make her elegant and cool like Neva!

3 - Flower and Dress Edit

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  • Nikki: Momo seemed to see him before, but he disappeared in a blink...
  • Starlet: I may help with my astrolabe. Let's see he's in which direction.
  • Momo: ... Does it really work? What if it points to the sea...
  • Bobo: Don't say anything ominous!
  • Starlet: Let me see... The result says your friend is in a place surrounded by flowers and there are lots of magnificent costumes around.
  • Nikki: Flower and costume? Isn't that the wedding hall?
  • Bobo: Definitely! Neva, let's go!
  • Neva: Perhaps I should avoid him. He seemed to think I'm taking him back so he kept avoiding me all the way.
  • Neva: He's under great pressure. I don't want to ruin his mood. Nikki, can you help me give this box to him?
  • Nikki: Yeah... But are you leaving already?
  • Neva: No, I'll be around the church with others to protect master.
  • Bobo: Good, we'll help you hand over it to him. Nikki, change clothes convenient to move and go to the church!

4 - Heart and Ring Edit

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  • Bobo: Starlet, your divination is so accurate. Royce is already here!
  • Royce: Nikki, Bobo, Momo, and a new friend... Long time no see! Why are you here?
  • Nikki: We heard Hela Vi is to launch a flower-themed wedding so we come here. We didn't expect yo meet you here~
  • Royce: My dear, pretty lady friends, it's a sweet surprise to meet you. However, if anyone asks, could you please pretend we never saw each other?
  • Momo: Same old... Wait! I seemed to hear those words somewhere before...
  • Royce: Today, I'm just a designer who wants to help a friend finish the most important wedding. Please.
  • Starlet: Ah... So you are the secret designer!
  • Royce: Hush! Please keep this between us!
  • Bobo: Will do~ Ah, Nikki, the box Neva gave you!
  • Royce: What? Neva? She's here?
  • Bobo: Haha, don't panic. Neva is not taking you back~
  • Nikki: Yeah, it's an item you forgot. And she said I have to give it to you myself.
  • Royce: Ah, the box... that's odd, I thought I brought it along...
  • (Royce opened the box. Inside it is a handmade ring. The shanks are formed into petals which cuddle a brilliant diamond.)
  • Bobo: Wow! The ring is too beautiful! Is it a part of wedding suit?
  • Royce: Ah... Now I get it. I was in such a hurry that I brought the sample instead of the real one... I owe you a lot.
  • Nikki: Not us. It's Neva!
  • Bobo: Neva's Quest, accomplished! Nikki, the band is starting to play! Let's find a seat!
  • Royce: My friends, go change into some floral clothing first and attend the wedding in the church. I'll be there later.
  • Momo: Ah? The wedding is starting soon. Where are you going...
  • Bobo: Momo... Of course, the prince is to thank his loyal and helpful guard~

5 - Love and Ceremony Edit

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  • (Outside the church)
  • Royce: Neva, I know you're here. You can come out now.
  • Neva: Is something the matter, Master?
  • Royce: Something is definitely the matter! Something serious! For a wedding I designed myself, you don't come to have look...
  • Neva: Master, as a guard, I should not interrupt you.
  • Royce: Neva... are you upset with me? You can here just to deliver the ring to me, but I misunderstood your intentions...
  • Neva: Not at all, Master. A royal guard's duty is to protect the King. That's my duty.
  • Royce: Neva, like I said, though I'm the King now, you can just get along with me like before.
  • Neva: ... But it's still different. I think it's appropriate like this.
  • Royce: I understand. But you obviously are caring about my design, you can even find the ring I mistook. Now I just want to share the work with you. Isn't that too much?
  • Neva: ...
  • (The wedding scene)
  • Bobo: The prelude has already begun. Royce still isn't back yet?
  • Momo: Ah! Look, they're back! It seems Royce managed to persuade Neva to come!
  • Bobo: Neva, thank goodness you're here! This wedding is so beautiful; there's no way you could miss it!
  • Nikki: Indeed! Royce must have put so much effort into it. The bride's wedding dress is so gorgeous. Despite lots of flowers, it's not tacky in the least; instead, it is romantic!
  • Royce: You are all ladies of most refined tastes. I am honored that my work can be appreciated by such wonderful young women. Well Neva, what do you think of today's design?
  • Neva: Master's designs truly merit these compliments.
  • Royce: Ahh, that's not what I meant!... My work is remarkable, there's no doubt about that!
  • Neva: I also find your work quite remarkable.
  • Momo: Oh... What's going on here? Suddenly I feel like a third wheel...
  • Bobo: I fully understand... Hela Vi is so beautiful and romantic, but somehow it feels that it's not for us...
  • Bobo: Well, who knows? Maybe we'll find some love stories of our own today? Hurry up, Nikki! Put on a gorgeous dress and let's join these romantic festivities!
  • Nikki: Sure!

Season 5 - Dream LoveEdit

1 - The Mysterious ChurchEdit

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  • Nikki: Every time I come to Hela Vi, I can’t help but immerse myself in the romantic oceanside scenery.
  • Momo: Yeah! They’ve got the best seafood here, especially the grilled fish!
  • Nikki: Relax, Momo! We can have our big dinner once Starlet gets here.
  • Momo: I hoe we don’t have to wait until dark to eat...
  • Starlet: Whew! Nikki, Momo! I’ve finally found you, sorry if I made you wait!
  • Momo: It looks like your astrolabe didn’t point you in the right direction...
  • Starlet: But my astrolabe DID tell me our ears would be in for a treat tonight! Let’s go take a look!
  • Nikki: A treat? For our ears? Is it some kind of concert?
  • Starlet: Not a concert, but a mysterious church that has gotten famous in Hela Vi recently, named Nightspeak Church.
  • Starlet: They say after sunset, just before night, a beautiful song rings out from inside that reminds everyone of their most precious memories of love. They call it the 'Lover’s Sonnet'.
  • Momo: Wow, is it really that magical?
  • Starlet: The astrolabe shows that the song will be played today, so that’s why I’d like to invite you two to listen with me!
  • Nikki: It sounds great, I’m interested in it as well!
  • Momo: We can listen to music anytime, can’t we eat first?
  • Nikki: But the sun is beginning to set.
  • Momo: B-But, my sweet grilled fish...
  • Starlet: According to the astrolabe, if we don’t hurry to Nightspeak Church right away, we’ll miss out on hearing that beautiful song!
  • Momo: What?! Then we don’t have time to lose! Nikki, change into some active clothes and let’s go!

2 - A Lost GirlEdit

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  • Momo: We've been walking forever...are we there yet?
  • Starlet: Walk straight from here, and then round that corner...hmm...we shoud already be at our destination.
  • Momo: Your directions don't seem very reliable today, Starlet...
  • Starlet: Oh, don't look at me like that, Momo! I heard it from the locals this time, and I remember the directions perfectly clearly!
  • Nikki: Wait, look! There's a girl in white over there. It looks like she's crying...
  • Momo: Eh? She looks completely this what Starlet looks like every time she gets lost, too?
  • Starlet: You think she's crying because she's lost?
  • Nikki: Hello, my name is Nikki? Are you okay? Is there anything we can help you with?
  • Islen: I...I'm, Aislen. I'm marrying my beloved after a year of courtship tomorrow...but we had an argument, and I ran out on my own, but now I'm lost...
  • Starlet: So you're lost out here, too...
  • Nikki: Don't be afraid, we'll help you find your way home, okay?
  • Islen: Actually, I'm not crying because I'm lost. I'm afraid that our feelings for each other will change after we get married, so I'm scared for our wedding tomorrow...
  • Starlet: So it has to do with love, huh? Why don't you come with us to hear the Lover's Sonnet too, Aislen?
  • Nikki: That's a great idea!
  • Islen: The Lover's Sonnet? What's that?
  • Starlet: You'll find out when we get there!
  • Islen: I came out running like this. I didn't even change out of my wedding dress...
  • Nikki: That's fine, you look so cute this way.
  • Momo: That's right. Hurry, Nikki! Match a cute Lilith-style dress to help her relax, and let's go hear that song!

3 - Church Infiltration!Edit

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  • Starlet: Awesome! We made it to Nightspeak Church!
  • Momo: It wasn't easy, and we followed you in circles for so long. See, it's already night out...
  • Starlet: You don't have to remind me.
  • Nikki: Listen! There's no music coming from the church, that must mean we made it on time, right?
  • Islen: This is Nightspeak Church, huh? I've heard about it...but with all the wedding preparations recently, I never had time to see it myself.
  • Momo: I can't wait any longer! Let's go inside, quickly!
  • Starlet: Huh? Wait a second Momo. The astrolabe indicates we absolutely have to quietly slip into the church.
  • Momo: And why's that?
  • Starlet: It seems...that if we interrupt the song in any way, it will make us lose our memories of love.
  • Nikki: It really is a mysterious song!
  • Momo: Not a problem! Change into some inconspicous clothing and let's get a move on, Nikki!

4 - Lover's SonnetEdit

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  • (Inside, the gentle moonlight shines through the church's glass windows and onto a piano.)
  • (Then, a person slowly approaches the piano.)
  • Starlet: Mmm, we should be safe hiding right here! Now all we have to do is wait quietly for the song to begin.
  • Momo: Look, guys! There's a woman wearing black, Gothic-style clothes over there!
  • Nikki: She looks so elegant and refined, and her smile is so enchanting.
  • Starlet: She started playing the piano! So she's the one who has been singing the Lover's Sonnet all along.
  • (The woman in black sings lightly as she plucks the keys.)
  • Nikki: How beautiful...I can feel emotion overflowing from every note...
  • Starlet: Yeah, even though I've never been in love before, I can sense the emotions she's trying to convey to her listeners.
  • Momo: wonderful...
  • Islen: I'm starting to remember...all those sweet, precious moments with him, as if they happened just yesterday. How could I forget...
  • (As Aislen speaks, her eyes well up with tears.)
  • Nikki: Aislen, are you okay?
  • Islen: Yes, I'm fine. I think I understand...Marriage isn't the end of our romance, but an affirmation and continuation of it.
  • (The woman in black smiles an almost imperceptible smile.)
  • Momo: Meow! I think she found us!
  • Girl in Black: There's no need to hide over there. I have an even lovelier song for you to listen to, if you can best me at matching a Gothic-style outfit.

5 - Tomorrow's WeddingEdit

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  • Starlet: Huh? Why did the song suddenly stop?
  • Momo: As soon as it did, that lady in black left the church.
  • Starlet: I'm still not completely back to my senses...
  • Momo: Her song was way too beautiful to be human! Like the most captivating grilled fish in the world!
  • Nikki: That's not a very good comparison, Momo...but her song was truly something else. I'm still under its spell right now.
  • Starlet: Nikki! Aislen! Come look at this!
  • (The two girls dash out of the church and manage to see a black horse-drawn carriage charging through the night sky before disappearing before their eyes.)
  • Starlet: It's a shame we couldn't talk to her a little more. Just once, I'd love to read her fortune!
  • Nikki: You should follow your astrolabe here when she comes back and try meeting with her again.
  • Starlet: Not a bad idea, I think I'll give it a try.
  • Islen: Nikki, Starlet, Momo...thank you all so much! I'm not confused or upset any longer; I'm actually looking forward to my wedding tomorrow!
  • Nikki: That's wonderful, Aislen!
  • Islen: Then...would it be too much to ask for you three to come tomorrow?
  • Nikki: We'd love to! I'm sure a wedding in Hela Vi is one of the most beautiful, romantic thing in the world.
  • Momo: Will there be grilled fish?
  • Islen: We can prepare some, if you'd like?
  • Momo: We'll be there for sure!
  • Starlet: Strange...the astrolabe says Momo's brain is 99% grilled fish.
  • Momo: I bet the astrolabe is also saying we should change into simple, elegant formalwear for tomorrow, too!


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